Three-Division Bridgeport ‘Pre-Season’ Point Series Endorsed By The Oliver Companies


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Bridgeport, NJ – Who says that ‘pre-season’ doesn’t count?  Not Bridgeport Speedway, and certainly not the Oliver Communications Group or Oliver Construction Enterprises.  While Bridgeport’s ‘traditional’ points towards the 2016 track championships won’t start until Saturday, April 30, the ’16 schedule consists of four racing programs prior to that date.  The Oliver Companies of Bordentown, NJ have signed on as the title sponsor for the four-race pre-season point championship series.

“How it will work is pretty simple,” offered track manager Danny Serrano.  Opening Day, Saturday, March 26 will be the first leg of the 2016 ‘811 Dig Safe Poker Series’.  Then Sundays, April 10, 17(South Jersey Shootout), and 24 will round out the ‘Oliver Companies Pre-Season Point Series.’  It should be noted that Sunday, April 24 will offer 50 ‘show up’ points toward the 2016 track title for any driver/car that registers and is present in the Spirit Auto Center Big Block, Crate/Sportsman, and Pennco  Tech Outlaw Stock divisions.  “The traditional Saturday night point system will be used in these four races in all three divisions, and we’ll crown three pre-season point champions on Sunday, April 24.  All four of these races are ‘draw’ races with no handicapping system.  The champions will receive $500 each, while second will take home $300, and third place will earn $200.  I think it’s a pretty neat deal to offer the drivers a little something different and extra.  Hopefully, it will give some guys some incentive to want to come race at Bridgeport before our regular point season kicks off.  I’ve known the Oliver Family for some time now, and they are a great asset to our sport and I’m just proud to have them be a part of Bridgeport this year,” summarized Serrano.


The Oliver Companies are actually two completely separate operations both out of Bordentown, NJ.  The Oliver Communications Group, formed in 1992, has been servicing the expanding industry of telecommunications.  They provide a complete line of telecommunication cabling services from project engineering through final testing.  Their installations include voice, data, audio, video, running copper, fiber, coax, or any type of media required.  Oliver Communications Group installs both inside and outside plant projects holding electrical licenses in NJ, MD, DE, and VA.  ‘OCG’ also has a knowledgeable support staff of Estimators, Salesman, Project Managers, and RCDD and on-site Cad operations.  “We’re glad to be a part of this series,’ offered Phil Oliver, the man behind it all.  “Anytime we go to Bridgeport, we always feel welcomed and we like to support dirt track racing in any way we can,’ Oliver added.  For more information on ‘OCG’ you can visit or call609-324-1750.


On the other hand, Phil’s son is the founder and president of Oliver Construction Enterprises.  In 2011, young entrepreneur and racing enthusiast PJ Oliver decided to form his own business and has been busy ever since.  ‘OCE’ is also a telecommunications operation that installs fiber optics and data cabling for commercial, industrial, school, and hospital industries.  They offer both inside and outside plant work and specialize in directional boring and excavation.  “I learned a lot and gained valuable experience working for my Dad and I’m proud to have my own business now,” relayed the current small/big block Cream Ridge, NJ driver.  “I think the series is a pretty cool deal myself, especially in the support divisions.  I know that every little bit can help when you’re driving an Outlaw Stock or Crate/Sportsman,” Oliver added.  Although not a weekly regular at the 5/8 mile South Jersey oval, PJ Oliver does have Bridgeport circled on his calendar quite often in 2016.  “We’ll be getting our Big Block back from Morrison real soon, and we’ll race at Bridgeport every opportunity we get this year,” admitted the former Outlaw Stock champion.  For more information on Oliver Construction Enterprises you can reach them at 609-324-1753 or email them at[email protected].


The 2016 season all starts this coming Saturday, March 19 with an open-house practice.  Gates open at 9am for early-bird inspection while cars will hit the track at noon sharp.  Practice sessions on the 5/8 mile will conclude at 4pm.  Racecars of all divisions are welcomed to the first of three pre-season practices.  The second practice will take place on Friday, March 25 from 7pm to 10pm:  the evening before the ‘Fourth Annual Doug Hoffman Memorial-60over Special”.  Then on Saturday, April 2 the final practice session hits the track from 5pm to 9pm.  For more information on the upcoming Bridgeport Speedway season please visit and don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.IMG_2659

2016 Bridgeport Speedway Practice Sessions, Points, and Tire Information

Bridgeport, NJ – The 2016 racing season at the Gloucester County oval is quickly approaching.  March 26 marks the ’16 Opening Day featuring the ‘Fourth Annual Doug Hoffman Memorial 60over Special’.  The marquee season lid-lifter honors the late Doug Hoffman and everything he did for and meant to Bridgeport Speedway.

Practice Sessions:  There are three scheduled practices early in the season.  The first practice will be held Saturday, March 19 from 12pm to 4pm.  Drivers and cars of any division are welcomed to shake down their equipment.  Gates open at 9am for early-bird safety inspection held by track Safety Inspector Ed Olsen.  The Spirit Auto Center Speedway 1/4 mile will also be practicing from 3pm to 6pm (3pm to 4pmalternating tracks).  New Head Tech Inspector Tommy Ballard will be on hand to answer all technical questions as well as inspect race cars.  Grandstands will offer free admission while it will be $25 to enter the pit area.  A reminder to all minors 16 and 17 years old:  Please have a copy of your birth certificate available as well as a parent or guardian to sign the minor release form.  This applies to all Spirit Auto Center Speedway drivers 14 through 17 as well.  A rain date of Sunday, March 20 will be used if needed (same times).

Practice #2 will take place on Friday evening March 25 on the 5/8 mile only.  Gates open at 4pm with cars slated to hit the track from 7pm to 10pm.  Teams are welcomed to leave their haulers in the pits overnight before the ’60over Special’.

Practice #3 will take place on Saturday, April 2 in the twilight hours from 5pm to 9pm.  Both 5/8 and 1/4 mile venues will be practicing in this final preparation for the 2016 season.

2016 Points:  There are three different point funds in 2016;  Regular Season Points, 811 Dig Safely Poker Series Points, and The Oliver Companies ‘Pre-Season’ Point Series

Poker Series Points:  All drivers placing in the top 13 in their respective divisions will receive playing cards.  A driver or car must be present and register for the evening’s race to be eligible for the Poker Series point fund.  A driver must be compete in 5 of the 6 schedule events in order to be eligible to collect Poker Series point fund money.  All Poker Series events will have a $10 car entry fee just as in previous years.

Show Up Points:  There are 4 designated races that offer ‘track show up points’ that go towards the 2016 track championship.  Sunday, April 24, Wednesday, May 25, Wednesday, June 15, and Sunday, July 3.  The driver or car must be present and register for the evening to receive the 50 points.

2016 Tire Rules:  For all Poker, pre-season, and post-season races any modified-style American Stamped Racing Tires are allowed within the correct compounds (33 or harder on fronts, 44 or harder on LR, and 48 or harder on RR).  During regular season point races drivers must have Bridgeport Stamped tires under the correct compounds (44 or harder on fronts, 44 or harder on LR, and 48, 53 (now offered), 56 or Bridgeport Hard on RR).  All drivers will be given a maximum of FOUR races to comply with using Bridgeport Stamped tires.

Remembering Doug Hoffman – Bridgeport Style

   Doug Hoffman was a racer.

     Former car owners, fellow competitors as well as track personnel will all tell you the same thing.  When he was at the race track, Doug Hoffman was focused on racing and racing to win.  He went out on the track and raced.  He came back into the pits and watched the track.  He was always thinking about the next laps that he would turn.  He wasn’t there to socialize.  He was there to race. hoffman 4

     And there is no questioning his success.

     Four hundred and eighty-two times, Hoffman raced to the checkered flag first.  92 of those wins came on the 5/8th mile track at the Bridgeport Speedway but Hoffman’s winning efforts stretched far and wide.  Hoffman won on thirty-eight different tracks during his career, racing throughout the Northeast, North Carolina, Florida and Texas  and into Canada as well.

     In addition to multiple track and series titles, Hoffman picked up the big win at the New York State Fairgrounds in 1996, winning the 25th Anniversary event in his 13th start.  It was a race to remember as Hoffman started 42nd on the field.  After multiple mechanical issues during qualifying, Hoffman was forced to use his guaranteed starting spot but that just made the win all the sweeter when the checkered flag waved.hoffman 5

     After years of promoting the Mahoning Valley Speedway in Lehighton, PA, it was Hoffman who rose to the occasion when Jay James stepped away from the Bridgeport Speedway at the    end of the 2012 season.

     Bridgeport Speedway owner, Brian Ramey, met with Hoffman to determine the future of the Bridgeport Speedway.  “I didn’t know Doug well,” Ramey related.  “But he did drive for Jay  (James) at one time, so I had seen him at work.  And Jay does have winner’s checks hanging up in his shop that proved his ability.”  Ramey continued, “Doug approached us to discuss the  possibility of him taking the reins for the 2012 season.  We had several people pursuing the opportunity but none of them had the insight that Doug had.”  As discussions  continued, Hoffman’s excitement grew.  “There was no doubt that he (Hoffman) was the best fit the family since his heart was in Big Blocks and that is what Bridgeport was designed and  built for.”

     Hoffman came to Bridgeport armed with both his experience as a driver and as a promoter.  He knew what the drivers wanted.  And he knew how to promote races.  The Big Block  Modifieds returned to Bridgeport Speedway after a year’s absence.  Hoffman introduced the Poker Series to the Bridgeport Speedway  – a series that had proven successful during his tenure at Mahoning.  He not only continued to bring the top five feature finishers behind the grandstands – a practice that he never supported as a driver – but he also would bring the entire starting line-up behind the grandstands on special occasions.  He brought the racers to the fans and it was a success.
hoffman 7 (1)

     Dave Adams remembers Hoffman as both a competitor as well as a promoter.  “When I worked for Jay at Bridgeport, Doug fought me tooth and nail,” Adams remembers.  “He didn’t want to come behind the grandstand after the feature event.”  Adams returned to Bridgeport as a competitor during the 2012 season.  Now Doug Hoffman, the promoter, had a very different perspective.  “He came over to me in the pits one night,” Adams remembers.  “He told me that he wanted to talk to me.”  Hofffman apologized for his lack of cooperation as a driver.  “He told me that I was right and he was wrong and he knew that now,”  Adams added.

     Danny Serrano saw Hoffman in a different light.  Serrano was a Doug Hoffman fan for many years, prior to working at a race track.  “He (Hoffman) was my favorite driver growing up but we formed a different relationship once he took over at Bridgeport,” Serrano explains.  “We’d talk every Monday about how our Saturdays went at each of our tracks.  (Serrano worked at the New Egypt Speedway during the 2012 season.)  “It was really cool.  He would give me advice and then he would also ask me for some advice. “

      Since the passing of Doug Hoffman, it has been Dave Adams, Danny Serrano and Doug’s brother, Keith Hoffman who have joined forces with Ramey in running the Bridgeport Speedway.

     Unlike his brother, Keith Hoffman did not come to Bridgeport with prior experience in track management.  But Keith knows racing from a driver’s perspective, as did Doug, and he had business experience with Hoffmans Speed Supplies.  “I knew Doug had turned Bridgeport around,” Keith explained.  “And my business revolved around the race track.   I wanted to be sure that the track was in the right hands.”
hoffman 6

     And very much like his brother, Keith Hoffman as had to learn to groom the speedway surface.  When Doug was unhappy with the results, he took over the track maintenance himself.  Now that job belongs to Keith.  “I didn’t know anything about preparing a race track,” Keith relates.  “But I’m learning.  I know what needs to be done to make a track for great racing and I’m proud when the guys talk about how racy the track is and we have a good show.”

     As the start of the 2016 season quickly approaches, the Bridgeport Speedway prepares to honor Doug Hoffman with their season opener – the 60 Over Doug Hoffman Memorial – scheduled for Saturday, March 26th.

     This year’s event will mark the fourth running of the 60 Over Special.  No one has been able to repeat in this prestigious event.  Bobby Varin was the winner in a wild finish in the inaugural event.  2013 Bridgeport Champion, Ryan Watt picked up the win in 2014 while Ryan Godown put the Hewlett No. 901 in Victory Lane for last year’s event.

     The Bridgeport Speedway will be open for practice this Saturday, March 19th.  Both the 5/8th mile and Spirit Auto Center 1/4 mile track will be open to competitors to prepare for the start of the season.  A second practice session will be held for the 5/8 mile track on the night preceeding the 60 Over Special.  The first hand of the Poker Series will be dealt for the 60 Over Special with the Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman and Outlaw Stocks taking part in the 811 Dig Safely sponsored events.

     Another round of practice is scheduled for Saturday, April 2nd.  On Sunday, April 10th, the United Racing Club Sprint cars will join the Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks and Rookies.  The South Jersey Shootout will follow one week later on Sunday, April 17th.

     On Saturday, March 26th, the Bridgeport Speedway will honor Doug Hoffman.  it is an event that would make the former track champion and promoter proud!

Written By: Deb Smith

Bridgeport’s TSRS 305 Poker Series Lands New Title Sponsor For 2016.

Bridgeport, NJ – Once again the drivers of the Hillborn Injection Tri-State Racesaver 305 Sprint Series will have something extra to ‘play’ for this upcoming race season as the popular ‘Poker Series’ races held at Bridgeport Speedway will return in 2016.  The TSRS Sprint Car Series have Bridgeport inked on their schedule for 12 events throughout the ’16 campaign.  Half of these events will count towards the ‘Poker Series’ championship.  Rather than traditional points the Poker Series events reward the drivers with playing cards (Ace through 2).  First place finishers receive an ‘Ace’, second place drivers earn a ‘King’, all the way down to the 13th position (2).

 tsrs 2

Bridgeport Speedway is proud to announce that ‘Tanner Brothers Dairy Farm’ has signed on to be the title sponsor for the unique six race format. Tanner Brothers is a family owned and operated farm market serving farm fresh produce and dairy products that is located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  The Tanner Brothers Dairy store has been in business since 1971.   For 45 years they have been processing all dairy products on sight including their coveted milk and ice cream products.  The Tanner Store also offers homegrown angus and beef for the meat lovers.  Their market has become a staple in the lives of many Bucks County residents and continue the legacy and tradition of providing the best dairy and produce.

South Jersey wheelmen Bobby DeVault and Eddie Wagner both played their cards right in the first two years of the TSRS Poker Series, as they were crowned champions in ’14 and 15, while taking home a nice payday at the Bridgeport Speedway year-end banquet.  The Poker Series pays out to the best three hands as well as the ‘worst’ hand in cash/product.

 tsrs 3

Tim Tanner Jr. of Tanner Bros. Dairy has finished runner-up in back to back seasons in the Poker Series.  Tanner is no stranger to racing as his family has been involved in the racing community for more than three decades.  “We’ve been wanting to help out with the Poker Series for a while now, and this year, we were finally able to do it,” Tanner explained.  “Bridgeport is one of the best tracks we visit, if not the best and it only makes sense for us to be a part of a facility that’s doing things the right way.  The track is usually in real good shape and I think our club puts on some great racing there,” offered the driver of the No. 18.  “Honestly, we really do enjoy going to Bridgeport, especially when we get to go behind the grandstands and visit with all the fans be a part of all the activities that they do down there.  We’re looking to have a good year and hopefully we can move up one more spot in 2016,” summed up Tanner.

 tsrs 1

The 305 Sprinters will see eight nights of Saturday action (4/30, 5/21, 6/4, 6/18, 7/9, 7/23, 8/13, and 8/27) while making four appearances (6/24, 8/5, 9/23, 11/11) on Friday evenings.  The 5/21, 6/4, 6/18, 7/9, 7/23, and 8/27 dates wills serve as the six Poker Race events.  The August 13th date should also be noted that this will be an Inter-Regional race drawing cars from the PASS and CSRA 305 Sprint Series.  Bridgeport Speedway is still seeking additional sponsorship towards the six-race point fund.  If you’d like to become a marketing partner please contact the speedway at 856-467-4408.


The TSRS Joe Grandinetti-led club can be contacted through their website at  For more information on Tanner Bros. Dairy Farm you can visit their website  For all the latest news regarding Bridgeport Speedway please visit the track’s website at  You can also follow them on facebook, twitter, and snapchat.

Remembering Fred “Fritz” Ritchings

I can honestly say that I never thought I’d be talking about losing another Bridgeport Family member again so soon.  Less than a month ago, the racing community lost a true race fan in Larry Daniels.  Yesterday, suddenly Fred ‘Fritz’ Ritchings was gone.  If you were a regular at Bridgeport, I can guarantee you you’ve seen Fred or probably even talked to him several times over the years.  You know, we have slogan on our t-shirts that says ‘We are Bridgeport’.  Well, Fred Ritchings epitomized that phrase.image1 (3)

I personally didn’t know Fred until I started working at Bridgeport three short years ago.  All I can really say is that the man honestly and genuinely LOVED Bridgeport Speedway.  The stories he would tell…and many of them several times over (which I will miss) were always entertaining.  Fred lived down in Belleplain, NJ.  Belleplain’s not really near anything to be honest, so it was a decent hike for ‘ol Freddy each and every week.  Every week like clockwork Fred would show up to Bridgeport Friday morning and start cleaning up and helping out.  He loved to use the ‘big blower’ as I called it.  He’d blow all the dirt, dust, and sand off the midway each weekend.  Then he’d make a round through the bathrooms to make sure they were straightened up.  Then he’d take a rest and tell me a story in my office.  Next, he’d run off somewhere for a lunch break and come back and start picking up any loose trash.  Then he’d tell me another story and just how much he loved Bridgeport and how happy he was to help us every week.

Fred would stay over on Friday nights and usually sleep in his truck, which he would always brag about how it had like 350,000 miles on it or something….I just know it was a lot and every time we rode to the hardware store, I just would hope that we’d make it back to the track without breaking down.  Early every Saturday morning Fred would wake up and drive to pick up his good friend and Bridgeport’s good friend ‘Buddy’ over in Clayton, NJ.  They’d be back at the track before 9am cleaning, shoveling, sweeping, blowing, you name it.  I think Freddy’s favorite part of the day was when Keith would tell him to get in the packer vehicles and work the track.  Ooooh Fred just loved going around on that track squishing that mud around.  In fact one time, he was out there riding around on three tires with the one tire completely off of the rim flopping around.  He was so into it and happy to be out there, that he never even noticed the difference…I’m telling you, you had to be there to believe it.


After the races on Friday nights, I’m usually in my office working on the computer and Fred would mosey on in around midnight and just start talking away.  He’d tell me so many different stories about Alcyon, Vineland, and Pleasantville Speedways.  I know he loved Pleasantville.  He liked Wall and when New Egypt was paved back in the 70s too.  ‘Freddy Fred’, as I would call him sure did make the time go by each and every Friday night till usually 2 in the morning.  He always would make it a point and tell me just how he enjoyed working with our team…Brian, Dave, Keith, Kolby, and myself.  Fred just wanted to be a part of something just like Larry.  I know that he’d put out schedules at his local diner and gas station just to spread the word about Bridgeport.

Fred called me less than two weeks ago just to ask about our employee meeting and couldn’t believe what had happened to Larry.  The last month has been a hard one for the Bridgeport Team, that’s for certain.  Things definitely won’t be the same around the facility for us before, during, and after the show on race night.  Fred, you will be missed by all my friend.  God Bless.

Information about services can be found here


Danny Serrano

General Manager

Remembering Larry Daniels




I’ll never forget the first time Larry came down to Bridgeport with Dave (Adams) one Saturday night and Dave says, “Larry’s gonna be helping us out around here.”  I thought, “There’s no way…me and this guy don’t get along at all!”  Well, thankfully I was wrong.  More importantly, I am thankful that I made a new friend in the process.  This past Tuesday morning, Larry Daniels passed away at the age of 51 from cancer, leaving behind many fond memories.


For those of you thinking: “I have no clue who you’re talking about”.  I will guarantee you that you’ve seen his face a thousand times over the past 40 plus years.  Larry was what I would call a ‘Super Fan’.  The man LOVED stock car racing.  He lived it, breathed it, watched it; you name it he did it.  He grew up going to our gone yet beloved race tracks like East Windsor and Flemington.  His older brother would always take him in the 70s and 80s.  Nazareth, Penn National, Bridgeport, New Egypt, Delaware, if there was a race Larry was there.


Over the last two seasons Larry was a mainstay at Bridgeport, so much so he moved into one of the motorhomes at the track this past year.  If it needed attention, he was on it.  He helped maintain the equipment, cut the grass,  cleaned the skyboxes, picked up the trash, washed all the vehicles, pumped fuel, drove the courtesy cart (which he absolutely love doing for our fans), and helped out at all the promotional functions:  One things for sure, Larry Daniels’ help and services are going to be missed.


However, it’s much more than Larry the ‘Bridgeport Employee’ that this world will miss.  When you attend races all over the country for that long of a period, you build friendships over the years.  Larry was a one of the biggest Billy Pauch fans out there.  Believe me, we had our shouting matches over those years, lol.  Then came Billy Pauch Jr., and boy did Larry loved rooting for ‘Little Billy’.  He became closer to even more drivers since coming to Bridgeport and I’m sure those teams will miss Larry.  I know one of Larry’s highlights this past season was being able to help out Scottie Ambruster since he parked next to the fuel island.  Larry sincerely wanted to just help.  He missed the days of crewing, working on cars, towing haulers up and down the east coast.


Larry would tell me stories throughout the day, week, and year about his memories.  How he worked for Tom Capie back in the URC days.  How he towed Billy Pauch’s car to several tracks, working with Frank Cozze at Hagerstown and Windsor.  Working for Richie Cass Sr and the Cass & O’Neal Team.  My favorite story is probably how he got to see Gary Balough this past season at Syracuse.  Larry went up to the iconic Balough and said, “I bet you don’t remember me Gary?”  Gary of course said, “Should I?”  Then Larry told him how he was the little boy that always stood on Airport Road waving to him and all the other drivers because his brother would go into the pits leaving Larry by himself for a little while.  Gary and Larry just both laughed.


Larry proposed the idea of camping out at Super Dirt Week last year because he had never really camped out up there.  Well, neither had I…so I was down for it.  So Larry and I drove the rented motorhome up I-81 Tuesday afternoon in what was the last Syracuse for everyone, not just Larry.  Keith (Hoffman) joined us on Wednesday and the three of us had a good ‘ol fashioned fun time.  Ooooh Larry got mad at me at Weedsport.  See, he loved to bet on the races…on all the races!  $1 a race as Larry would say.  Well, of course the feature had to be $3 since it was more important lol.  Well, I took Larry’s money that night just like I did in Delaware for Camp Barnes.  That’s the kind of stuff I’m going to miss a lot when it comes to my friend.


I remember when he really wanted to go to Kutztown and was begging to ride with me for two straight days.  I kept saying “Larry, I’m not going back to the track, I’m going home and you’re way out of the way.”  Well, maybe I didn’t want to ride alone, or maybe I could just see the disappointment in his eyes but, we ended up going and I’m glad we did.  He would text me during the week:  ‘Pauch is coming to our race!’ and I could just see his excitement though the phone.  He was on Facebook, message boards, twitter, you name it, trying to find information on racing in general.


Don’t get me wrong, Larry wasn’t always all ‘peaches and cream’.  Larry was difficult to get along with sometimes.  We’d butt heads plenty of times, and he got into it with Dave, Keith, Kolby (Ramey), Ed (Olsen), especially Bob (Brown)…man they were some good ones with Bob.  But, that’s part of life, part of a relationship…the good times and the bad times and then you can sit back and laugh about the bad times.  He became close to the Ambrusters, the Britts, the Laubachs, and many more families.  I’m sure they’ll miss Larry too.


He simply wanted to help.  Larry wanted to be a part of something.  Larry’s sister informed us that for many years Larry fought addictions and eventually overcame them and he wasn’t happy for many years.  However, during the past two years Larry was the happiest she’d heard or seen him in a long, long time.  I’m thankful that Brian and the Bridgeport staff and drivers were able to make that possible, giving Larry hope and happiness.  Larry wasn’t just good for Bridgeport, he was great for racing.  We need more Larry Daniels to support this lifestyle that we live and love.  I’m sure Larry’s going to be looking down on us along with Bill(Thomas) Doug (Hoffman), Kenny (Walls), Paul (Rutherford), and Aileen (Oldt), and hopefully we can continue to make Bridgeport Speedway a place where friendships are made and memories are created for a long, long time.

Larry we will all miss you.
God Bless

An Interview with the Bridgeport Bandit






Q – Tell us about your plans for the 2016 racing season.
Bandit – Now that my friend, Phil (that would be Punxatawny Phil, the famous groundhog) has forecasted an early Spring, I am really anxious for the start of the new racing season.

The roar of the racing engines will be heard for the first time on Saturday March 19th when both the 5/8 and 1/4 mile tracks are open for the first practice of the season.  The first green flag of the season waves one week later with the 60 Over Doug Hoffman Memorial Race.  This is one of my favorite races of the year.  First, it marks the start of a new season and secondly, this race always attracts a lot of drivers from throughout the Northeast.  This will be the fourth running of this event honoring former track champion and promoter, Doug Hoffman.  Each of the previous races has been won by an invader – Ryan Godown in ’13 and ’15 and Bobby Varin in 2014.

 Q – You spend a lot of time at the Bridgeport Speedway.  What are some of your favorite things to do there?

Bandit – I always get to the track early so that I am sure that I have plenty of time to do all the things I want to do.  I always spend some time in the Bounce House – it’s so much fun to jump around with my friends.  Then I make sure that I take a ride on my Bandit Bus so that I can ride through the pits and see all of my driver friends and check out the action behind the scenes.  Of course, I have to leave plenty of time to enjoy a meal before the races get started.  My very favorite menu item is the chicken fingers.  You know, raccoons like to dip their food and I really like to dip my chicken in the honey mustard sauce!  And then if I have room, I head to the Water Ice or Ice Cream stand later in the night for my snack.

I make sure to eat before the races start because I don’t want to miss any of the action on the track!

Q – What is your favorite divison at the Bridgeport Speedway?

Bandit – Don’t make me pick just one!  Every one of the divisions offers something to the Bridgeport fans.teammember1

With the Big Block Modifieds, it’s the speed!  They are so fast!  The competition is so close with the Crate/Sportsman cars – lots of wheel to wheel racing in that division.  The Outlaw Stocks use those full fenders for lots of banging and rubbing – their races are always full of action.  And the Rookies – well it’s a lot of fun to watch them progress and their skills to develop as the season goes on.


Q – What is your favorite event of the season?

Bandit – I always make sure to check my Bridgeport Speedway schedule because they have so many specials planned throughout the season.  One of my favorites is Bike Night.  There are four Bike Nights this year – the first one is on May 14th.  Several lucky boys and girls will go home with a brand new bicycle on Bike Night.  It’s a lot of fun!

And I really like Quarter Midget Night when many of my young friends bring their race cars (quarter midgets) to Bridgeport to show all of the fans how they race.

Britt Enters Spirit Auto Center Big Block Division As Next Big Contender




After welcoming Delaware’s Jordan Watson as the newest weekly Big Block addition last month, Bridgeport Speedway will have another new Saturday night competitor throughout the 2016 racing season.  Jim Britt recently confirmed that he will indeed be moving up from the Crate/Sportsman division into the weekly wars with the Spirit Auto Center Big Blocks at the 5/8 mile oval.


britt 4

Although this will be Britt’s first full-season behind the wheel of a powerful 467 cubic inch Big Block, he is by no means a stranger to the racing scene, especially at Bridgeport.  Jim Britt started his racing career at the legendary Flemington Speedway in the Enduro division in 1997, where he raced with drivers like current racing sensations Ryan Godown and Earl Paules Jr. In ’99 Britt made the switch to race more locally at Bridgeport in the Street Stock division for a couple of seasons.   Then in 2002 he bought a sportsman car that he ran at East Windsor a few times before they permanently closed their doors.  Fellow sportsman driver at the time, Richie Pratt was a big help according to Britt.  The following year Britt was able to find victory lane for the first time at Bridgeport Speedway, while also competing at tracks such as Susquehanna and Delaware International.

  Then, in 2006 Jbritt 2 (1)im Britt decided to get out of racing, but occasionally attended races and helped some friends like      modified driver Ron Roberts.  In ’08 Britt did jump behind the wheel once again, as he was offered to drive Roberts’  back up modified on a couple of occasions.  Fast forward five years later to 2013 and Britt caught the racing bug yet  again as he purchased a used Teo-Pro car for a couple of races at the end of the ’13 season.  The following year Jim  bought a brand new Hig-Fab chassis with a Delaware crate engine where he ran sporadically at venues such as  Bridgeport, Penn Can, and New Egypt.


Heading into the 2015 season Jim Britt and his team made the decision that they would shoot for the ’15 Crate/Sportsman championship at Bridgeport.  “We bought a motor from Gene Stravinsky and we really wanted that Bridgeport title,” Britt admitted.  Britt’s lofty goal from last year fell one position shy of accomplishment as he finished runner-up in the year-long point chase.  “Although we didn’t win the championship we had a pretty good season and we won six times at Bridgeport.  We also finished second twice at Thunder Mountain and ran well when we went to Penn Can, I-88, Five Mile Point, Grandview, and New Egypt.”  Britt’s ’15 season was also highlighted by his secobritt 1nd place effort in the overall American Racer Cup Sportsman standings (missed title by 1 point), winning the A/R South Region, and second in Bridgeport’s Poker Series.

This season, Jim Britt will have brand new Hig-Fab chassis as part of his Big Block arsenal.  “Jerry’s (Higbie) a great guy that puts out a great product with his cars.  He’s all for the little guy and helps as much as he can no matter what.  We will also have a freshened up CC Performance Engine that I bought from Jamie Mills, a Jimmy Weiss prepared Sportsman motor, and currently are in the process of building an ‘open’ 358 small bock.”  Needless to say, Jim Britt is coming into the new season well-prepared for success.

The 36-year old Broomall, Pennsylvania resident is self-employed as he owns CIL Underground LLC, which is a drilling and utility construction company that operates along the east coast ranging from North Jersey all the way to North Carolina.  Britt’s family is extremely supportive of his racing endeavors as they attend Bridgeport weekly.  “My whole family comes to the track every week.  We bought a skybox for the whole season last year and my kids, wife, and everyone else just love coming there.  That’s another reason besides the good racing at the track.   It’s the ‘family atmosphere’ that makes us choose Bridgeport over everywhere else.  It’s a nice facility and it’s more than just racing, they give the fans a show each and every week.”

Britt was quick to point out some of the sponsors and help that make it all happen for the No. 118 Team.  “Of course there’s CIL, Buckley Cable Construction, Jim’s Lawn Service, Kevin Incorporated, and I can’t forget Terry & Stacie Poole as they stepped up big time this year.  I don’t know if any of what we do would be possible without by brother Kevin.  He houses and maintains the cars at his place which is just a few miles from the track.  He does most of the work on the car during the week, since I’m usually out of state working during the week.  My Dad and the rest of the crew are a big part of this team too.  We also help out some of my friends too with a little sponsorship.  Guys like Steve Davis and Brad Roberts are good guys so we try and help them get to the race track every week too.”


So what’s in store in 2016 for Mr. Britt?  “Well, we’re gonna run all the Big Block races at Bridgeport (regular point shows and 811 Dig Safely Poker races).  Once we get the small block ready we plan on hitting some of the local Short Track Super Series races and of the Georgetown races they have.  We still have the Sportsman car/motor so I think we’ll try and hit some of the better paying shows in NY and run Deyo’s North Sportsman Series.   After Bridgeport, I think I really like Thunder Mountain the best and plan on running any shows there that don’t conflict with Bridgeport’s races.  Basically we just wanna go out and race a lot this season and have fun.  I’m not looking to set the world on fire but, I obviously want to be competitive.”  If Jim Britt’s first full season at Bridgeport in 2015 in the Crate/Sportsman class was any indication of a ‘rookie year’, then 2016 looks to be a promising one as his journey begins in the Big Block division.



    It won’t be long before the roar of engines will again be heard at the Bridgeport Speedway!  An action-packed schedule has been set for the quickly-approaching 2016 racing season.  Competitors will have the opportunity to shake down their equipment during three scheduled practice sessions with the first coming on Saturday afternoon, March 19th.  The second practice date is planned for Friday, March 25th, the night before the 60 Over Special/Doug Hoffman Memorial Race on Saturday March 26.  The final ‘pre-season’ practice will be on Saturday evening, April 2nd.  Any and all competitors are welcomed to test and tune on any of the three 5/8 mile practices and as always, grandstand admission is FREE for the fans wanting to see what’s in store for the ’16 season.RSI_4871-XL


The first Saturday night racing program, as well as the first night of points will be on April 30th.  The 2016 Track Championships will get under way for the Spirit Big Block Modifieds and Crate/Sportsman.  The Pennco Tech Outlaw Stock’s points will start the following Saturday as they are off the schedule this night with the TSRS 305 sprint cars making their first appearance of the season.  The 2016 point champion divisions will be crowned on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend, September 3rd (Rain or Shine).


An all-new racing weekend has been planned for the fourth weekend in September.  The cutting-edge ‘King of the Big Blocks’ event will be presented on Saturday, September 24th, with a full slate of racing planned for Friday, September 23rd as well.  Specific details are still being worked out for the weekend however, a heavyweight purse of $12,000 to the winner of this inaugural event focusing on powerful Spirit Auto Center Big Block division.  The ‘Little Brothers’ of the Big Blocks will take center stage the night before for a special 358 Small Block program.  The Crate/Sportsman, Pennco Tech Outlaw Stocks, and 305 Sprints will all be a part of this much anticipated weekend.



     The United Racing Club (URC) 360 Sprints will be visiting the spacious 5/8 mile oval on three different occasions.  The first appearance of the year takes place on Sunday, April 10, as the Club joins the Spirit Auto Center Big Blocks, Crate/Sportsman, and Outlaw Stocks for a Sunday matinee.  Then on Tuesday, June 28 the winged warriors share the spotlight with the Super Late Models and 358 Small Blocks during the 2nd annual ‘Three For All’.  The URC season wraps up their season with a big weekend planned on November 4 and 5.  The first-ever ‘Bridgeport URC Big Track Classic’ has been scheduled.   The weekend will feature back to back days of 360 sprint car racing, with many of the other 360 touring series’ drivers looking to support this inaugural event.  The Crate/Sportsman will round out the racing card that weekend with the high-dollar paying ‘Crate/Sportsman Show Down’.



     The South Jersey Shootout is on tap on Sunday April 17th.  The Brett Deyo promoted event will include the Spirit Auto Center Big Blocks, Crate/Sportsman, and Outlaw Stocks.  Last year, Bridgeport’s home track turf was defended as Rick Laubach, was able to fend off a stout field of invading modified drivers.  As part of the South Region of the Short Track Super Series, fans can count on seeing out of state drivers towing in from Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts.  The Xcel 600 Modifieds will return on the Spirit Auto Center quarter mile for their first of eight appearances during the 2016 campaign.



The Kenny Wallace Racing Experience returns to the Bridgeport in 2016 after an extremely successful debut last year.  This time, the ‘KWRE’ has signed on for two dates during the season.  The first coming Saturday, April 23rd and the second on Sunday, October 2nd.  This is a great opportunity for that avid fan to finally get to see how it feels getting behind the wheel of an actual stock car or at least be a passenger that will get to feel that rush.  For more information you please visit


The D.A.’s Auto Body Rookie Class of 2016 featuring the Crate/Sportsman will have 10 races to decide a champion.  The first race will take place on Sunday, April 3rd with the final race and graduation commencing on Saturday, June 24.  All drivers who intend on competing in the rookie division are urged to call the speedway (856-467-4408) to register for the upcoming season.



For the first time ever it’ll be ‘Pack the House Night’ at the Bridgeport Speedway on Saturday, May 7th.  Admittance will be FREE for all fans this night as the Crate/Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks and Rookies compete on the 5/8 mile track.  What will make this evening even more enticing, is the fact that the Spirit Auto Center Speedway will also be in action sharing the spotlight.  With the 1/4 mile usually racing on Friday nights, their weekend racing will instead take place on Saturday night.  The 270 & 600 Micros will be joined by the Servpro 4-Cylinders for this unique event.  Rounding out the program will be the 8 Cylinder Enduro cars that will race for a whopping $1,000 to win!


If there’s one race that race fans are going to circle on their calendar it certainly has to be the 2nd Annual ‘Bridgeport Three-For-All’.  Tuesday, June 28 the South Jersey oval will be invaded by some of the most talented drivers in the tristate area.  The extremely popular Super Late Models will return, as a packed house watched Delaware fan-favorite Andrew ‘Rowdy’ Mullins take home the win with a late race pass over regional traveler Glenn Elliott.  SLM drivers representing Delaware International, Georgetown, Hagerstown, Port Royal, and Selinsgrove Speedways Speedway are expected to compete in their one and only appearance of the ’16 season.  The 358 Small Blocks will make their first of three appearances of the season.  Many of the local small block competitors from Grandview, New Egypt, Big Diamond, and Delaware will join some of Bridgeport’s Big Block faithful that have 358 small blocks.  The 360 URC Sprints will round out the three for all for all those fans that love open-cockpit racing.



In 2015, the first-ever Misfits 4 x 4 event took place.  The turnout from both competitors and spectators was so overwhelming, that for the 2016 season, there have been TWO Misfit 4 x 4 shows booked.  To enhance the atmosphere this year, both Spring and Fall shows have been extended to two-day events.  These shows consist of both street-legal and off-road trucks and jeeps running the gamut of a specialized obstacle course built specifically for these rough-terrain vehicles.  The first Misfits 4 x 4 event will be offered on May 21st and 22nd.  The TSRS sprint cars will be a stand-alone division on Saturday night as they strut their stuff to a totally different fan base.  The Sunday event will include a Demolition Derby.  The Misfits 4 x 4 show will return on October 15th & 16th for another two-day event with a Demolition Derby slated for Saturday night.


One of the mainstays at Bridgeport is the popular Poker Series, which will return once again in 2016, while seeing a new title sponsor for the six-race series.  Colonial Pipelinepoker_811 and the 811 Dig Safely program have joined forces once again at Gloucester County oval and have signed on to Bridgeport’s trademark series.  The 60 Over Special/Doug       Hoffman Memorial will be the first hand followed by ‘All in at the Port’ on Wednesday, May 25, Sunday, July 3rd’s ‘High Stakes at the Port’, then the 11th Annual Friends of Mike event on August 16th, and ‘Bonus Hand’ on Saturday, October 1.  The 811 Dig Safely Poker Series will conclude with the Wildcard Weekend to close out the season in mid-November as the best three hands and worst hand in the Big Block, Crate/Sportsman, and Outlaw Stock divisions.


The TSRS Sprint Car Series will once again thrill the Bridgeport Speedway fans 12 times throughout the ’16 season.  The 305 sprinters will see 8 nights of Saturday action (4/30, 5/21, 6/4, 6/18, 7/9, 7/23, 8/13, and 8/27) while making 4 appearances (6/24, 8/5, 9/23, 11/11) on Friday evenings.  The TSRS gang will also compete in their own Poker Series as they have the previous two years.  Local favorites Bobby DeVault and Eddie Wagner claimed the first two Poker Series titles.  The 5/21, 6/4, 6/18, 7/9, 7/23, and 8/27 dates wills serve as the six Poker Race events.  The August 13th date should also be noted that this will be an Inter-Regional race drawing cars from the PASS and CSRA 305 Sprint Series.


As always, Bridgeport Speedway will host many different ‘theme nights’ throughout the upcoming season.  Some of those nights include ‘Mechanics Night’ (6/11), where those who turn wrenches get to showcase their skills on the 1/4 mile.  ‘First Responder’s Night’ allows Bridgeport to honor all those that serve the community (7/16).  On August 20th the future race car drivers will be spotlighted on ‘Quarter-Midget Night’.  ‘Camera & Autograph Night’ will take place on June 4.  Close to 70 drivers and race cars line the midway behind the grandstands and hand out pictures, candy, and sign autographs before the races start.  August 13th is the annual ‘Scout Night’ where everyone in uniform (Boy, Girl, Cub, Eagle) are admitted FREE.  There are two ‘Powder Puff’ events on the 1/4 mile…the first on August 6th and the second on October 1.  July 30th will be ‘Jeep Jamboree Night’ as all spectators arriving in jeeps will be admitted free and will get to try out the ‘off-road’ course created in the 1/4 mile pit area.  The ‘Kids Money Scramble’ will see a bunch of the young fans go home with some extra $$$ on July 9.  And last but certainly not least, the ever-popular ‘Bike Nights’ return to Bridgeport Speedway.  Four ‘Bike Nights have been penciled into the ’16 schedule (5/14, 6/18, 7/23, & 8/27).  All riders on motorcycles receive FREE admission upon entry.  Like in the past, half a dozen bicycles will be given away at intermission to six lucky youngsters courtesy of the Bridgeport Speedway drivers.


The Garden State Vintage Car Club will be making 5 stops at the South Jersey facility in 2016.  Those dates include, April 24June 18July 23, September 3, and November 5.  The Pennco Tech Outlaw Stocks have several nights off when the TSRS Sprints are in town.  However, they will have two nights where they have twin features rather than the traditional single main event.  The Crate/Sportsman are also have a Twin-15’s night planned in July.



To learn all about the latest news regarding Bridgeport Speedway you can log onto, visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.  The management team and many of the staff members will be on hand at the Motorsports Expo in Oaks, Pa this coming weekend.  Brand new schedules will be available as well as Bridgeport apparel and all the necessary paperwork for the 2016 season.








2016 Pit Licenses and Season Tickets Will Be Available

     Plans are underway to present the Bridgeport Speedway as well as the new Spirit Auto Center Speedway (1/4 mile) when the 31st Motorsports Racecar & Trade Show comes to the Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA on January 22-24, 2016.

     Popular Big Block Feature Winner, Sam Martz will have his Izzy Trucking/Forever Flowers No. 3 on display in the Bridgeport Speedway area.  Ed Barber’s No. 99b 600c Micro Sprint will be wrapped in Spirit Auto Center Speedway logos.

     Fans and competitors alike will find it advantageous to visit the Bridgeport display during the three day show.  Pit licenses, season passes and skyboxes will be available at discounted pre-season prices.  2016 schedules will be available for both tracks.  The staff and track officials will also be on hand to answer any questions that competitors may have as they prepare their equipment for the new season.

     Representatives from Spirit Auto Center of Swedesboro, NJ will also be on hand to help to promote the new Spirit Auto Center Speedway as well as to talk to potential customers about their automobile needs.

     A tricked out Jeep will be on display to promote the Misfits Down & Dirty shows at the Bridgeport Speedway as well as the scheduled Jeep Jamboree as the Logan Township facility continues to broaden its horizons.  There will also be a display on hand for the all new “811 Dig Safely Poker Series” at Bridgeport Speedway.  Representatives from 811 Colonial Pipeline will be on hand to present the new Poker Series and answer any questions anyone may have.

     The 2016 season is scheduled to open on the big 5/8 mile Bridgeport Speedway on March 26 while the new Spirit Auto Center Speedway has their lid-lifter scheduled for Friday, April 8th.

      Hours of operation for the Motorsports Racecar & Trade show are 2-9pm on Friday11am-9pm on Saturday and 11am-4pm on Sunday.

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