Lee Nardelli continues to dominate the wingless 600cc Micro Sprint division as he won his sixth feature of the season.  Sean Huesser and Andrew Kreis garnered their first Bridgeport Speedway checkered flags in the 270cc Micro Sprint feature and Slingshot divisions, respectively. While Christopher Allen, Sr. became the third different winner in the John Gasko & Son Farm & Greenhouse Eight Cylinder Enduro series.


Lee Nardelli won his sixth wingless 600cc Micro Sprint feature of the season.  Bill Thomas took the lead at the drop of the green flag followed by Ernie Miles, Jr., Jim Tippin and Chris Locuson.  Nardelli, who started ninth, was fifth by the end of the first lap and sat second by lap four when the caution flew for a spin.  On the restart it was all Nardelli as he took the lead from Thomas.  Nardelli and Thomas were never challenged for the top two positions.  Sam Locuson was third followed by Jim Tippin and Jermain Godshall.


Sophomore driver, Sean Huesser finally won his first feature of his career in the 270cc Micro Sprint division after finishing second five times this season.  R.J. Magyari grabbed the lead at the onset with Sam LaMothe and Huesser in tow.  Magyari led the event though the ninth lap when Tyler Grau spun and made contact with current point leader, Tyler Reinhardt.  On the restart, Huesser passed Magyari and LaMothe for the lead as the trio crossed under the halfway mark.  A late race caution bunched the field but Huesser was able to hold on for the win.  Rich Keller finished second followed by LaMothe, John Blanda and Billy Gray.


Andrew Kreis became the fourth different 14-year old to capture a win in the Slingshot division at Bridgeport Speedway.  Dillon Steuer took the lead at the drop of the green flag followed by Louden Reimert and Kreis.  Kreis completed the pass for second on lap 2 and challenged Steuer for the lead.  Kreis took the lead on lap 4 and then pulled away from the field.  Reimert held on for second with B.J. Antonio finishing third.  Steuer finished fourth with Richard Partite fifth.


Christopher Allen, Sr. became the third different winner in the John Gasko & Son Farm & Greenhouses Eight Cylinder Enduro series.  A three-way battle between Christopher, his brother, Lee and Tom Wolf ensued from the halfway mark.  Lee led the way from the outset.  With the laps running down Christopher Allen and Wolf caught Lee Allen while he struggle to pass a slower car.  Wolf took the lead only to drive off the backstretch giving the lead back to Lee Allen.  Then Lee Allen slowed with mechanical problems handing the lead over to Christopher Allen, Wolf closed in to finish second followed by Rick Troca.




WINGLESS 600CC MICRO SPRINTS (20 laps): 1. Lee Nardelli, 2. Bill Thomas, 3. Sam Locuson, 4. Jim Tippin, 5. Jermain Godshall, 6. Sam LaMothe, 7. Tyler DeVault, 8. Rob Vivona, 9. Ernie Miles, Jr., 10. Chris Locuson, 11. Mike Fillbrunn, 12. Nick Havens, 13. Ed Barber, III, 14. Jon Keller, 15. Gary Forsythe, 16. T.J. Greve


270CC MICRO SPRINTS (20 laps): 1. Sean Huesser, 2. Rich Keller, 3. Sam LaMothe, 4. John Blanda, 5. Bill Gray, 6. Jonathan John, 7. Colin Bustard, 8. Tyler Reinhardt, 9. R.J. Magyari, 10. Brandon Pavel, 11. Tyler Grau, 12. Joe Bednarik, 13. Chuck Palmucci


SLINGSHOTS (20 laps): 1. Andrew Kreis, 2. Louden Reimert, 3. B.J. Antonio, 4. Dillon Steuer, 5. Richard Partite, 6. Dylan Swinehart, 7. Anthony Raisner, 8. Dave McCullough, 9. Mike Toth, 10. Dave Morrell, 11. Louie Partite, 12. Natasha Henn, 13. Steve Svanda


JOHN GASKO & SON FARMS & GREENHOUSES EIGHT CYLINDERS ENDURO (40 laps): 1. Christopher Allen, Sr., 2. Tom Wolf, 3. Rick Troca, 4. Derek Jones, 5. Lee Allen, 6. Rick Burnham, 7. Nick Van Winkle


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