Godshall, Hartman, Wanner and Baldwin are Winners on Bridgeport Quarter Mile

Godshall, Hartman, Wanner and Baldwin are Winners on Bridgeport Quarter Mile


     Germain Godshall picked up the win in the wingless 600cc Micro Sprint feature event while Jay Hartman continued to dominate in the 270cc Micro competition.  Brett Wanner captured the ARDC Midget feature event on the quarter mile while Mike “The Animal” Baldwin picked up the win in the 8 cylinder Enduro event.

Jermain Godshall grabbed the early lead from Jeff Hartman and never looked back.  Godshall recorded his second career 600cc Micro Sprint feature win.  Bill Thomas finished second for his best finish this season followed by two-winner, Lee Nardelli.  Jon Keller and Sam LaMothe completed the top five.

Jay Hartman continued his winning ways winning his fourth 270cc Micro Sprint feature of the season.  For Hartman, this was the most difficult of the four wins this season. Starting tenth in the field, Hartman needed a caution to close the distance that Tyler Reinhardt had built up in 13 non-stop circuits.  On the restart, Hartman passed Tyler Reinhardt for the lead.  Tyler Reinhardt held on to finish second followed by Lee Reinhardt, John Blanda and Billy Gray.


Brett Wanner recorded his second career ARDC Midget win in the 20-lap feature.  On the original start of the feature, Ryan Greth tumbled heading down the backstretch.  On the second attempt, Wanner took the lead which he never gave up.  Jim Radney, Tim Buckwalter, Trevor Kobylarz all raced Wanner for the lead but Wanner held off all the challenges to record the win.  Nick Wean, Bruce Buckwalter, Jr., Steven Drevicki and P.J. Gargiulo finished second through fifth.


Mike “The Animal” Baldwin made a last lap pass of Lee Allen to take the checkered flag in the first event of the John Gasko & Son Farm and Greenhouses Eight Cylinder Enduro series.  Allen had led from the green flag but was unable to clear a slower car which provided the opportunity for “Animal” to catch and eventually overtake him.  Christopher Allen, Sr. was third followed by Tom Wolf and Rick Burnham.







  1. Jermain Godshall, 2. Bill Thomas, 3. Lee Nardelli, 4. Jon Keller, 5. Sam LaMothe, 6. Rob Vivona, 7. Ed Barber, III, 8. Nick Havens, 9. Ernie Miles, Jr., 10. Tyler DeVault, 11. Steve Kemery, 12. Jim Tippin, 13. Gary Forsythe, 14. Tony Hodgson, 15. Sam Locuson, 16. Mike Fillbrunn, 17. P.J. Williams, 18. Jeff Hartman


  1. Jay Hartman, 2. Tyler Reinhardt, 3. Lee Reinhardt, 4. John Blanda, 5. Billy Gray, 6. Jonathan John, 7. Andrew Locuson, 8. Colin Bustard, 9. Sean Huesser, 10. Rich Keller, 11. Steve Coslop, 12. Glenn Frye, Jr., 13. Luke Fogg, DNS – T.J. Greve


  1. Brett Wanner, 2. Nick Wean, 3. Bruce Buckwalter, Jr., 4. Steven Drevicki, 5. P.J. Gargiulo, 6. Tony DiMattia, 7. Carey Becker, 8. Jim Radney, 9. Trevor Kobylarz, 10. Tim Buckwalter, 11. Shawn Jackson, 12. Brett Arndt, 13. Tommy Kunsman, Jr., 14. Brendon Bright, 15. Ryan Greth



  1. Mike “The Animal” Baldwin, 2. Lee Allen, 3. Christopher Allen, 4. Tom Wolf, 5. Rick Burnham, 6. Josh Matthews, 7. Steve Taciak, 8. Derek Jones, 9. Matt Guadagno


Upcoming Events

Friday, May 15, 2015 – OPEN MODIFIEDS – 270 & Wingless 600 Micro Sprints and Four-Cylinder Enduros, racing at 8pm

Saturday, May 16, 2015 – BIKE NIGHT – Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks and Rookies, racing at 6:30pm

Friday, May 22, 2015 – TSRS 305 Sprints (on 5/8th mile), 270 & Wingless 600 Micro Sprints and Four-Cylinder Enduros, racing at 8pm

Saturday, May 23, 2015 – No racing

Sunday, May 24, 2015 – “ALL IN AT THE PORT” – POKER SERIES #2 – Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks and Rookies, racing at 7:00pm (Rain Date – Monday 5/25)