King of the Sling


Bridgeport, NJ – The Tobias Slingshots have proven themselves time and time again on the Bridgeport quarter-mile oval over the past two seasons.  On Sunday, October 25th the ‘small’ in size, but rather ‘large’ in excitement Slingshots will battle it out in the first-ever “King of the Sling” 40-lap event.  The late season soon-to-be classic will be part of the 5th Annual ‘Bill Thomas’ Memorial Quarter-Mile Nationals Weekend at the Bridgeport Speedway.

The Slingshots already have several marquee events throughout their racing season, such as the Shellhammer’s Spectacular, Firecracker 100, Lebanon Valley 100, and the Slide at the Clyde however, Bridgeport Speedway feels that they have the facility to host a similar event for the division.  “The Slingshots put on great racing every time they visit our track and we really wanted to put together something pretty big for these guys,” explained track manager Danny Serrano.  “These big money races usually have a top-heavy purse, which is good for the drivers that finish up front.  However, the King of the Sling was designed to pay well up front but also take care of all the drivers that qualify and happen to finish in the back.”

Currently, the “King of the Sling” event boasts a healthy $5,000 purse that will see the winner take home $1,000 while the last place finisher will earn $125!   The Slingshots will be joined by the Wingless 600 micros, Winged 270 micros, and the 8 cylinder Enduros that Sunday.  The Friday night program will see several rounds of ‘open’ practice for the Slingshots.  The “Quick Timer” of the evening will receive a $100 bonus and will also be locked into the ‘King of the Sling’ redraw (should they not qualify on Sunday).  The Slingshots are not part of the Saturday program.  There will also be a special $200 bonus for the highest finishing driver that has not competed at Bridgeport during the 2015 season.

If that’s not enough on the line, the “King of the Sling” 40-lap main event will also serve as the final points night in the OMS Racing/Speedway All-Star Bagel Stop ‘regular’ point standings (top 20 payout).  It will also be the final hand of the Jeffrey Hogue Action Track USA 2015 Poker Series (best three hands payout).  Needless to say, there’s sure to be a race, within the race, within the race!

Entry forms can be found on the track’s website at in the very near future.  The forms will also have some of the important NJ safety requirements listed.  Drivers must be 14 years of age or older to race a slingshot in the state of NJ.  The State Police can approve a 13-year-old; however, the proper paper work must be filed as soon as possible in order to get approval.  For any additional questions, you can contact Danny Serrano at 609-433-4487

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