Professional Design Services sponsored Saturday night’s racing action at the Bridgeport Motorsports Park.

Brian Papiez raced to his third win in the Ice Less LLC 602 Sportsman after taking the lead from Rookie Champion, Michael Beckett.  Steven Drevicki raced to his first win of the season in the USAC Rapid Tire East Coast Wingless Sprints.  Spider Ensinger Jr. earned his first Bridgeport victory in the Street Stocks while Da Stein raced to another win in the Four Cylinder feature,

Ashley Therien and Shane Kassekert led the 602 Sportsman feature line-up to the green flag with Kassekert grabbing the lead at the start.  Kassekert raced into the lead as Beckett raced into second.  Kassekert led the way for three laps before Beckett raced into the lead on lap four.

Just one week after the DA’s Auto Body & Repair Rookie Graduation, Rookie Champion, Michael Beckett found himself leading the 602 Sportsman feature.

Beckett led the way through lap twelve as he caught the back of the field.  A mid-race caution put Beckett and Papiez side-by-side for the restart saw Papiez race into the lead.  

It was Papiez for the win with Beckett finishing second just one week following Rookie graduation.  HJ Bunting finished third while racing a Blue Hen Speed & Performance No. 97.  Travis Hill raced to fourth in the final laps with Matt Peck rounding out the top five.  Matt Ellery took sixth late in the race followed by Tom Sherby, Billy Chester, Luke Bunting and Trent Willey.

USAC Rapid Tire East Coast Wingless Sprints have been dominated by Briggs Danner and Alex Bright on the High Banks.  On Saturday night, Steven Drevicki raced to his first Bridgeport win and first win of the 2024 season.

JT Ferry lead the field for the first five laps before Drevicki hustled into the lead on lap six.  Ferry raced in second as Drevicki raced away from the field through the first half of the race until Kenny Miller III and Bobby Butler raced into second and third.  

Drevicki was way out in front as Miller and Butler set a torrid pace behind the leader.  Ferry and Ed Aiken completed the top five at this juncture.

The field escaped a close call on lap twenty-three when Heidi Henin lost the handle on the No. 3H.  Drevicki skated through but Hedin caught Miller as he tried to slide the hole on the outside.  Miller never stopped and was able to continue in second on the race’s final restart.

Drevicki took the win over Miller III, Butler, Ferry and Bruce Buckwalter, Jr.  Ed Aiken, Christian Bruno, Aidan Borden, David Swanson and Mike Haggenbottom rounded out the top ten.

Spider Ensinger, Jr. took his first trip to Champion Brands Victory  Lane in the Professional Design Services Street Stock feature.  Chris Allen Sr. finished second after a battle with Gary Bozowski for the position.  Bozowski had his best finish to date in third followed by 2023 Champion, Tom Wills, Jr. and Nick Sandone III.

Dan Stein was a repeat winner in the Four Cylinder feature event, taking the win over Lee Allen, John Parker, Joe Garey, Sr. and Jim Backowski.

USAC Sprint Cars

1. Steve Drevicki, 2. Kenny Miller III, 3. Bobby Butler, 4. JT Ferry, 5. Bruce Buckwalter, 6. Ed Aiken, 7. Christian Bruno, 8. Aiden Borden, 9. David Swanson, 10. Mike Haggenbottom, 11. Rich Carnathan, 12. Heidi Hedin, 13. Dirk Rimott, 14. Matthew Swift, 15. Matt Peck, 16. Chris Allen Jr., 17. Bill Unglert, 18. Patrick Chilmonik


1. Brian Papiez, 2. Michael Beckett, 3. HJ Bunting, 4. Travis Hill, 5. Matt Peck, 6. Matt Ellery, 7. Tom Sherby, 8. Billy Chester, 9. Luke Bunting, 10. Trent Willey, 11. Craig Pelligrini, 12. Thomas Prychka, 13. Brian Rogers, 14. Joe Toth, 15. Nick VanWickle, 16. Brian Lilick, 17. Jim Wyers, 18. Jax Yohn, 19. Ashley Theiren, 20. RJ Witcraft, 21. Robert Tete, 22. Wayne Weaver, 23. Ethan Bill, 24. Monte Pool, 25. Shane Kassekert

4 Cylinder Stock Cars

1. Dan Stein Jr., 2. Lee Allen, 3. John Parker, 4. Joe Garey Sr., 5. Jim Backowski, 6. Brian Moyer, 7. Roger Kumnerer, 8. Joe Garey Jr., 9. Colin Gale, 10. Norm Kid Jr, 11. Greg Viel, 12. Rob Weil, 13. Ed Ford

Street Stocks

1. Spider Ensinger Jr., 2. Chris Allen Sr., 3. Gary Bozowski, 4. Tom Wills Jr., 5. Nick Sandone III, 6. Spider Ensinger Sr., 7. Scott Freed, 8. Shane Grosso, 9. Ronnie Pavia

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