Poker Series Hand #3 produced some great at the Bridgeport Speedway as the track launched the Fourth of July weekend with some Thursday night racing and spectacular fireworks display.  And even though the weatherman didn’t deliver with a great weather package for the night of the race, a lot of fans were on hand for three divisions of racing excitement. 

     2013 Bridgeport Champion, Ryan Watt took the lead from Neal Williams on lap fifteen and went on to capture his second Bridgeport Speedway feature win of the season and collect an Ace for his Poker Series hand in the process.  Although he ran well in the first two events, Watt ran into problems during the first two races, collecting a three card in the first race of the season. 

     Polesitter, Neal Williams led the first fourteen laps of the forty lap feature event as HJ Bunting, Ryan Godown and Duane Howard trailed.  Watt cracked the top five on lap five as he moved ahead of Craig VonDohren, racing his way into the top five from his tenth place start.  With five complete, Williams led Bunting, Howard, Godown and Watt. 

     Watt methodically made his way through the top five, taking over second from Bunting on lap thirteen.  Two laps later, Watt put his Roberts Racing #14w into the lead. 

     Watt put some distance on the field with Williams running second until lap twenty-four when Howard moved his Glen Hynemann owned #126 into the runner-up spot.  Howard narrowed the gap on Watt’s lead but was unable to challenge for the top spot in spite of several caution flags during the remainder of the race.

     The real contest was for the third spot that was traded between VonDohren and Piazza on several occasions. 

      With five laps to go, Williams came to life after dropping back to the fifth position.  On lap thirty-six, Williams used the outside line to take fourth from VonDohren.  A last lap pass, netted Williams a third place finish.

     Watt sailed to his twelfth Bridgeport Big Block victory with Howard finishing second.  Williams was closing fast in third as Piazza and VonDohren rounded out the top five. 

     Brett Kressley had it all go his way as he drew the pole after winning his qualifying heat for the Stewart Stainless Crate/Sportsman part of the show.  Kressley led the twenty-five lap main event from green to checkered to pick up his third Ace in the 2015 Poker Series competition.  CJ Jones chased Kressley from second for most of the event and then survived a last lap, finish line challenge from Jim Britt to finish in the runner-up spot.  Britt finished third followed by Gary Hieber and Brad Roberts.

     After winning his first ever Bridgeport PennCo Tech Outlaw Stock feature event during the Drive for Dylan 50 just a few weeks ago, Scott Dugan proved that he is the real deal when he picked up the win in the twenty lap Poker Series event.  Brian Ludwig finished second to Dugan, just as he did in the Drive for Dylan 50.  Rick Broschard had a strong race to finish third with Ron Frees and Jeramy Doerr completing the top five.

     Thirty-seven Modifieds, thirty-four Crate/Sportsman and nineteen Outlaw Stocks competed in the third hand of the 2015 Poker Series.

Poker Series #3 Race Results

Spirit Auto Center Big Block Modifieds (40 laps)
1. Ryan Watt, 2. Duane Howard, 3. Neal Williams, 4. Sammy Piazza, 5. Craig VonDohren, 6. Richie Pratt, Jr., 7. Ryan Godown, 8. Rick Laubach, 9. Jamie Mills, 10. Scott Ambruster, 11. Jesse Hill, 12. David Hunt, 13. Jordan Watson, 14. Tommy Beamer, 15. Ron Roberts, 16. Billy Pauch, Jr. 17. Rocco Infante, 18. Ian Humphreys, 19. Dominick Buffalino, 20. Sam Martz, 21. HJ Bunting, 22. Tommy Carberry, 23. Billy Pauch, Sr., 24. Ryan Anderson, 25. Mike Franz, 26. Rich Acolia, 27. Bob Sarkisian, 28. Jimmy Horton

Stewart Stainless Crate/Sportsman (25 laps)
1. Brett Kressley, 2. CJ Jones, 3. Jim Britt, 4. Gary Hieber, 5. Brad Roberts, 6. Mike Hendershot, 7.Art Liedl, 8. Brandon Grosso, 9. Mike Lyons, 10. Clyde Cox, 11. Pete Visconti, 12. Scott Hulmes, 13. Dave Damiano, 14. Jason Dunn, 15. Frank Venezia, 16. Matt Stangle, 17. Steve Kemery, 18. Tom Tanner, 19. Melissa Scarpatti, 20. Pat Wall, 21. Jeremy Harrington, 22. John Micek, 23. Justin Lilick, 24. Matthew Peck, 25. David Crossman

PennCo Tech Outlaw Stocks (20 laps)
1. Scott Dugan, 2. Brian Ludwig, 3. Rick Broschard, 4. Ron Frees, 5. Jeramy Doerr, 6. Bill Connolly, 7. Jimmy Avery, 8. Billy Wroble, 9. Mike Creamer, 10. Joe Meron, 11. Art Avery, 12. Darren Cox, 13. Jim Neely, 14. Tom Wills, Sr., 15. Tom Wills, Jr., 16. Spider Ensinger, 17. Everett Taylor, 18. Jeff Masker

Upcoming Events

 Friday, July 10, 2015 – Fridayroble night quarter mile action with Open Mods, 270 & 600 Micros, 4 Cylinder Enduros – Racing at 8pm

Saturday, July 11, 2015 – Jeep Jamboree – Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman and TSRS Sprint Cars, racing at 7pm

Wednesday, July 15, 2015 – Bridgeport Speedway Three for All – Super Late Models, 358 Small Block Modifieds & URC Sprint Cars, racing at 7pm




The second card of the 2015 Poker Series was dealt at the Bridgeport quarter mile.  Tim Buckwalter, Jacob Hendershot, Dylan Hoch and Joe King, Jr. were dealt aces for the second round.  Joel Smith took the win in the accompanying Stage-1 Modified feature.


2014 600cc Micro Sprint champion, Luke Thomas returned to Bridgeport Speedway for only the second time this season and pulled off the win in the 25-lap wingless 600cc Micro Sprint feature.  Lee Nardelli, James Morris, Grady Johnson, Tim Buckwalter all spent time at the front of the field but Thomas found the speed to take the lead with two laps to go and went on to record his first win of 2015.  Jay Hartman running a low inside line came on to finish second followed by Buckwalter, Kyle Lick and Morris.


Jacob Hendershot has visited Bridgeport Speedway three times this season.  In all three appearances the youngster has blown the motor.  In Sunday night’ event, Hendershot drove past two of the winningest drivers at Bridgeport Speedway in the 270cc Micro Sprint division, Jay Hartman and two time defending champion Tyler Reinhardt to record his second win in the Poker Series.  Hendershot said in Victory Lane that the motor blew going down the backstretch after his took the checkered flag.  Hartman and Reinhardt finished second and third with Pat Bealer fourth and Sean Huesser fifth.


Louden Reimert started on the pole only to lose the lead on lap 15 to Andrew Kreis.  Reimert find another line to his liking and retook the lead one lap later.  Reimert then held of Kreis over the remaining laps to record his first win at Bridgeport Speedway.


Art Knapp grabbed the lead on the opening lap and went to on to record his second ServPro Four Cylinder win of the year.  Chris Sammons and Laura John chased Knapp across the finish line.


Jackson Ring took over the wheel of Joel Smith’s #555 after his machine broke and went onto win his first career feature.  Mark Martini and Dylan Martin followed Ring across the finish line.





  1. Luke Thomas, 2. Jay Hartman, 3. Tim Buckwalter, 4. Kyle Lick, 5. James Morris, 6. Grady Johnson, 7. Lee Nardelli, 8. Chad Sandt, 9. Bill Thomas, 10. Austin Bishop, 11. Tyler DeVault, 12. Tony Dimatia, 13. Heath Henley, 14. Ernie Miles, III, 15. Rob Vivona, 16. Jason Swavely, 17. Johnny Smith, 18. Mark Landwher, 19. Sam LaMothe, 20. Jim Tippin, 21. Ernie Miles, Jr., 22. Jeff Hartman, 23. Josh Conover, 24. Patrick Ely, 25. Joel Smith, 26. Steve Kemery DNQ – Tony Hodgson, Joshua Medley, Ed Barber, III, Josh Martin, Nick Havens, Rebecca LaMothe, Mike Filbrunn, Gary Bozowski, Sam Locuson



  1. Jacob Hendershot, 2. Jay Hartman, 3. Tyler Reinhardt, 4. Pat Bealer, 5. Sean Huesser, 6. Roland Saxton, 7. Colin Bustard, 7. Colin Bustard, 8. Andrew Locuson, 9. John Blanda, 10. Dave Nelson, 11. Ryan Wozunk, 12. Billy Gray, 13. Joe Bednarik, 14. Jonathan John, 15. Scott Hulmes, 16. Kyle Spence, 17. Brandon Pavel, 18. Tom Landwher, 19. Sam LaMothe



  1. Louden Reimert, 2. Andrew Kreis, 3. Travis Beiber, 4. Dylan Swinehart, 5. Richard Partite, 6. Steve Svanda, 7. Dylan Hoch, 8. Dave Galloway, 9. Jordan Knepp, 10. B.J. Antonio, 11. Mike Toth, 12. Brett Bieber, 13. Austin Stofflet, 14. Lou Partite, 15. A.J. Wright, 16. Dave Schenker, 17. Dave McCullough, 18. Dillon Stever, 19. Anthony Raisner, 20. Kurt Bettler, 21. Jason Schenker, 22. Natasha Kenn, 23. Dave Morrell



  1. Art Knapp, 2. Chris Sammons, 3. Laura John, 4. Keith McKinley, 5. Scott Miller



  1. Jackson Ring, 2. Mark Martini, 3. Dylan Martin, 4. John Comandini, DNS – Joel Smith




The Bridgeport Speedway has plenty of action planned for the Fourth of July holiday on both the 5/8 mile July2nd_socialmediaspeedway as well as the quarter mile track.


On Thursday night, July 2nd, Insinger Performance will sponsor the third hand of the Poker Series on the 5/8 mile track as the Spirit Auto Center Big Block Modifieds, the Stewart Stainless Supply Crate/Sportsman and PennCo Tech Outlaw Stocks take to the track to compete in a full line-up qualifying races and feature events.  There will also be an outstanding display of fireworks to get everyone’s holiday weekend off to a good start.


And Insinger will also be sponsoring the Fans in the Stands night!  Some lucky race fan will win a free trip for two – including airfare, hotel and $300 in spending money – to the final NASCAR race of the season in Homestead, FL.  Sunoco will provide these two lucky people with prime seats and pit tours during the three days of racing.  The winner will be selected from the night’s 50/50 ticket sales.


Insinger will also offer special activities throughout the night that will allow fans to win t-shirts, hats, mug holders and fuel cards.


With two hands of the 2015 Poker Series on the books, several drivers have already started to put together some impressive Poker hands.


Two drivers are each holding a pair in the Big Block Modifieds.  Ryan Anderson has a pair of Jacks after two fourth place finishes.  Jesse Hill has a pair of deuces and let’s not forget that Rusty Smith was the Poker Series Champion just two years ago when he came up with three deuces at the end of the season.  2014 Poker Series Champ, Rick Laubach, is holding an Ace and a King that could lead to a pair or a straight depending on the outcome of the next hand.  Laubach and Ryan Godown have one win a piece in Poker Series action this year.


Brett Kressley is sitting with a pair of Aces after picking up the wins in each of the two feature events for the Crate/Sportsman Division.  Pat Wall and Jim Britt each have a King so far plus a seven for Wall and a four for Britt.


So far last year’s Poker Series Champion in the Outlaw Stocks, Ron Frees, is leading the way with a pair of Kings but both Tom Wills, Sr. and Jeramy Doerr hold an Ace after they each picked up a Poker Series feature win.


Thursday night action gets underway at 7:30 pm.


The Poker Series on the quarter mile track has a lot of players sitting at the table and contemplating their cards.  James Morris, the winner of the last 600 Micro Poker Series race, is holding and Ace and a King.  several drivers are holding two cards but no one has been able to put together a pair.  Tim Buckwalter was the winner of the second hand but did not collect a card during the first event.


Jay Hartman and Jacob Hendershot each hold an Ace and a King after the first two hands in the 270cc Micros.  Sam LaMothe has a Queen and a deuce for his efforts.


The Slingshots have been dominated by Dylans – Dylan Swinehart and Dylan Hoch – who have been race winners.  Swinehart holds an Ace and  a six but Kurt Bettler has two face cards – a King and a Jack.  Several other drivers hold two cards to date but no one has made a pair to date.


Joe King, Jr. holds two Aces in the 4 Cylinder Enduros and Joel Smith has a pair of Aces in the Stage 1 Modifieds.


There are still a lot of options open with the remaining Poker Series events.


And the Poker Series is not just for the racers!  Fans are invited to make their driver selections and participate in the Fan Hand.  Debbie Becker drew a Full House during the last Poker Series event and had the best hand at the end of the night.  Bud Schweibrinz, Dale Leubner and Donald Mossman each came up with two pair – Aces and Kings.  The top three winning hands receive prizes from the Bridgeport Speedway.


So come on out and cheer for your favorite driver and don’t forget to make your choices for the Fan Hand!  You could be a winner too!


Upcoming Events

Thursday, July 2, 2015 – High Stakes at the Port – sponsored by Insinger Performance – 3rd Hand of the Poker Series for Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman & Outlaw Stocks (Rain date Sunday, July 5th – if needed) – PLUS FIREWORKS!  Racing at 7:30pm

Friday, July 3, 2015 – No Racing

Saturday, July 4, 2015 – No Racing

Sunday, July 5, 2015 – Poker Series Hand #   on the Bridgeport Speedway quarter mile – 270 & 600 Micro sprints, Slingshots, Stage 1 Modifieds and 4 Cylinder Enduros – Racing at 5:30pm


Sicklerville, NJ (June 23, 2015) – When the Modified 811 Dig Safely Series resumes on Friday, July 10 at Bridgeport Speedway, all children in attendance will be able to go home with pockets full of change as a Kid’s Money Scramble will take place.  During intermission, kids will be divided by age groups and will be given time to pick up as many coins as possible. The Kid’s Money Scramble will be sponsored by All County Garage Doors and Vahlco Racing Wheels.
All County Garage Doors provides professional service to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in the Delaware Valley. From repair to complete installation of a new garage door, this Pennsville, NJ based company can do it all. Interested parties can contact All County Garage Doors at856-812-8304.
Vahlco Racing Wheels produces aluminum racing wheels for dirt oval competitors. Using the highest standards of quality, the Ocean County, NJ based firm manufactures wheels for Late Models, Micro-Sprints, Sprint Cars and Modified Cars. In addition to providing support for the Kid’s Money Scramble, Vahlco Racing Wheels supplies each fifth place finisher in the Modified 811 Dig Safely Series with a non-beadlock wheel. For more information on their product or to place an order, contact Matt Budd at 609-752-2623 or [email protected]
The Modified 811 Dig Safely Series, featuring any type of Modified Stock Car on Bridgeport Speedway’s quarter mile, is down to the final two events. Bob Drayton, Mike Iles and Bob Sarkisian have each claimed a victory to date. In the point standings, a tight race for the championship title is brewing.  With 156 points, Jimmy Horton has a slim two marker edge over Johnny Cornell with Ron Roberts a mere 4 points behind. In fourth place, Richie Pratt, Jr. trails Horton by only 10 points. With 130 points, Bob Drayton rounds out the top five. The champion of the Modified 811 Dig Safely Series will be honored with a minimum of $1,000 along with receiving a guaranteed starting spot in the $10,000 to win Romp in the Swamp Call Before You Dig Championship on Saturday, September 26. Besides the top five finishers sharing in the point fund, any driver that finishes out of the top five but attempts to qualify for each of the five races in the series will be given a perfect attendance bonus check.
On Friday, July 10, all gates open at 5:30 p.m. with the first green flag waving at 8:00 p.m. Grandstand admission is $15 for adults while pit admission is $30. In addition to the Modifieds, the wingless 600cc Micro-Sprints, winged 270cc Micro-Sprints and 4-Cylinder Stock Cars will be competing on Bridgeport Speedway’s quarter mile.  The final event in the Modified 811 Dig Safely Series will occur on Friday July 31. Information concerning the Modified 811 Dig Safely Series and Romp in the Swamp Call Before You Dig Championship, including rules and entry form for the $10,000 to win race, is available at www.bpspeedway.com.
The Modified 811 Dig Safely Series and Romp in the Swamp Call Before You Dig Championship is made possible by an array of fine marketing partners including Black Flagged Racing, Chiaro Construction Services, Colonial Pipeline, CPM Services, ERK Steering Repair, Rick Sweeten Images, The Napp-Grecco Company, The Tree Man, S&D Bodyline and Vahlco Racing Wheels.
Several types of marketing partnership packages are still available for the Modified 811 Dig Safely Series and the Romp in the Swamp Call Before You Dig Championship race. Interested parties should contact Mike Wisniewski from Wiz Motorsports Communications at [email protected] to learn about the custom partnership packages available.
Wiz Motorsports Communications can deliver customized and professional solutions for racers and race tracks. To discuss your particular need, contact Wiz Motorsports Communications at [email protected].

Wet Weekend at Bridgeport Results in Change of Schedule for Next Weekend

Wet Weekend at Bridgeport Results in  Change of Schedule for Next Weekend

Bridgeport, NJ – After eleven consecutive racing weekends, ‘Mother Nature’ finally got her way.  With rain all week long and an dismal forecast for both Saturday and Sunday’s racing program, Bridgeport Speedway felt it was in the best interest of the drivers and fans to pull the plug for the entire weekend.  Unfortunately a BIG weekend was planned that has now been shuffled the Bridgeport schedule.

Saturday marked the second ‘Bike Night’ of the season where a dozen bicycles were going to be given away to 12 young fans.  All motorcycle riders would have been free that rode in on their bikes.  June 20 would have seen all the residents of of Woodstown, Pilesgrove, Pedricktown, Monroeville, Mannington, and Elmer NJ receive FREE admission to the grandstands.  WithSaturday’s washout ‘Bike Night’ and ‘Township Night’ will carry over to next Saturday!  The bicycles will be given away as well as the motorcycle riders receiving free admission on this comingSaturday, June 27.  Joining the list of FREE townships will be Delaware’s Wilmington, Arden, Elsmere, Greenville, Brandywine, and Tallyville.  All residents from these towns will also receive FREE admission on Saturday, June 27.

The Hillborn TSRS 305 Sprints were to make their return joining the Spirit Auto Center Big Blocks, and Stewart Stainless Crate/Sportsman.  The Big Blocks and Crate/Sportsman will return next week, however the TSRS Sprints will return in three weeks on July 11.  Replacing the winged warriors will be the Pennco Tech Outlaw Stocks.  Also on the racing card will be Rookie Graduation for the D.A.’s Auto Body 2015 Rookie Class.  Rounding out the program will be the Mechanics Races on the 1/4 mile that were postponed from several weeks ago.

Sunday would have been the third hand of the 2015 1/4 mile Poker Series for the 600 and 270 Micro Sprints, as well as the Slingshots and 4 cylinders with the Stage-1 Modifieds rounding out the racing program.  This coming Friday’s show on June 26 will now be a ‘Wild Card’ Poker hand on Sunday, June 28.  The 600, 270s, and Servpro Four-cylinders will run a bonus hand for the 2015 Poker Series.  The slingshots will remain on the card with a non-point/non-poker hand.  The 8 Cylinder Enduros and STARS Mod Lites that were originally on Friday’s schedule will be added to Sunday’s show joining the Stage-1 Modifieds.

4th of July Weekend is just around the corner so mark your calendars for big events at the Bridgeport Speedway.  Kick off your holiday weekend on Thursday, July 2 with Hand #3 of the 5/8 mile 2015 Poker Series.  A huge FIREWORKS display will take place on this evening jump-starting everyone for the festive holiday weekend.  Jesse ‘The Thrill’ Hill leads the Poker Standings in the Spirit Auto Center Big Blocks with a pair of ‘Dueces’ over Rick Laubach (A & K) and Ryan Godown with an Ace.  The Big Blocks will compete in a 40-lap event paying $4,000 to win, $500 for 10th and $300 to take the green.  Brett Kressley leads the way in the Stewart Stainless Crate/Sportsman hands with a pair of Aces.  The Crate/Sportsman will battle in a 25-lap affair paying a cool $1,000 to win on Thursday.  The Pennco Tech Outlaw Stocks will round out the racing divisions on Thursday with a 20-lap $500 to win event as 2013 track champion Ron Frees leads the way with a pair of Kings.

Then on Sunday, July 5 Hand #4 of the 1/4 mile Poker Series takes place for the 600 micros, 270 micros, Slingshots, ServPro 4 cylinders, and Stage-1 Mods.  Be sure to mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 15 as the first ever ‘Three-For-All” takes place at Bridgeport.  Three of the Northeast’s top divisions will all be seen on one night here at Bridgeport Speedway.  The Super Late Models, 360 Sprints, and 358 Small Block Modifieds will all invade the 5/8 mile for a mid-week spectacular that you won’t soon forget.  For more information please log on to www.bpspeedway.com or check us out on facebook and twitter.  You can also call the speedway hotline and leave a message 856-467-4408.






     Mother Nature interrupted the racing program on May 16th before several lucky youngsters could be selected to receive bicycles as part of the Bridgeport Speedway’s first Bike Night of the season.  As a result, Bike Night #2 will see twice as many bikes delivered to new owners this Saturdaynight at the Bridgeport Speedway!

     And anyone who rides a motorcycle to the track on Saturday night will be admitted free to see all of the action on the 5/8 mile track as the Hilborn Tri State Race Saver Sprint Cars join the Spirit Dodge Big Block Modifieds, the Stewart Stainless Crate/Sportsman and D.A.’s Auto Body & Repair Rookies!

     The racing action has been intense this season at the Bridgeport Speedway with Wade Hendrickson and Eric Kormann picking up their first wins of the season this past weekend.  Young Steve Kemery not only picked up his sixth win in the Rookie division but went on to win his first ever Crate/Sportsman feature event later in the evening as he was chased to the checkered flag by Pat Wall and Jim Britt.  Stefani Palmai picked up her first ever win in a Spring Car when TSRS last visited Bridgeport as Palmai wrote her own page in the Bridgeport Speedway history. 

     After sitting idle on Friday night, the action switches to the quarter mile track on Sunday for the running of the third hand of the Poker Series for the small cars.

     270 & 600 Micros, Slingshots, Stage 1 Modifieds and 4 Cylinder Enduros will all see action on the Bridgeport quarter mile with racing getting underway at 5:30pm on Sunday

     Tim Buckwalter won the battle with James Morris for the win in the wingless 600 feature during the second hand of the Poker Series while Jacob Hendershot was the winner in the 270 Micro feature.  After Dylan Swinehart won his first ever Bridgeport race during the first hand of the Poker Series, Dylan Hock picked up the Slingshot win in hand number two.  Joel Smith was the most recent winner in the Stage 1 Modifieds while Joe King, Jr. was the big winner in the 4 Cylinder action. 

     The Bridgeport Speedway is a family oriented facility.  In addition to some great eats – from Italian Ice to Steak Sandwiches – the Speedway provides activities for the whole family.  There’s a Bounce House and Slide for the kids in addition to musical entertainment starting when the main gate opens.  The Speedway mascot, the Bridgeport Bandit is on hand throughout the night’s activities and extends an invitation to all to ride his Bandit Bus for a look at the behind the scenes action as they ride through the pit area or even around the 5/8 mile speedway.  The Bridgeport Bullet, the official program of the Bridgeport Speedway, provides you with all of the latest news and information about the competitors as well as driver rosters to keep you involved in the night’s racing action. 

Upcoming Events

Friday, June 19, 2015 – No Racing

Saturday, June 20, 2015 – Bike Night – Big Block Modifieds, TSRS Sprint Cars, Crate/Sportsman & Rookies – Racing at 7pm

Sunday, June 21, 2015 – Poker Series Hand #3 on quarter mile – 270 & 600cc Micros, Slingshots, Stage 1 Modifieds and 4 Cylinder Enduros, racing at 5:30

Friday, June 26, 2015 – 270 & 600 Micros, 4 & 8 Cylinder Enduros and STARS Mod Lites on the quarter mile – racing at 8pm

Saturday, June 27, 2015 – Graduation Night for the Rookies and Mechanics Race, Big Block Modifeds, Crate/Sportsman & Outlaw Stocks – racing at 7pm






Bob Sarkisian recorded his first win of the season in the third round of the 811 Dig Safely Open-Comp Modified series.  Lee Nardelli won his second feature in a row while Rich Keller returned to Victory Lane.  Art Knapp won the ServPro Four Cylinder event for the first time this season.


Bob Sarkisian making his first start in the 811 Dig Safely Open-Comp Modified series scored the win.  Ron

Roberts led the opening lap and then spun in turn three after being sandwiched between Jimmy Horton and Lou Cicconi challenging him for the lead.  Roberts collected co-point leader, Bobby Drayton along with Brett Ballard and Joe and Jesse Dill.  Drayton, Ballard and Jesse Dill were done for the night.  Roberts headed to the pits and was able to make repairs and return to action.  On the restart, Cicconi and Sarkisian drove past Horton for the lead and second.  Horton then slid back to fifth as Brad Roberts and Richie Pratt, Jr. passed him for third and fourth on lap five.  Horton passed Brad Roberts for fourth with Johnny Cornell take fifth on lap 14.  A caution on lap 15 bunched the field.  Sarkisian grabbed the lead from Cicconi entering the first turn and one lap later Cicconi and Pratt tangled while battling for second.  Two more laps were completed with Sarkisian leading before the events final caution slowed the action when Brad Roberts collected Corey Andersen in the third turn.  While under yellow a medical emergency occurred in the grandstands.  The event was under red flag conditions and eventually declared complete.


Lee Nardelli recorded his fourth win of the season in dramatic fashion.  Nardelli started sixth on the initial start and with a wide move down the homestretch was the leader by the time the field entered the first turn.  Nardelli continued to lead event with Rob Vivona staying within striking distance.  A caution with three laps remaining gave Vivona a chance for the win.  On the restart, Vivona timed the restart perfectly and with an outside move grabbed the lead from Nardelli.  Vivona left the door open as he went wide down the backstretch.  And Nardelli seized the opportunity.  Nardelli was scored the leader the final two laps.  Vivona recorded another second place finished followed by Jon Keller, Bill Thomas and Tony Hodgson.


Rich Keller credited a poor performance from the previous week for the win this week.  Keller jumped out to the lead at the drop of the green flag and held off all challenger to capture his second win of the season.  Steve Coslop finished second followed by Tyler Reinhardt, Colin Bustard and Ryan Wozunk.


Art Knapp returned to racing on Friday night after missing the last event for the Four Cylinder Enduros.  Knapp passed early leaders Carly Rocap and then Michael Bentley to record his first win of the season.  Knapp pulled away from Bentley followed by Rocap.  In Victory Lane, Knapp dedicated the win to a long-time friend, Ev Pierce of Southern New York Racing Association.


On behalf of the Bridgeport Speedway management and racing family we extend our condolences to the family and friends of John Cornell who passed away while attending the Friday night event watching his son compete in the Open-Comp Modifieds.





  1. Bob Sarkisian, 2. Jimmy Horton, 3. Johnny Cornell, 4. Ron Roberts, 5. Richie Pratt, Jr., 6. Lou Cicconi, 7. Corey Andersen, 8. Brad Roberts, 9. Patrick Gold, 10. Frank Holmes, 11. Joe Dill, 12. Ricky Wenger, 13 Brett Ballard, 14. Jesse Dill, 15. Bobby Drayton




  1. Lee Nardelli, 2. Rob Vivona, 3. Jon Keller, 4. Bill Thomas, 5. Tony Hodgson, 6. Sam LaMothe, 7. Ed Barber, III, 8. Mike Fillbrunn, 9. Gary Forsythe, 10. Ernie Miles, Jr., 11. Ernie Miles, III, 12. Nick Havens, 13. Jim Tippin, 14. Jermain Godshall



  1. Rich Keller, 2. Steve Coslop, 3. Tyler Reinhardt, 4. Colin Bustard, 5. Ryan Wozunk, 6. Gary Waegel, 7. Jonathan John, 8. John Blanda, 9. Sean Huesser, 10. Lee Reinhardt



  1. Art Knapp, 2. Michael Bentley, 3. Carly Rocap, 4. Keith McKinley, 5. Chris Sammons, 6. Scott Miller, 7. Laura John



Upcoming Events

Friday, June 19, 2015 – No racing

Saturday, June 20, 2015 – BIKE NIGHT – Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman, TSRS 305 Sprints and Rookies, racing at 7pm

Sunday, June 21, 2015 – POKER SERIES #3 – 270cc & wingless 600cc Micro Sprints, Four-Cylinder Enduros, Slingshots & Stage-1 Modifieds, racing at 5:30pm

Friday, June 26, 2015 – 270cc & wingless 600cc Micro Sprints, Four & Eight Cylinder Enduros and STARS Mod Lites, racing at 8pm

Saturday, June 27, 2015 – GRADUATION NIGHT – Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks and Rookie Graduation


Drive for Dylan 50 Won by Scott Dugan


There were several new faces in Bridgeport’s Victory Lane at the end of the night of racing and several of them arrived there after competing in “borrowed” equipment.


The rained out Spirit Dodge Big Block Modified feature event from May 16th was the first on the schedule.  Wade Hendrickson, behind the wheel of the Mike Iles owned #711, wheeled his loaned mount into the lead at the start of the twenty-five lap feature event and led all twenty-five laps to capture his first win of the season.  Hendrickson’s last Bridgeport win came last July when the “Flying Farmer” picked up his 54th Bridgeport win behind the wheel of the C&S Equipment #6.  When engine problems sidelined Hendrickson’s C&S mount, Hendrickson picked up the ride in the #711 and the driver and crew went to Victory Lane.   Jamie Mills wheeled his Blue Hen ride to a second place finish with last week’s winner, Sam Martz finishing third.  David Hunt and Ryan Watt rounded out the top five.


Eric Kormann picked up a ride in the Bob Sarkisian owned #47, powered by a small block modified.  After chasing race leader, Mike Franz for twenty-two laps, Kormann was able to take advantage when Franz battled a very tight race car in the closing laps.  As the leaders came to the line to complete lap twenty-two, Korman held the advantage over Franz and drove to his first win of the season.  Tommy Beamer drove the Thorton Gulf #31 small block to a second place finish ahead of Richie Pratt, Jr., Ryan Watt and Mike Franz.


It was a big night for the PennCo Tech Outlaw Stock Division as the Drive for Dylan 50 saw the Outlaw Stocks race for a fifty lap distance – more than three times the normal length of their weekly feature events.  The race was organized to honor Dylan Doerr, the son of Bridgeport Outlaw competitor, Jeramy Doerr and Shanan Lea who lost his life in a heart wrenching accident last November at the all too young age of 16 months old.  Dylan loved the races.


Gift bags were prepared for all of the young racing fans who were on hand for Saturday night’s event – as well as face painting and many kid oriented prizes throughout the night.


When the fifty lap event was halted at half way for a fuel stop, Jeramy Doerr had raced his way into the lead over Brian Ludwig, Pat Conaway, Billy Wroble and Bill Connolly.  While the cars were being prepared for the second half of the race, the top ten at half way drew for their starting positions for the second half of the race.


After several tire changes, Scott Dugan had worked his way back up to sixth at the break and drew the second spot on the redraw while Doerr and Ludwig drew tenth and ninth respectively.


Dugan wasted no time in taking the lead on the restart and led every one of the final twenty-five laps to capture the win and the $2500 pay day plus lap money.  Ludwig raced his way back to finish second followed by Wroble, Tom Wills, Jr. and Joe Meron at the checkered.  Jeramy Doerr and Pat Conaway made contact coming to the checkered while running third and fourth.


After picking up his sixth win of the season in the D.A.’s Auto Body & Repair Rookie competition, Steven Kemery indicated how much he would like to be back in Victory Lane following the twenty lap Crate/Sportsman feature event.  And that’s exactly what he did as he raced ahead of Pat Wall, Jim Britt, Scott Hulmes and Chris Jenkins at the checkered flag.


Kemery picked up the win in the eight lap Rookie feature event over Tom Holding, JR Burritt and Bryan Olsen.


NOTE – Last week, in the results for the TSRS Sprint cars, it was inadvertently omitted that Brittany Tresch had been a previous TSRS winner at Bridgeport.  Tresch was the first woman to ever win a TSRS event but at the time that the article was written, it was not known that her win came at the Bridgeport Speedway.  Our apologies to Brittany for the omission.



  1. Wade Hendrickson, 2. Jamie Mills, 3. Sam Martz, 4. David Hunt, 5. Ryan Watt, 6. Jack Swain, 7. Rick Laubach 8. Scott Ambruster, 9. Ian Humphreys, 10. Dave Shirk, 11. Howard O’Neal, 12. Scott Irwin, 13. Tommy Beamer, 14. Dominick Buffalino, 15. Richie Pratt, Jr., 16. Jesse Hill, 17. Ronnie Roberts, 18. Stan Frankenfield, 19. Mike Franz, 20. Eric Kormann, 21. Matt Jester, 22. Bob Sarkisian, 23. Dennis Drain, 24. Ricky DiEva



  1. Eric Kormann (in second Sarkisian #47), 2. Tommy Beamer, 3. Richie Pratt, Jr., 4. Ryan Watt, 5. Mike Franz, 6. Dominick Buffalino, 7. David Hunt, 8. Jimmy Horton, 9. Wade Hendrickson, 10. Jack Swain, 11. Rick Laubach (in Irwin #92), 12. Scott Ambruster, 13. Jamie Mills, 14. Travis Hill, 15. Sam Martz (in second Mills #30), 16. Dave Shirk, 17. Ronnie Roberts, 18. Ricky DiEva, 19. Jesse Hill, 20. Bob Sarkisian, 21. Ian Humphreys, 22. Dennis Drain



  1. Scott Dugan, 2. Brian Ludwig, 3. Billy Wroble, 4. Tom Wills, Jr., 5. Joe Meron, 6. Billy Connolly, 7. Pat Conaway, 8. Art Avery, 9. Rick Broschard, 10. Jeramy Doerr, 11. Ken Moren, 12. Jeff Dirkes, 13. Mike Creamer, 14. Terry Griffen, 15. Bill Liedtka, 16. Jason Saredy, 17. Bill Lesmerises, 18. Tom Wills, Sr. 19. Darren Cox, 20. Jimmy Avery, 21. Everett Taylor, 22. AJ Gonal, 23. Cleve Riehl, 24. TJ Henry



  1. Steve Kemery, 2. Tom Holding, 3. JR Burritt, 4. Bryan Olsen



  1. Steve Kemery, 2. Pat Wall, 3. Jim Britt, 4. Scott Hulmes, 5. Chris Jenkins, 6. Matthew Peck, 7. CJ Jones, 8. David Crossman, 9. Justin Lilick, 10. Dave Damiano, 11. Jeremy Harrington, 12. Brian Lilick, 13. Pete Visconti, 14. Jeff Bubori, 15. Chuck Potts, 16. Tom Holding, 17. JR Burritt, 18. Pete Serra, 19. Melissa Scarpatti, 20. Jeff Sargent


Upcoming Events

Friday, June 19, 2015 – No Racing

Saturday, June 20, 2015 – Bike Night – Big Block Modifieds, TSRS Sprint Cars, Crate/Sportsman & Rookies – Racing at 7pm

Sunday, June 21, 2015 – Poker Series Hand #3 on quarter mile – 270 & 600cc Micros, Slingshots, Stage 1 Modifieds and 4 Cylinder Enduros, racing at 5:30

Friday, June 26, 2015 – 270 & 600 Micros, 4 & 8 Cylinder Enduros and STARS Mod Lites on the quarter mile – racing at 8pm

Saturday, June 27, 2015 – Graduation Night for the Rookies, Big Block Modifeds, Crate/Sportsman & Outlaw Stocks – racing at 7pm




Nardelli, Reinhardt, Partite and Allen score wins on Bridgeport Quarter Mile


Nardelli, Reinhardt, Partite and Allen score wins on Bridgeport Quarter Mile


Lee Nardelli recorded his third win of the season in wingless 600cc Micro Sprint competition while 2-time defending 270cc champion, Tyler Reinhardt scored his second win.  Richard Partite won the Slingshot feature while Christopher Allen, Jr. recorded the win in the John Gasko & Son Farm and Greenhouses Eight Cylinder Enduro feature.


Lee Nardelli took advantage of an outside front row starting spot and led the entire feature distance to record the win.  The first stoppage in action happened on lap 7 when Joey Butts went end over end between the third and fourth turns.  Butts was pushed to the pit area and the race was restarted.  Nardelli continued to lead but a battle for second was between Rob Vivona and Chris Locuson.  Fourth running, Sam Locuson made a sudden exit to the pit area one lap later giving fourth to Jermain Godshall.  Nardelli led the field to the checkered flag followed by Vivona, Locuson and Godshall with Jack Conover recording fifth.


Tyler Reinhardt inherited the lead on lap 16 after a stoppage in action and then went on to record his second win of the season.  Lee Reinhardt grabbed the lead at the onset and was being chased by Steve Coslop.  Lee Reinhardt developed mechanical problems as he exited the fourth turn to complete lap 16.  Coslop assumed the lead until the races only stoppage occurred for Brianna Olsen on the backstretch.  Coslop was unable to re-fire when the field returned to green flag conditions handing the lead over to Tyler Reinhardt.  Current point leader, Sean Huesser finished second followed by Andrew Locuson, Billy Gray and John Blanda.


Richard Partite grabbed the lead for after Louie Partite was scored the leader of the first lap and then pulled away from Dave McCullough to record the win in the 20-lap non-stop feature event for the Slingshots.


Christopher Allen, Jr. grabbed the lead at the start then yielded the lead to his father, Christopher Allen, Sr. only to take the lead away on lap ten.  Allen, Jr. then pulled away from the rest of the field to record the win.  Matt Guadagno passed Allen, Sr. for second followed by Rob Anderton and Mike “The Animal” Baldwin.





  1. Lee Nardelli, 2. Rob Vivona, 3. Chris Locuson, 4. Jermain Godshall, 5. Jack Conover, 6. Sam LaMothe, 7. Jim Tippin, 8. Tony Hodgson, 9. Ernie Miles, III, 10. Bill Thomas, 11. Ed Barber, III, 12. Gary Forsythe, 13. Mike Fillbrunn, 14. Nick Havens, 15. Ernie Miles, Jr., 16. Joshua Medley, 17. Sam Locuson, 18. Joey Butts



  1. Tyler Reinhardt, 2. Sean Huesser, 3. Andrew Locuson, 4. Billy Gray, 5. John Blanda, 6. Luke Fogg, 7. Dave Nelson, 8. Jonathan John, 9. Ryan Wozunk, 10. Rich Keller, 11. Steve Coslop, 12. Lee Reinhardt, 13. Brianna Olsen, 14. Colin Bustard, DNS – Gary Waggel



  1. Richard Partite, 2. Dave McCullough, 3. Dave Schenker, 4. Louie Partite, DNS – Dave Morrell



  1. Chrisopher Allen, Jr., 2. Matt Gladagno, 3. Christopher Allen, Sr., 4. Rob Anderton, 5. Mike “The Animal” Baldwin, 6. Rick Burnham, 7. Vinnie Troia, 8. Lee Allen



Upcoming Events

Friday, June 12, 2015 – OPEN MODIFIEDS – 270cc & wingless 600cc Micro Sprints & Four Cylinder Enduros, racing at 8pm

Saturday, June 13, 2015 – DRIVE FOR DYLAN 50 – Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman, Outlaw Stock SPECIAL & Rookies plus Big Block Modified feature postponed from 5/16, racing at 7:00pm

Friday, June 19, 2015 – No racing

Saturday, June 20, 2015 – BIKE NIGHT – Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman, TSRS 305 Sprints and Rookies, racing at 7pm

Sunday, June 21, 2015 – POKER SERIES #3 – 270cc & wingless 600cc Micro Sprints, Four-Cylinder Enduros, Slingshots & Stage-1 Modifieds, racing at 5:30pm






      The Drive for Dylan 50 headlines this weekend’s racing at the Bridgeport Speedway.


The Drive for Dylan 50 is a fifty lap Outlaw Stock race that is being held to celebrate the life of Dylan Henry Doerr.  Dylan passed away last November as the result of a tragic accident.  Dylan was only sixteen months old.  Dylan was the son of Bridgeport competitor, Jeramy Doerr and Shannon.


Dylan touched the lives of many during his short stay on earth.  He loved race cars and the sound of the engines would only increase his level of excitement.


His parent have taken his passion for racing and used it to promote the Drive for Dylan 50.  They have worked diligently along with Bridgeport Speedway management to honor Dylan with this unique event.  The fifty lap race will pay $2,500 to the winner with a total purse that is approaching $12,000.  There will be bonuses paid for leading laps and for leading at the half way mark.


There will be special attention paid to the young race fans with this event with plenty of prizes and give-aways for the kids.  There will also be special activities planned like face painting on the day of the event.


This race is sure to attract drivers from far and wide.  The Outlaw Stocks put on a very competitive feature race on a weekly basis and the added incentives for the Drive for Dylan should only serve to raise the level of competition.


The Spirit Dodge Big Block Modifieds will be featured in a doubleheader as they run their rained out feature from May 16th before the night’s action gets under way.  The Stewart Stainless Crate/Sportsman will also compete in a full program of qualifying and feature events.  The D.A.’s Auto Body & Repair Rookies will compete in their eight lap feature event, just two weeks before the 2015 Rookie Graduation.


Fans who arrive early will be by several Bridgeport competitors when the grandstand gates open at 5:30.  The drivers will be available to pose for pictures and sign autographs before heading back to the pit area to prepare for the night’s action.


As always, there is the moon bounce and giant slide for the kids.  The track mascot, the Bridgeport Bandit,  will be on hand and would welcome you to ride the Bandit Bus that makes frequent trips into the pit area where you can watch the drivers prepare for the night’s competition.  Or you can listen to the live entertainment in the large pavilion behind the main grandstand.


The Bridgeport Speedway provides concessions for the whole family – from mouth watering meals to some awesome flavors of Italian Ice or a refreshing cup of freshly squeezed lemonade.  Our novelty stand offers a full array of Bridgeport Speedway apparel and racing souvenirs as well as our own, Bridgeport Bullet – the official program of the Bridgeport Speedway.


Racing action on the quarter mile gets the weekend started on Friday night at 8pm as the Open Modifieds join the 270 & 600 Micro Sprints and 4 Cylinder Enduros .  This will be the third Open Modified competition on the quarter mile as the competitors prepare for the $10,000 to win Romp in the Swamp on Saturday, September 26th, sponsored by 811 Dig Safely.

Upcoming Events

Friday, June 12, 2015 – Open Mods on the Quarter Mile along with 600 & 270cc Micro Sprints, 4 Cylinder Enduros – racing at 8pm

Saturday, June 13, 2015 – Drive for Dylan 50 special event for Outlaw Stocks plus Big Block Modifieds (full show plus rained out feature from May 16th), Crate/Sportsman & Rookies, racing at 7pm

Friday, June 19, 2015 – No Racing

Saturday, June 20, 2015 – Bike Night – Big Block Modifieds, TSRS Sprint Cars, Crate/Sportsman & Rookies – Racing at 7pm

Sunday, June 21, 2015 – Poker Series Hand #3 on quarter mile – 270 & 600cc Micros, Slingshots, Stage 1 Modifieds and 4 Cylinder Enduros, racing at 5:30

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