JOE LORD CLAIMS FIRST BRIDGEPORT SPEEDWAY WIN;       



Joe Lord scored his second win of the season with the TSRS 305 Sprints but earned his first career win on the Bridgeport Speedway 5/8th.  Jay Hartman did double duty winning the wingless 600cc Micro Sprint feature and the finish runner-up to Tyler Reinhardt in the 270cc Micro Sprint feature and Joe King, Jr. returned to win his seventh ServPro Four Cylinder feature of the season.


Joe Lord led from green to checkered flag in scoring his first win at Bridgeport Speedway.  Lord took command from his pole starting spot and immediately put distance on second running Ryan Stillwaggon.  Tim Tanner, Jr. held third through halfway before Mike Haggenbottom passed him and set sail for the leaders.  The race’s only caution came out with one lap remaining.  On the restart, Stillwaggon attempted an outside pass of Lord through the first and second turns but Lord held strong and went on for the win.  Stillwaggon finished second followed by Haggenbottom for third. John Barnett finished fourth after starting 15th on the grid with Tommy Carberry finishing fifth.


Jay Hartman won his first wingless 600cc Micro Sprint feature of 2015.  Rob Vivona led the first half of the feature event before Jeff Hartman took the lead on lap 11.  Vivona would fall to third on the next lap as Jay Hartman chased down his brother.  The Hartman brothers ran very different but fast line around the quarter mile with Jeff running the high groove and Jay completed laps around the inside barrier.  The pair traded the top spot several times before Jay took command for good with two laps remaining.  Jay raced under the checkered flag followed by Jeff.  Vivona held on for third with Ed Barber, III and Lee Nardelli completing the top five.


This week Reinhardt started tenth in the field, spun off turn three on the opening lap and then charged to the front in the closing laps to claim his fifth win of the season in the 270cc Micro Sprint division.  Sean Huesser and Steve Coslop traded the lead until Jay Hartman took control on lap 4. Hartman continued to lead the event until Reinhardt completed the pass for the lead with two laps to go.  Hartman held on for second followed by Coslop, Rich Keller edged out Huesser to finish fourth at the line.


Joe King, Jr. returned to Bridgeport Speedway after a two month absence to claim his seventh ServPro Four Cylinder Enduro event of the year. King led the entire 20-lap distance to claim the win.  Michael Bentley, Chris Sammons, Art Knapp and Scott Millers followed King across the line.




TSRS 305 SPRINTS (20 laps – 5/8th mile): 1. Joe Lord, Jr., 2. Ryan Stillwaggon, 3. Mike Haggenbottom, 4. John Barnett, 5. Tommy Carberry, 6. Tim Tanner, Jr., 7. Adam Carberry, 8. Eddie Wagner, 9. Dave Brown, 10. Jeff Geiges, 11. Rick Stief, 12. Karl Freyer, 13. Joe Kay, 14. Randy Wilbert, 15. Keith Anderson, 16. Bryant Davis, 17. Samantha Lieberman, 18. Harris Kohen, 19. Pat U’Selis, DNS – Jason Rochelle


WINGLESS 600CC MICRO SPRINTS (20 laps): 1. Jay Hartman, 2. Jeff Hartman, 3. Rob Vivona, 4. Ed Barber, III, 5. Lee Nardelli, 6. Bill Thomas, 7. Steve Kemery, 8. Nick Havens, 9. Rich Mellor, 10. Doug Snyder, 11. Billy Murphy, 12. Dave Damaio, 13. Tony Hodgson, 14. Ernie Miles, Jr., 15. Sal Tossona, 16. Wayne Scott, 17. Gary Forsythe, 18. Mike Fillbrunn, 19. Jim Tippin, 20. Jermain Godshall


270CC MICRO SPRINTS (20 laps): 1. Tyler Reinhardt, 2. Jay Hartman, 3. Steve Coslop, 4. Rich Keller, 5. Sean Huesser, 6. John Blanda, 7. Colin Bustard, 8. Ryan Wozunk, 9. Roland Saxton, 10. Jimmy Potts, 11. Tyler Gnau, 12. Decker Morrow, 13. Joe Bednarik, 14. Brandon Pavel, 15. Jon West, 16. Gary Waegel, 17. Jonathan John, DNS – Chuck Palmucci, R.J. Magyari


SERVPRO FOUR CYLINDERS ENDURO (20 laps): 1. Joe King, Jr., 2. Michael Bentley, 3. Chris Sammons, 4. Art Knapp, 5. Scott Miller, 6. Keith McKinley, 7. Carly Rocap, 8. Cheri LaClaire, DNS – Bryan Olsen

Upcoming Events

Friday, August 14, 2015 – OPEN MODIFIEDS – 270 & wingless 600 Micro Sprints, Eight Cylinder Enduros and Slingshots, racing starts at 8pm

Saturday, August 15, 2015 – POWDER PUFF (on ¼ mile) – Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman and Outlaw Stocks, racing starts at 7pm

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 – POKER SERIES #4 – 10TH ANNUAL FRIENDS OF MIKE – RACE OF CHAMPIONS TOUR – BILL HILL MEMORIAL – Big Block Modifieds (60 laps) and Crate/Sportsman (25 laps), racing starts at 7:30pm