What a big night for the Bridgeport Speedway!

     The 10th Annual Friends of Mike, Race of Champions event for the Spirit Auto Center Big Block Modifieds.  The 3rd Annual Bill Hill Memorial for the Stewart Stainless Crate/Sportsman.  It was the fourth hand in the 2015 Poker Series for both divisions.  And, if that wasn’t enough, the Bridgeport Speedway celebrated a huge milestone!

     Jordan Watson was honored as the winner of the 1,000 Modified Feature in the history of the Bridgeport Speedway.  Watson picked up the milestone win on Saturday night, August 15th but the event was celebrated during the Tuesday night show when past winners and champions were invited to the Speedway to participate in the celebration.  Kenny Brightbill, the winner of the first ever Modified Feature event was on hand as Bridgeport’s winningest driver, Jimmy Horton, Billy Pauch, Paul & Wayne Weaver, Ken Brenn, Sal DeBruno, Gary Gollub and Roger Laureno. 

     Stewart Friesen wrote his next page in the Bridgeport Speedway history book as being the first driver to win in the track’s second millennium when he picked up his second Friends of Mike victories.  Friesen won the 2014 event – his first ever win at the Bridgeport Speedway – and then did it again after only leading two of the fifty laps of the feature. 

     Ryan Watt and Wade Hendrickson were leaders in the early going before Craig VonDohren put the Dick Biever owned No. 14s out in front.  As the laps counted down, VonDohren appeared to be on his way to his first Bridgeport feature win since October of 2008 but with two laps to go, VonDohren’s mount started to sputter and he pulled off the track.  Second place Friesen ducked to the inside while third place man, Ryan Watt went to the outside to take the lead but the caution flag waved and Friesen led the field to the final two laps, holding Watt at bay to the checkered flag.  Danny Johnson finished third with David Hunt and Neal Williams completing the top five at the finish line.

      Brett Kressley was the big winner in the 28 lap Bill Hill Memorial Feature event for the Crate/Sportsman competitors.  Kressley took the lead from Brandon Grosso on lap six and raced to the checkered flag for his fourth consecutive Poker Series win and his fourth Ace.  It was Kressley’s fifth Bridgeport victory of the season.  Steve Davis finished second to Kressley followed by Jim Britt in third.  First year driver, Brandon Grasso finished fourth with Jermey Harrington completing the top five at the line. 

     Sam Martz was recognized during the evening’s events as being the only driver to compete in all ten of the Friends of Mike races.


1. Stewart Friesen, 2. Ryan Watt, 3. Danny Johnson, 4. David Hunt, 5. Neal Williams, 6. Doug Manmiller, 7. Sam Martz, 8. Clay Butler, 9. Jamie Mills, 10. Jimmy Horton, 11. Mile Iles, 12. Bob Sarkisian, 13. Jesse Hill, 14. Craig VonDohren, 15. Billy Pauch, Sr., 16. Tommy Beamer, 17. Kyle Hieber, 18. Matt Jester, 19. Rick Laubach, 20. Wade Hendrickson, 21. Sammy Piazza, 22. Ryan Godown, 23. Anthony Perrego, 24. Mike Barone, 25. Tyler Dippel, 26. Jordan Watson


1. Brett Kressely, 2. Steve Davis, 3. Jim Britt, 4. Brandon Grosso, 5. Jeremy Harrington, 6. Steve Searock, 7. Scott Hitchens, 8. Mike Lyons, 9. Rich Rutski, 10. CJ Jones, 11. Pete Visconti, 12. Mike Hendershot, 13. Steve Desmelyk, 14. Brett Ballard, 15. Gary Hieber, 16. David Crossman, 17. Clyde Cox, 18. Scott Hulmes, 19. Frank Venezia, 20. Jason Bittner, 21. Steve Kemery, 22. Chris Jenkins, 23. Matt Stangle, 24. Matthew Peck