Quick Results 09/24/22

QUICK RESULTS 09/24/2022: 

DANNY’S PIZZA PIZZAZZ MODIFIEDS TRIPLE 20 #1: 1. Sam Martz Sr., 2. Dominick Buffalino, 3. Danny Bouc, 4. Jeff Strunk, 5. HJ Bunting, 6. Dillon Steuer, 7. Richie Pratt Jr., 8. Roger Manning, 9. Stan Frankenfield, 10. Ron Roberts, 11. Justin Hoffman

DNS: Cole Stangle

DANNY’S PIZZA PIZZAZZ MODIFIEDS TRIPLE 20 #2: 1. Ryan Godown, 2. Matt Stangle, 3. Wade Hendrickson, 4. Brandon Grosso, 5. Ryan Krachun, 6. W.B. James, 7. Mike Gular, 8. John McClelland, 9. Anthony Tramontana, 10. Justin Grosso, 11. Kevin Vaclavieck, 12. Alex Yankowski

DANNY’S PIZZA PIZZAZZ MODIFIEDS TRIPLE 20 #3: 1. Neal Williams, 2. Billy Pauch Jr., 3. Cale Ross, 4. Frank Cozze, 5. Jim Gallagher Jr., 6. Sam Martz Jr., 7. DJ Hunt, 8. Ryan Forte, 9. Tommy Beamer, 10. Rick Laubach

DNS: Mike Franz

DELAWARE AUTO EXCHANGE MID-ATLANTIC SPRINT SERIES: 1. CJ Faison, 2. Mike Melair, 3. Dave Brown, 4. Larry McVay, 5. John Brennfleck, 6. Tim Iulg, 7. Ryan Stillwagon, 8. Dan Leaper, 9. Tom Carberry, 10. Kristina Pratt, 11. Phil Meisner, 12. Cory Hunsberger, 13. Jeff Paulson, 14. DJ Tanner Jr., 15. Darren Cox, 16. Sam Lieberman, 17. Buddy Schweibinz, 18. Dale Eggert, 19. Bobby DeVault, 20. Eddie Wagner, 21. Torrey Rose, 22. Logan Diehl, 23. Kevin Nagy, 24. Rich Janney, 25. Rick Stief, 26. Keith Anderson

POINTS CHAMPION: Buddy Schweibinz

PRECISION HYDRAULIC & OIL 602 SPORTSMAN: 1. Ethan Bill, 2. Matt Ellery, 3. Steve Davis, 4. Steve Kemery, 5. Stephen Yankowski, 6. Logan Bauman, 7. Tommy Beamer, 8. Brian Papiez, 9. Joe Toth, 10. Louden Reimert, 11. Skylar Sheriff, 12. David Miloszar, 13. Ryan Simmons, 14. James Hill, 15. David Jenkins, 16. Eric Kormann, 17. Brian Rogers, 18. Dan Hulmes, 19. Pete Serra, 20. Cody Higbie, 21. Sean Metz, 22. Travis Hill, 23. Ryan Godown Jr., 24. Thomas Prychka, 25. Dylan Swinehart


Bridgeport, NJ – The time has come for the big end of the season race weekends to begin and at the Bridgeport Motorsports Park, it’s all about the upcoming of the three day Danny Serrano Weekend.

It is on this weekend each year that we honor the late General Manager of the Bridgeport Speedway. While Danny made his living by working at the track, this was so much more than a job for him. He was also the world’s biggest race fan. He cared about the drivers and he cared about the race track. It was a combination of those characteristic that made Danny so popular among both fans and racers alike.

It all gets underway this Friday with the Underdog 20 sponsored by Fire Management Control of Pennsylvania. The Underdog 20 is open to any driver who has not won a feature event during the 2022 season in the 602 Sportsman. The Delaware Auto Exchange Mid Atlantic Sprint Series (MASS) will open the weekend with the first of their two shows, led by current point leader, Buddy Schweibinz. The Bridgeport Motorsport Park Street Stocks will compete in qualifying and a fifteen lap feature event – their final tune-up before the Street Stock Nationals on October 7th and 8th on the High Banks. There will be 3 practice sessions offered for the Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz Modifieds during Friday night’s program.

Pit gates open at 3:30pm on Friday. Grandstands will open at 5 with hot laps at 6pm. The racing program will immediately follow the conclusion of hot laps.

Saturday’s racing action will include the fan favorite, Triple 20’s. The Modifieds will compete in three twenty lap qualifiers to determine the starters in Sunday’s Danny Serrano 100. The 20 lap qualifiers are sponsored by John Blewett Inc. The Sprint Car (MASS) competitors return for their second appearance of the weekend along with the Prelude to the All American – a full show for the 602 Sportsman presented by Precision Hydraulic & Oil featuring a $1,000 payday to the feature winner.

On Sunday, the Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz Modifieds will race for a $20,000 payday for any driver who wins the 100 lap event over Ryan Godown. Izzy’s Trucking and Rigging has put up the $10,000 bounty for this event. The Modifieds will also be featured in 1 on 1 Match Races sponsored by Elite Welder & Training. The Precision Hydraulic & Oil 602 Sportsman will be featured in a full program, culminating with the All American 40 – a 40 lap contest paying $4,000 to the winner. This event is sponsored by Ellery’s Bar & Grill and Dejana Truck & Utility Equipment. The 4 Cylinder competitors will also compete on Sunday.

The pit gates will open at 2pm on both Saturday and Sunday with the grandstand gates opening at 3pm on both days. Hot laps will get underway at 5pm with racing to begin immediately following the conclusion of hot laps.

Dominick Buffalino was the big winner in the Danny Serrano 100 last year and would like nothing better than to repeat that performance. Alex Yankowski won the inaugural event – a win that will never be forgotten as Yankowski tangled with a lap car on a cool down lap and flipped just before the starter’s stand. These races have produced some fantastic competition and terrific memories!

We all mourned the loss of Danny Serrano in March of 2020 but he lives on through his ideas and his contributions to the Bridgeport Motorsports Park. Danny’s got his seat for the weekend. Do you?



💥 Minutes after Godown secured the 2022 Modified Championship, Dave Izzi, owner of Izzi Trucking & Rigging Inc. offered a $10,000 bounty on Godown increasing the win for the Danny Serrano 100 to a whopping $20,000 💥

🗓 September 23 – 25

FRIDAY – Pits open 3:30, Grandstands open 5:00, & Hot Laps 6:00

🌟 Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series



🌟 MODIFIED (practice)

SATURDAY – Pits open 2:00, Grandstands open 3:00, & Hot Laps 5:00

🌟 MODIFIEDS – Triple 20’s

🌟 @Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series


SUNDAY – Pits open 2:00, Grandstands open 3:00, & Hot Laps 5:00

🌟 MODIFIEDS – 100 Laps + 1-on-1 Match Races



📌 Rules & Procedures – MODIFIEDS


📌Payouts – MODIFIEDS


📌 Rules & Procedures – SPORTSMAN


📌 Payouts – SPORTSMAN



Bridgeport, NJ – To say that Mike Franz’s Saturday night victory in the Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz Modified feature at the Bridgeport Motorsports Park was a popular win – that would be an understatement. The congratulatory messages – in person, on the phone or on social media – continued throughout the next day. Everyone was happy for Bridgeport’s first son – other drivers, other teams and many, many fans.

Mike Franz is a second generation competitor, following in his father’s foot steps. The Franz family has supported the Bridgeport Speedway from the beginning – fifty years ago. On Saturday night, Mike Franz won his first ever Modified stock car race and was awarded the Bridgeport 50th Anniversary Medal & Cap presented to all feature winners this season.

“I’ve won a lot of heats and consis – I’ve been close to winning many times,” Franz exclaimed. Something always happened. “With two to go, I thought I’d screwed up.” But he hadn’t. Franz drove to the checkered flag with a sizeable lead over Davey Sammons for the win. Over the winter, Franz built a new Bicknell with power under the hood built by Master Machine. During opening day warm-ups, Franz felt that he had a chance with this new car.

Franz grabbed the lead on the start and then spent a handful of laps racing against Tommy Beamer and Davey Sammons in a three car battle for the lead. As Beamer and Sammons continued the battle for second, Franz was able to pull away. Sammons took over second just before the crossed flags.

After a three-wide battle, Watt raced into third on lap seventeen. With ten to go, Dominick Buffalino and Ryan Godown joined the top five, racing behind Franz, Sammons and Watt.

Franz led the field by a half of a straight-away as the laps counted down. Buffalino challenged Watt for third and eventually won the position. Franz took the checkered followed by Sammons, Buffalino, Watt and Godown, the 2022 Track Champion.

Godown held an eight point lead over Billy Pauch, Jr. going into the final night of points. The two raced through the field together. Pauch had just passed Godown for fifth when mechanical failure slowed the Holsten No. 96 and Pauch pulled off of the track.

Godown could certainly relate to the feature winner’s sentiment when he thanked his dad for getting him started in racing. Two weeks earlier would have been Mike’s dad, Frank’s birthday. That was the weekend that Godown won and dedicated the win to his dad. “I would have liked to have won that weekend,” Franz related. Both drivers honored their fathers with their performances.

Tommy Beamer finished sixth followed by Richie Pratt, Jr., Ryan Krachun, Cale Ross and Neal Williams.

Ryan Godown, Jr. was some eighty points ahead of Howie Finch in the bid for the 2022 Track Championship for the Precision Hydraulic & Oil 602 Sportsman. He had clinched the title before the wave of the green flag but that didn’t stop the second generation driver from giving it his all in the twenty-five lap main event.

2022 Rookie Champion, Thomas Prychka took the lead at the wave of the green and led through the first five laps. Travis Hill raced into the lead on a lap six restart. Steve Kemery raced Hill for the lead on a lap ten restart but Hill prevailed. Another caution with eighteen laps scored set up another restart and this time, Kemery came away with the lead.

Kemery scored the win – his third of the season – with Hill finishing second. Ethan Bill finished a strong third with Godown, Jr. finishing fourth after starting twelfth in the starting line-up. Wayne Weaver had a strong run to finish fifth.

Howie Finch in the Ice Less No. 4 finished sixth followed by Matt Ellery, Brian Papiez, Stephen Yankowski and Thomas Prychka rounded out the top ten.

Jeramy Doerr led every one of the fifteen laps to win the EZ Finance Trucks Street Stock feature. While Doerr led all the way, he was pressured throughout the race by Mike Hughes. Several times, Hughes got a nose underneath the leader but each time Doerr was able to hold on to the lead.

Doerr took his second win of the season over Hughes, defending track champion, Tom Wills, Jr., Jeff Dirkes and 2022 Street Stock Champion, Lee Allen.

The title was the first for Allen at Bridgeport. He achieved his goal with the help of his brother, Chris and everyone who supported and helped his efforts.

DANNY’S PIZZA PIZZAZZ MODIFIEDS FEATURE (30 LAPS): 1. Mike Franz, 2. Davey Sammons, 3. Dominick Buffalino, 4. Ryan Watt, 5. Ryan Godown, Sr., 6. Tommy Beamer, 7. Richie Pratt, Jr., 8. Ryan Krachun, 9. Cale Ross, 10. Neal Williams, 11. Sam Martz, Sr., 12. Sammy Martz, Jr., 13. H.J. Bunting, 14. Roger Manning, 15. Jim Gallagher, Jr., 16. W.B. James, 17. Billy Pauch, Jr., 18. Ron Roberts, 19. Tom Maccherone, 20. Mark VanVorst, 21. Don Barone, DNS – Stan Frankenfield, Billy Osmun, III, Matt Stangle

PRECISION HYDRAULIC AND OIL 602 SPORTSMN (25 LAPS): 1. Steve Kemery, 2. Travis Hill, 3. Ethan Bill, 4. Ryan Godown, Jr., 5. Wayne Weaver, 6. Howie Finch, 7. Matt Ellery, 8. Brian Papiez, 9. Stephen Yankowski, 10. Thomas Prychka, 11. Greg Humlhanz, 12. Sean Metz, 13. Jonathan Swift, 14. Pete Serra, 15. Brandon Watkins, 16. Brian Rogers, 17. Will Protinick, 18. Billy Chester, 19. Frank Holmes, 20. Ethan Young, 21. Aaron Weaver, 22. Erik Mattson, 23. Bubba Hughes, 24. Matt Luzi, DNS – Shane Kassekert, David Jenkins

BRIDGEPORT MOTORSPORTS PARK STREET STOCKS (15 LAPS): 1. Jeramy Doerr, 2. Mike Hughes, 3. Tom Wills, Jr., 4. Jeff Dirkes, 5. Lee Allen, 6. Bailey Tolson, 7. John Parker, 8. Nick Sandone, III, 9. Dean Woolford, 10. Tom Landwher, 11. Ken Moren, 12. Drew Brocklebank, 13. Spider Ensinger, Jr., DNS – Scott Hulmes, Daniel Harrison


DANNY’S PIZZA PIZZAZ MODIFIEDS: 1. Mike Franz ($2500), 2. Davey Sammons ($1200), 3. Dominick Buffalino ($1000), 4. Ryan Watt ($900), 5. Ryan Godown ($650), 6. Tommy Beamer ($600), 7. Richie Pratt Jr. ($575), 8. Ryan Krachun ($550), 9. Cale Ross ($525), 10. Neal Williams ($500), 11. Sam Martz Sr. ($400), 12. Sam Martz Sr. ($300), 13. HJ Bunting ($300), 14. Roger Manning ($300), 15. Jim Gallagher Jr. ($300), 16. W.B. James ($300), 17. Billy Pauch Jr. ($300), 18. Ron Roberts ($300) 19. Tom Maccherone ($300), 20. Mark VanVorst ($300), 21. Don Barone ($300)

DNS: Stan Frankenfield, Billy Osmun, Matt Stangle


PRECISION HYDRAULIC & OIL 602 SPORTSMAN: 1. Steve Kemery ($500), 2. Travis Hill ($300), 3. Ethan Bill ($225), 4. Ryan Godown Jr. ($175), 5. Wayne Weaver ($150), 6. Howie Finch ($120), 7. Matt Ellery ($115), 8. Brian Papiez ($110), 9. Stephen Yankowski ($105), 10. Thomas Prychka ($100), 11. Greg Humlhanz ($80), 12. Sean Metz ($80), 13. Jonathan Swift ($80), 14. Pete Serra ($80), 15. Brandon Watkins ($75), 16. Brian Rogers ($75), 17. Will Protinick ($75), 18. Billy Chester ($75), 19. Frank Holmes ($75), 20. Ethan Young ($75), 21. Aaron Weaver ($75), 22. Eric Mattson ($75), 23. Bubba Hughes ($75), 24. Matt Luzi ($75)

DNS: Shane Kassekert, David Jenkins


STREET STOCKS: 1. Jeramy Doerr, 2. Mike Hughes, 3. Tom Wills Jr., 4. Jeff Dirkes, 5. Lee Allen, 6. Baily Tolson, 7. John Parker, 8. Nick Sandone III, 9. Dean Woolfert, 10. Tom Landwher, 11. Ken Moren, 12. Drew Brocklebank, 13. Spider Ensinger Jr.

DNS: Scott Hulmes, Daniel Harrison



Bridgeport, NJ – Lambertville, NJ driver, Cale Ross becomes just the fifth driver this season to reach Weaknecht Archery Victory Lane at the Bridgeport Motorsports Park after picking up the win in the Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz Modifieds on EZ Work Trucks night. Ryan Godown, Jr. raced to his fifth win in the Precision Hydraulic & Oil 602 Sportsman feature just one week before Championship Night on the High Banks. TJ Henry raced his way to the win in the Street Stock feature while Rich Janney and Kevin Nagy were the EZ Work Truck winners in the Delaware Auto Exchange Mid Atlantic Sprint Series (MASS) twin fifteen feature events.

Ross has been working hard to improve his performance with his B&T Tools No. 112 since making the switch in Saturday night venues earlier this season. “We’ve been trying to get better and actually made things worse,” Ross said after the win, “but we found something.”

The thirty lap Modified feature saw three different leaders in the first three laps of the feature. Ron Roberts grabbed the lead on the start and led lap one. Davey Sammons had the advantage on lap two as he raced to the line with Ross. Ross was out front on lap three and led the remaining laps to the checkered.

Sammy Martz, Jr. had his best night as a Modified Rookie as he chased Ross to the checkered. Martz was closing in on the leader as the laps counted down and the leaders raced through lapped traffic. Sammons finished third followed by Richie Pratt, Jr. and Ryan Godown. Godown and Billy Pauch, Jr. battled for fifth for many laps with Godown finally securing the spot in the final laps. Pauch finished sixth which puts him just eight points behind Godown as they head into Championship Night next Saturday. Neal Williams finished seventh followed by Dominick Buffalino, HJ Bunting and Tommy Beamer.

Steven Yankowski led the first two laps of the 602 Sportsman feature before Godown, Jr. took the lead on lap three. Yankowski had his best finish of the season as he raced to a runner-up finish ahead of Ethan Bill and Travis Hill. Brian Papiez finished fifth. Howie Finch finished sixth followed by Bryan Brobst, Trent Willy, Matt Ellery and Brandon Watkins.

TJ Henry took the lead in the EZ Work Trucks Street Stock feature on a lap six restart. Jeramy Doerr led the way for the first five circuits. Mike Hughes raced by on a lap six restart but it was Henry who had the lead as the field crossed the stripe at the end of six.

Henry led the rest of the way to the checkered over Hughes, Tom Wills, Jr., Lee Allen and Jeff Dirkes.

Rich Janney got some redemption after an early season crash as he won the first of two fifteen lap feature events for the MASS sprint cars. Janney led all the way to the checkered with pressure from Dave Brown as they headed to the finish. Jon Brennfleck finished third over Kevin Nagy and DJ Tanner.

The dice were rolled to determine the invert for the second fifteen lap feature, putting sixth place finisher, Aidan Borden on the pole for the second race.

Borden led through lap seven and then pulled off during the caution on lap eight. Borden’s No. 7 suffered a flat tire after contact was made following a previous restart. Nagy inherited the lead on the restart and the defending MASS Champion raced to the win over Brown, Tim Iulg, point leader, Buddy Schweibinz and DJ Tanner.

Bridgeport Motorsports Park prepares to crown their 2022 Champions on Saturday night. It’s a night you won’t want to miss!

DANNY’S PIZZA PIZZAZ MODIFIEDS: 1. Cale Ross ($2500), 2. Sam Martz Jr.($1200), 3. Davey Sammons ($1000), 4. Richie Pratt Jr. ($900), 5. Ryan Godown ($650), 6. Billy Pauch Jr. ($600), 7. Neal Williams ($575), 8. Dominick Buffalino ($550), 9. HJ Bunting ($525), 10. Tommy Beamer ($500), 11. Ryan Krachun ($400), 12. Ryan Watt ($300), 13. Sam Martz Sr. ($300), 14. Matt Stangle ($300), 15. Jim Gallagher Jr. ($300), 16. W.B. James ($300), 17. Howard O’Neal ($300), 18. Mike Franz ($300) 19. Ryan Walther ($300), 20. Mark VanVorst ($300), 21. Ron Roberts ($300), 22. Billy Osmun III ($300), 23. Roger Manning ($300)

PRECISION HYDRAULIC & OIL 602 SPORTSMAN: 1. Ryan Godown Jr. ($500), 2. Stephen Yankowski ($300), 3. Ethan Bill ($225), 4. Travis Hill ($175), 5. Brian Papiez ($150), 6. Howie Finch ($120), 7. Bryan Brobst ($115), 8. Trent Willey ($110), 9. Matt Ellery ($105), 10. Brandon Watkins ($100), 11. Brian Rogers ($80), 12. Billy Chester ($80), 13. Howard Huepful ($80), 14. Bubba Hughes ($80), 15. David Jenkins ($80), 16. Ethan Young ($75), 17. Rich Van Orden ($75), 18. Pete Serra ($75), 19. Scott Hulmes ($75), 20. Ryan McKinney ($75), 21. Shane Kassekert ($75), 22. Eric Mattson ($75), 23. John Scarpati ($75)
DNS: TJ Williams

DELAWARE AUTO EXCHANGE MID-ATLANTIC SPRINT SERIES FEATURE #1: 1. Rich Janney, 2. Dave Brown, 3. John Brennfleck, 4. Kevin Nagy, 5. DJ Tanner Jr., 6. Aidan Borden, 7. Eddie Wagner, 8. Tim Iulg, 9. Bobby DeVault, 10. Larry McVay, 11. Buddy Schweibinz, 12. Phil Meisner, 13. Jeff Paulson, 14. George Laux, 15. Cory Hunsberger, 16. Rick Stief, 17. Dan Leaper, 18. Mark Bitner, 19. Kristina Pratt, 20. Dale Eggert, 21. Cory Cornell, 22. Shelby Kelly, 23. Kenny Laureno, 24. Sam Lieberman, 25. Keith Anderson, 26. Justin Nowlen

DELAWARE AUTO EXCHANGE MID-ATLANTIC SPRINT SERIES FEATURE #2: 1. Kevin Nagy, 2. Dave Brown, 3. Tim Iulg, 4. Buddy Schweibinz, 5. DJ Tanner Jr., 6. John Brennfleck, 7. Rich Janney, 8. Mark Bitner, 9. Rick Stief, 10. Phil Meisner, 11. Dan Leaper, 12. Cory Hunsberger, 13. Eddie Wagner, 14. George Laux, 15. Shelby Kelly, 16. Cory Cornell, 17. Dale Eggert, 18. Kenny Laureno, 19. Justin Nowlen, 20. Larry McVay, 21. Bobby DeVault, 22. Keith Anderson, 23. Jeff Paulson, 24. Aidan Borden, 25. Kristina Pratt
DNS: Samantha Lieberman

STREET STOCKS: 1. TJ Henry, 2. Mike Hughes, 3. Tom Wills Jr., 4. Lee Allen, 5. Jeff Dirkes, 6. Nick Sandone III, 7. John Parker, 8. Jeramy Doerr, 9. Tom Landwher
DNS: Dean W


Bridgeport, NJ – Ryan Godown raced his R&M Motorsports No. 26 to victory in the Ron Fasion Memorial forty lap feature event for the Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz Modifieds at the Bridgeport Motorsports Park and collected the $6,000 payday. It was Godown’s thirteenth Bridgeport win of the season and his second win in a row since his seven race streak ended three weeks ago.

Saturday night’s race was sponsored by Ice Less.

Ethan Bill raced to his second win of the season in the Precision Hydraulic & Oil 602 Sportsman feature while Lee Allen picked up win number six in the Izzy Trucking Street Stocks.

It’s a little to soon to tell if this win is the beginning of another win streak for Godown but the odds makers aren’t betting against him!

Matt Peck and Ron Roberts led the field to the start of the Ron Faison Memorial race, postponed due to weather earlier in the season. Roger Manning raced from his third place start to take the lead.

Manning led through the lap fifteen with Godown moving into second on lap fourteen and Sammy Martz, Jr., Ryan Krachun and Jim Gallagher, Jr. completing the top five.

Godown raced by Manning to take the lead on the next lap. Krachun raced into second after a three wide battle with Manning and Billy Pauch, Jr. Godown led Krachun, Pauch, Manning and Sammy Martz Jr. who was battling with Ryan Watt for fifth.

With Godown pulling away from the field, Krachun and Pauch waged a back and forth battle for second with Pauch claiming the position on lap twenty-six after the two drivers traded slide jobs. Godown raced into lapped traffic as Watt raced into fourth.

The caution waved with thirty-two laps scored as HJ Bunting and the Blue Hen No. 30 headed to the pits to change a right rear flat. The double file restart gave everyone another shot at the leader as Pauch, Krachun and Watt went three wide for second. Krachun got way to the outside in turns one and two, allowing Watt to move into third and Danny Bouc a look at fourth.

Godown raced to the victory over Pauch, Jr., Watt, Krachun and Bouc. Neal Williams finished sixth followed by Jim Gallagher, Jr., Dominick Buffalino, Bunting and Martz, Jr.

Richie Pratt, Jr. won the five lap dash race sponsored by Izzy Trucking as part of the Ron Faison Memorial. Pratt raced ahead of Godown, Watt and Pauch, Jr. to take the win.

2022 DA’s Auto Body & Repair Rookie Champion, Thomas Prychka took the lead at the start and had the field covered through lap sixteenof the Precision Hydraulic & Oil 602 Sportsman feature. Prychka led Ethan Bill, Steven Yankowski, Matt Ellery and Brian Papiez though lap fifteen but Prychka slowed the next time around the track. First plagued by a power steering failure, Prychka was then sidelined when a fan belt broke and the car overheated.

Bill picked up where Prychka left off, racing to the checkered for his second win of the season. A pair of late race cautions helped to jumble the field as they headed to the finish. Ellery finished second followed by Ryan Godown, Jr., Yankowski and Bryan Brobst. Brian Papiez, Howie Finch, Travis Hill, Wayne Weaver and Brian McKinney completed the top ten.

Lee Allen returned to Weaknecht Archery Victory Lane for his sixth win of the season in the Izzy Truck Street Stock feature event. Allen raced pole sitter and three time feature winner, Jeff Dirkes for the lead on the start and then kept the No. 98B out in front to the checkered. The race was for second as Dirkes, Jeramy Doerr, Mike Hughes and Tom Wills, Jr. battled for top five positions throughout the race.

Allen took the win over Dirkes, Doerr, Hughes and Wills, Jr.

The countdown is on as the crowning of the season champions is quickly approaching. Next Saturday night the Modifieds, 602 Sportsman and Street Stocks will be joined by the Delaware Auto Exchantge Mid Atlantic Sprint Series to celebrate the Labor Day weekend.

DANNY’S PIZZA PIZZAZ MODIFIEDS: 1. Ryan Godown ($6000), 2. Billy Pauch Jr., 3. Ryan Watt, 4. Ryan Krachun, 5. Danny Bouc, 6. Neal Williams, 7. Jim Gallagher Jr., 8. Dominick Buffalino, 9. HJ Bunting, 10. Sam Martz Jr., 11. Richie Pratt Jr., 12. Roger Manning, 13. Sam Martz Sr., 14. Tommy Beamer, 15. W.B. James, 16. Mike Mahaney, 17. Cale Ross, 18. Alex Yankowski, 19. Matt Peck, 20. Anthony Tramontana, 21. Don Barone, 22. Ryan Forte, 23. Ron Roberts, 24. Davey Sammons

PRECISION HYDRAULIC & OIL 602 SPORTSMAN: 1. Ethan Bill ($500), 2. Matt Ellery ($300), 3. Ryan Godown Jr. ($225), 4. Stephen Yankowski ($175), 5. Bryan Brobst ($150), 6. Brian Papiez ($120), 7. Howie Finch ($115), 8. Travis Hill ($110), 9. Wayne Weaver ($105), 10. Ryan McKinney ($100), 11. David Miloszar ($80), 12. Billy Chester ($80), 13. David Jenkins ($80), 14. Matt Luzi ($80), 15. Aaron Weaver ($75), 16. Ethan Young ($75), 17. Ashley Metz ($75), 18. Danny Hulmes ($75), 19. Brian Rogers ($75), 20. Will Protinick ($75), 21. Luke Bunting ($75), 22. Thomas Prychka ($75), 23. Pete Serra ($75)
DNS: Sean Metz

STREET STOCKS: 1. Lee Allen, 2. Jeff Dirkes, 3. Jeramy Doerr, 4. Mike Hughes, 5. Tom Wills Jr., 6. Nick Sandone III, 7. Ken Moren, 8. Mike Creamer
DNS: Scott Hulmes


💥 plus – ICELESS LLC. CASH DASH, $400 to win!
🗓 Saturday August 27
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🎟 4:00 Pits
📌 5:00 grandstands
🚦 6:15 Cars on track



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🗓 Thursday August 25 – All Star Circuit of Champions vs. PA POSSE

🌟 410 SPRINT CARS – $12,000 to WIN

🌟SPORTSMAN – Precision Hydraulic and Oil – $2000 to WIN

🏎 3:00 Pits

🎟 4:30 grandstands

🚦 6:15 Cars on track



🗓 Saturday August 20 presented by EZ Work Trucks

🌟 SPRINT CARS – Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series – EZ Work Trucks – $500 Bonus to the Winner

🌟 MODIFIEDS – Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz

🌟 SPORTSMAN – Precision Hydraulic and Oil

🌟STREET STOCKS – EZ Work Trucks – $500 Bonus to the Winner

🏎 4:00 Pits

🎟 5:00 grandstands

🚦 6:15 Cars on track

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