Bridgeport, NJ – Wayne Weaver, Gary Klimeczak, Thomas Radavoy and Lee Allen opened the Danny Serrano High Banks Classic Weekend sponsored by John Blewett Scrap & Recycling with wins in their respective divisions. 

The Precision Hydrauliic & Oil 602 Sportsman competed “topless” in three qualifying heats and a twenty-five lap feature event.  

Weaver started outside of pole sitter, Howie Finch for the start of the main event and immediately grabbed the lead on the first lap.  Matt Peck quickly moved up to challenge third place starter Jax Yohn.  This battle for third went on for most of the race. 

The race was slowed by caution laps several times but each time, Weaver restarted well and led Finch to the green flag. 

Most of the racing action went on behind the leaders with Yohn finally securing third as he followed Weaver and Finch to the checkered flag.  Six time feature winner, Brian Papiez, raced from his twelfth place start to finish fourth with Matt Peck taking fifth.  Ryan Simmons finished sixth after battling within the top five for most of the race followed by Adam White, Mike White, Kris Thompson and Ryan Higgs.

Hoffman Discount Part heat races were very competitive and won by George Gareis Jr., Wayne Weaver and Howie Finch.

The Izzy Trucking & Rigging Street Stocks competed in their first of two programs during the High Banks Classic.  Gary Klimeczak raced to the win in the fifteen lap main event.  It was Klimeczak’s second win of the season on the High Banks.  Klimeczak’s first win came in Rich Stinson’s owned No. 27.  The car looks the same but now belongs to Klimeczak and will be transformed into his familiar No. 11 for the 2024 season.

Klimeczak took the lead on the start and led every lap for the win.  Jimmy Combs chased Klimeczak for most of the race to finish second with Bailey Tolson taking third.  Jeramy Doerr finished fourth with Chris Allen, Sr. finishing fifth.

Klimeczak was also the winner of the DTM Powersports heat race.

Rich Mellor took the lead from Stan Ploski III on the first lap of the North East Wingless Sprint feature sponsored by Chruch’s Auto Parts.  Mellor led for four laps while Chris Allen, Jr. raced in second and closed in on the leader.

Coming through the field and using the high side of the track was Thomas Radavoy.  Radavoy found a line that worked for his No. 10 and was a line that no one else was using.  Radavoy powered by Allen and Mellor to take the lead on lap five.

Allen raced by Mellor on lap eight to take over second.  Radavoy had pulled away from the field and Allen had to spend the remaining laps just trying to close on the leader.

It was Radavoy for his first win on the High Banks and as a car owner/driver.  Allen finished second followed by Mellor, Lee Nardelli and Stan Ploski III.

The  heat race for the Liberty Kenworth NE Wingless Sprints was won by Chris Allen, Jr.

Lee Allen raced to the win in the Tipico Sportbook 4 Cylinder feature after leading every lap on his way to the checkered.  Robbie Dunn trailed Allen for most of the race but Eric Degler took over second in the closing laps.

It was Allen’s third win in 4 Cylinder action this season.  Degler finished second followed by Joe Garey, Jr., John Parker and Joe Garey, Sr. 

Robbie Dunn picked up the win in the Victory Fuel heat race for the 4 Cylinders.  

Two sessions of timed hot laps were run for the Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz Modifieds with the fast timer in each group transferring into the redraw for the fifty lap feature on Sunday.  Dillon Steuer and Rick Laubach had both earned their transfer spots back in September when the Serrano weekend was washed out after the first day.  Brandon Grosso and Frank Cozze set the fast times in their sessions to earn their transfer spots into Saturday’s redraw.

Day one is complete.  Day two is up next.


1. Wayne Weaver, 2. Howie Finch, 3. Jax Yohn, 4. Brian Papiez, 5. Matt Peck, 6. Ryan Simmons, 7. Adam White, 8. Michael White, 9. Kris Thompson, 10. Ryan Higgs, 11. David Miloszar, 12. Billy Chester, 13. Samantha Osborn, 14. Thomas Prychka, 15. Scott Hulmes, 16. Ethan Young, 17. Robert Tete, 18. Kris Lilick, 19. Pete Serra, 20. Michael Beckett, 21. Brian Rogers, 22. George Gareis, Jr., 23. Tim Franks, 24. Dirk Rimrott, 25. Shane Kassekert 


1. Gary Klimeczak, 2. Jimmy Combs, 3. Bailey Tolson, 4. Jeramy Doerr, 5. Christopher Allen, Sr., 6. Mike Creamer, 7. Nick Sandone, III, 8. Vern McLaughlin, 9. Ken Moren, 10. Gary Bozowski, 11. Al Surhr 


1. Thomas Radavoy, 2. Christopher Allen, Sr., 3. Rich Mellor, 4. Lee Nardelli, 5. Stan Ploski, III, 6. Walt Fletcher, DNS – Larry Drake, Tim Hannen, Heidi Hedin 


1. Lee Allen, 2. Eric Degler, 3. Joe Garey, Jr., 4. John Parker, 5. Joe Garey, Sr., 6. Ed Ford, 7. Robbie Dunn, 8. Bobby Johnson, DNS – Jim Backowski