Bridgeport, NJ – After picking up his first win at the Bridgeport Motorsports Park just two weeks earlier, Neal Williams drove the Sal DeBruno owned No. 0 to victory in the Danny’s Pizza Pizzazzf Modified feature for his second win in just three races.  This time, Williams was chased to the finish by current point leader, Jordan Watson in the Danny Sommerling owned No. 51.  

Brian Papiez raced his Adams Motorsports No. 37 to the win in the Precision Hydraulic & Oil 602 Sportsman.  Mike Hughes made it win No. 5 in the Prime Design Street Stocks while Eric Jennings became a three-time winner in the North East Wingless Sprints sponsored by Tipico Sportsbook.

With just three races remaining on the schedule to determine the 2023 Track Champions, things are heating up in all divisions.

Duane Howard led the first six laps of the thirty lap Modified feature event.  After several attempts to complete lap number 7, Sammy Martz, Jr. came away with the lead on the lap seven restart.  Martz, Jr. led the way for just two laps before mechanical woes sidelined the third generation racer.  Howard led the way on lap nine but Williams raced Howard for the lead on a lap ten restart.  Williams raced ahead of Jordan Watson on lap ten while Ryan Krachun and Howard raced for third.

Watson kept Williams in his sights as the field reached the halfway mark.  Howard raced in third followed by Krachun and Matt Stangle.  

With ten laps to go, the leaders were racing in traffic.  Billy Osmun III slowed when mechanical issues sidelined him from the race.  Osmun had been racing just outside of the top five.

Several cautions kept the field close in the final laps.  Watson had several opportunities to challenge Williams on the restart but Williams had some good restarts.  Williams raced to the win over Jordan Watson.  Stangle and the Ace Materials No. 6 were rolling the bottom of the track to finish third.  Krachun finished fourth with Howard in fifth.  HJ Bunting was the sixth place finisher followed by Rick Laubach, Jojo Watson who recovered from an early race incident, Sam Martz, Sr. and Jim Britt.

It was quite a week for Williams.  Not only did he win his second race of the season but he and wife, Sara announced that they are expecting their first child.  

F& L Doors heat races were won by Howard, Osmun and Jordan Watson.

Brian Papiez took the lead in the 25 lap 602 Sportsman feature on lap four and never looked back.  There was plenty of action behind the leader first with Thomas Prychka and Jax Yohn battling for second.  Matt Peck and Travis Hill broke into the top five before the crossed flags, picking their way through positions as the laps counted down.

With Papiez and Yohn out in front, Peck took over third with about five laps to go.  Travis Hill followed with Prychka completing the top five at the checkered.  Ethan Bill finished sixth, allowing Hill to take the point lead by the slimmest of margins.  Pete Serra finished seventh followed by Rick Wegner, Jr., David Jenkins and Stephen Yankowski.

Hoffman Discount Parts heat races were won by Ethan Bill, Jax Yohn and Pete Serra.

Jeramy Doerr ended his winless streak by leading the Prime Design Street Stock feature from flag to flag.  The finish was on of the best ever as both Mike Hughes and TJ Henry raced Doerr to the finish.  It was three cars under a blanket all the way to the checkered.  Drew Brocklebank and Tom Wills, Jr. completed the top five at the checkered.

After coming close on so many occasions, Doerr was finally able to pick up the win.  

Doerr was also the winner of the DTM Powersports heat race.

Eric Jennings became a three-time winner in the North East Wingless Sprints.  Jennings raced from his third place start into the lead by the completion of lap number one.  Jennings never looked back.  Brian Spencer raced in second and did close the gap on Jennings several times but never got close enough to challenge the leader.  

Jennings took the win over Spencer, Stan Ploski III, Ricky Rutt and Eric Miller.

Jennings also collected the win in the Victory Fuels heat race.


1. Neal Williams, 2. Jordan Watson, 3. Matt Stangle, 4. Ryan Krachun, 5. Duane Howard, 6. H.J. Bunting, 7. Rick Laubach, 8. Joseph Watson, 9. Sam Martz, Sr., 10. Jim Britt, 11. Stan Frankenfield, Jr., 12. Jim Gallagher, Jr., 13. Blaine Bracelin, 14. Cale Ross, 15. Billy Osmun, III, 16. Sean Metz, 17. Frank Cozze,18. Mike Franz, 19. Sammy Martz, Jr., 20. W.B. James, DNS – J.R. Fulper  


1. Brian Papiez, 2. Jax Yohn, 3. Matt Peck, 4. Travis Hill, 5. Thomas Prychka, 6. Ethan Bill, 7. Pete Serra, 8. Rich Wegner, Jr., 9. David Jenkins, 10. Stephen Yankowski, 11. Shane Kassekert, 12. Justin Newhard, 13. Brian Rogers, 14. Mike Baldwin, 15. Scott Hulmes, 16. Anthony Sisco, 17. Robert Tete, 18. Erik Mattson, 19. Billy Chester, DNS – Luke Bunting, Greg Nailor  


1. Jeramy Doerr, 2. Mike Hughes, 3. T.J. Henry, 4. Drew Brocklebank, 5. Tom Wills, Jr., 6. Nick Sandone, III, 7. Kevin Heckman, 8. Terry Chaney.  


1. Eric Jennings, 2. Brian Spencer, 3. Stan Ploski, III, 4. Ricky Rutt, 5. Eric Miller, 6. Joe Byer, DNS – Lee Nardelli