Bridgeport, NJ – Lambertville, NJ driver, Cale Ross becomes just the fifth driver this season to reach Weaknecht Archery Victory Lane at the Bridgeport Motorsports Park after picking up the win in the Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz Modifieds on EZ Work Trucks night. Ryan Godown, Jr. raced to his fifth win in the Precision Hydraulic & Oil 602 Sportsman feature just one week before Championship Night on the High Banks. TJ Henry raced his way to the win in the Street Stock feature while Rich Janney and Kevin Nagy were the EZ Work Truck winners in the Delaware Auto Exchange Mid Atlantic Sprint Series (MASS) twin fifteen feature events.

Ross has been working hard to improve his performance with his B&T Tools No. 112 since making the switch in Saturday night venues earlier this season. “We’ve been trying to get better and actually made things worse,” Ross said after the win, “but we found something.”

The thirty lap Modified feature saw three different leaders in the first three laps of the feature. Ron Roberts grabbed the lead on the start and led lap one. Davey Sammons had the advantage on lap two as he raced to the line with Ross. Ross was out front on lap three and led the remaining laps to the checkered.

Sammy Martz, Jr. had his best night as a Modified Rookie as he chased Ross to the checkered. Martz was closing in on the leader as the laps counted down and the leaders raced through lapped traffic. Sammons finished third followed by Richie Pratt, Jr. and Ryan Godown. Godown and Billy Pauch, Jr. battled for fifth for many laps with Godown finally securing the spot in the final laps. Pauch finished sixth which puts him just eight points behind Godown as they head into Championship Night next Saturday. Neal Williams finished seventh followed by Dominick Buffalino, HJ Bunting and Tommy Beamer.

Steven Yankowski led the first two laps of the 602 Sportsman feature before Godown, Jr. took the lead on lap three. Yankowski had his best finish of the season as he raced to a runner-up finish ahead of Ethan Bill and Travis Hill. Brian Papiez finished fifth. Howie Finch finished sixth followed by Bryan Brobst, Trent Willy, Matt Ellery and Brandon Watkins.

TJ Henry took the lead in the EZ Work Trucks Street Stock feature on a lap six restart. Jeramy Doerr led the way for the first five circuits. Mike Hughes raced by on a lap six restart but it was Henry who had the lead as the field crossed the stripe at the end of six.

Henry led the rest of the way to the checkered over Hughes, Tom Wills, Jr., Lee Allen and Jeff Dirkes.

Rich Janney got some redemption after an early season crash as he won the first of two fifteen lap feature events for the MASS sprint cars. Janney led all the way to the checkered with pressure from Dave Brown as they headed to the finish. Jon Brennfleck finished third over Kevin Nagy and DJ Tanner.

The dice were rolled to determine the invert for the second fifteen lap feature, putting sixth place finisher, Aidan Borden on the pole for the second race.

Borden led through lap seven and then pulled off during the caution on lap eight. Borden’s No. 7 suffered a flat tire after contact was made following a previous restart. Nagy inherited the lead on the restart and the defending MASS Champion raced to the win over Brown, Tim Iulg, point leader, Buddy Schweibinz and DJ Tanner.

Bridgeport Motorsports Park prepares to crown their 2022 Champions on Saturday night. It’s a night you won’t want to miss!

DANNY’S PIZZA PIZZAZ MODIFIEDS: 1. Cale Ross ($2500), 2. Sam Martz Jr.($1200), 3. Davey Sammons ($1000), 4. Richie Pratt Jr. ($900), 5. Ryan Godown ($650), 6. Billy Pauch Jr. ($600), 7. Neal Williams ($575), 8. Dominick Buffalino ($550), 9. HJ Bunting ($525), 10. Tommy Beamer ($500), 11. Ryan Krachun ($400), 12. Ryan Watt ($300), 13. Sam Martz Sr. ($300), 14. Matt Stangle ($300), 15. Jim Gallagher Jr. ($300), 16. W.B. James ($300), 17. Howard O’Neal ($300), 18. Mike Franz ($300) 19. Ryan Walther ($300), 20. Mark VanVorst ($300), 21. Ron Roberts ($300), 22. Billy Osmun III ($300), 23. Roger Manning ($300)

PRECISION HYDRAULIC & OIL 602 SPORTSMAN: 1. Ryan Godown Jr. ($500), 2. Stephen Yankowski ($300), 3. Ethan Bill ($225), 4. Travis Hill ($175), 5. Brian Papiez ($150), 6. Howie Finch ($120), 7. Bryan Brobst ($115), 8. Trent Willey ($110), 9. Matt Ellery ($105), 10. Brandon Watkins ($100), 11. Brian Rogers ($80), 12. Billy Chester ($80), 13. Howard Huepful ($80), 14. Bubba Hughes ($80), 15. David Jenkins ($80), 16. Ethan Young ($75), 17. Rich Van Orden ($75), 18. Pete Serra ($75), 19. Scott Hulmes ($75), 20. Ryan McKinney ($75), 21. Shane Kassekert ($75), 22. Eric Mattson ($75), 23. John Scarpati ($75)
DNS: TJ Williams

DELAWARE AUTO EXCHANGE MID-ATLANTIC SPRINT SERIES FEATURE #1: 1. Rich Janney, 2. Dave Brown, 3. John Brennfleck, 4. Kevin Nagy, 5. DJ Tanner Jr., 6. Aidan Borden, 7. Eddie Wagner, 8. Tim Iulg, 9. Bobby DeVault, 10. Larry McVay, 11. Buddy Schweibinz, 12. Phil Meisner, 13. Jeff Paulson, 14. George Laux, 15. Cory Hunsberger, 16. Rick Stief, 17. Dan Leaper, 18. Mark Bitner, 19. Kristina Pratt, 20. Dale Eggert, 21. Cory Cornell, 22. Shelby Kelly, 23. Kenny Laureno, 24. Sam Lieberman, 25. Keith Anderson, 26. Justin Nowlen

DELAWARE AUTO EXCHANGE MID-ATLANTIC SPRINT SERIES FEATURE #2: 1. Kevin Nagy, 2. Dave Brown, 3. Tim Iulg, 4. Buddy Schweibinz, 5. DJ Tanner Jr., 6. John Brennfleck, 7. Rich Janney, 8. Mark Bitner, 9. Rick Stief, 10. Phil Meisner, 11. Dan Leaper, 12. Cory Hunsberger, 13. Eddie Wagner, 14. George Laux, 15. Shelby Kelly, 16. Cory Cornell, 17. Dale Eggert, 18. Kenny Laureno, 19. Justin Nowlen, 20. Larry McVay, 21. Bobby DeVault, 22. Keith Anderson, 23. Jeff Paulson, 24. Aidan Borden, 25. Kristina Pratt
DNS: Samantha Lieberman

STREET STOCKS: 1. TJ Henry, 2. Mike Hughes, 3. Tom Wills Jr., 4. Lee Allen, 5. Jeff Dirkes, 6. Nick Sandone III, 7. John Parker, 8. Jeramy Doerr, 9. Tom Landwher
DNS: Dean W