Peck, Allen & Beckett Repeat

Jim Gallagher, Jr. raced to his first ever win in the Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz Modifeds on Saturday night, fulfilling the goal that he and his father had since they first came racing.

Matt Peck became the first repeat winner in the Ice Less LLC 602 Sportsman ranks by picking up the win over Ethan Bill.  Lee Allen raced to his second win of the season in the Blue Hen Speed & Performance Street Stocks while Michael Beckett continued his winning ways in the DA’s Auto Body & Repair Rookies.  Bobby Butler raced to the $1,000 win in the Tim VanHorn, Sr. Memorial race for the Xcel 600 Modifieds with David Burns taking the win in the non-winner’s race at the end of the night.  Saturday night’s racing program was sponsored by Blue Hen Speed & Performance.

In 2017, Jim Gallagher, Senior and Junior, came to the Bridgeport Speedway to compete in the Rookie division.  Jim Sr. had raced in years past but this was the first experience of any kind of racing for Jim Jr.   By mid-season, Jim Gallagher, Jr. had been crowned as the 2017 Rookie Champion and was already a viable competitor in the weekly Sportsman competition on the old 5/8th mile track.

The father and son team made the move into the Modifieds on the High Banks but when Jim, Sr. lost his battle with cancer last year, his son soldiered on.  On Saturday night, he accomplished what he and his father had set out to do.

“This was the best car that I’ve ever had,” Gallagher stated after his win.  “I’m the kind of guy who is never satisfied.  Now I want to do it more!”

Gallagher has led quite a few laps this season – in both heats and features.  Saturday night he was able to seal the deal.

Kevin Golden waved the green flag and Gallagher took off, leaving Roger Manning and Cole Stangle to battle it out for second.  Manning exited with mechanical issues just before lap ten as Stangle battled with HJ Bunting for position.  Gallagher caught the back of the field just past halfway.  Cole Stangle was able to break away from Bunting who was in a heated battle with Billy Pauch, Jr. and Dillon Steuer.  Billy Osmun joined that battle a few laps later.  

Steuer bested Pauch for position in the final laps.  Gallagher led the way to the checkered over Cole Stangle and Dillon Steuer – all three with season best finishes.  Bunting finished fourth followed by Pauch.  Osmun finished sixth followed by defending track champion, Jordan Watson, Matt Stangle, Neal Williams and Ryan Krachun – all of whom started mid-pack or deeper.

Rob Tete led the first three laps of the Ice Less 602 Sportsman feature as Matt Peck quickly moved up to second.  Peck took the lead on lap four.  With Peck and Tete out in front, things were heating up for third place Billy Chester as Brian Papiez and Travis Hill raced into the top five.

The leader was catching the back of the field when the caution waved for Anthony Cisco just before halfway.  Peck had a clear track but now had Papiez and Hill racing in second and third.  Peck proved he was up to the challenge.  Ethan Bill took over third with ten to go as Steve Kemery moved into fourth.  

Papiez stayed close but Peck led the way to the checkered.  Bill made a last lap move to take second over Papiez, Kemery and Hill.  Brian Rogers finished sixth followed by Tete, Chester, Jax Yohn and Michael Beckett.

Lee Allen finally had things go his way – well, mostly.  Allen had trouble getting the No. 98 started at feature time but Mike Hughes, Sr. came to the rescue.  Allen took the lead at the start and led every one of the fifteen laps with Mike Hughes, Jr. finishing second.  Nick Sandone, III finished third followed by Gary Klimeczak and Kevin Heckman.

Michael Beckett maintained his perfect record in the DA’s Auto Body & Repair Rookie feature to take the win over Ashley Therien, Kenny Ott and Dan Adair.

Bobby Butler captured the $1,000 to win Tim VanHorn, Sr. Memorial race over Tyler Bartik, Kenny Harris, Richie Hitzler and Korey Inglin.  David Burns was the winner of the final race of the night – the $500 to win Non-winners race.  Tyler Fronina finished second followed by Ray Gradwell, Olivia Schmeltzer and Brandon Kulp.

The Monster Trucks are coming to the Kingdom of Speed this Saturday.  The High Banks will then race on Sunday featuring the Mid Atlantic Sprint Series, 602 Sportsman, the Victory Fuel Wingless Sprints, Street Stocks, Four Cylinders and Vintage Cars.  The Modifieds return on Wednesday night, June 12 with the USAC National Sprints for the 2024 Eastern Storm.

1. Jim Gallagher, Jr., 2. Cole Stangle, 3. Dillon Steuer, 4. H. J. Bunting, 5. Billy Pauch, Jr., 6. Billy Osmun, III, 7. Jordan Watson, 8. Matt Stangle, 9. Neal Williams, 10. Ryan Krachun, 11. J. R. Fulper, 12. Mike Franz, 13. Sam Martz, Sr., 14. Sammy Martz, Jr., 15. Cale Ross, 16. Stan Frankenfield, Jr., 17. Brad Roberts, 18. Rick Laubach, 19. W. B. James, 20. Mike Barone, 21. Roger Manning, 22. Tommy Scheetz

1. Matt Peck, 2. Ethan Bill, 3. Brian Papiez, 4. Steve Kemery, 5. Travis Hill, 6. Brian Rogers, 7. Robert Tete, 8. Billy Chester,9. Jax Yohn, 10. Michael Beckett, 11. Brandon Shipley, 12. Ethan Young, 13. Ashley Theiren, 14. Brian Lilick, 15. Nick Stephens, 16. Dave Hartman, 17. Kenny Ott, 18. Anthony Sisco, 19. Dan Adair, 20. Craig Pellegrini, DNS – Monte Pool

1. Michael Beckett, 2. Ashley Therien, 3. Kenny Ott, 4. Dan Adair.

1. Lee Allen, 2. Mike Hughes, 3. Nick Sandone, III, 4. Gary Klimeczak, 5. Terry Cheney, 6. Kevin Heckman, 7. Gary Bozowski

1. Bobby Butler, 2. Tyler Bartik, 3. Kenny Harris, 4. Ritchie Hitzler, 5. Korey Inglin, 6. John Hall, 7. Shjon Dove, 8. Tyler Fronina, 9. Olivia Schmeltzer, 10. Tiffany Hitzler, 11. Brandon Kulp, 12. Doug Newbigging, 13. Chad Kreiser, 14. David Burns, 15. Chris Smith, 16. Gerry Bressler, 17. Daisey Dove, 18. Brandon Graner, 19. Ray Gradwell

1. David Burns, 2. Tyler Fronina, 3. Ray Gradwell, 4. Olivia Schmeltzer, 5. Brandon Kulp, 6. Chris Smith, 7. Chad Kreiser, 8. John Hall, 9. Shjon Dove, 10. Korey Inglin, 11. Doug Newbigging, 12. Tyler Bartik, 13. Bobby Butler, 14. Daisy Dove, 15. Kenny Harris, DNS – Ritchie Hitzler, Tiffany Hitzler, Gerry Bressler, Brandon Graner

Thank you to everyone that makes the Kingdom of Speed Possible…..

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