Street Stocks to Receive “NASCAR Retro” Bonus in 2022

Bridgeport, NJ – The Street Stock Division at Bridgeport Motorsports Park puts on some of the greatest racing on the High Banks each week and in 2022 they will find some new opportunities available to them. “Danny (Serrano) and I had talked about something he wanted to do prior to him passing. He said he always liked when he would go to tracks and see a Street Stock painted in a “Retro NASCAR” scheme,” explains Doug Rose. In 2022, Bridgeport will offer a weekly $50 bonus to each of the top 2 finishers in the feature event that have their race car graphics in a “Retro NASCAR” theme. “The original plan was to give the winner a $100 bonus if his car had the retro look, but I wanted to be sure that these guys that all take the time to do this get the opportunity for the bonus, plus whats better than one team? Lets have two teams get the bonus,” says Rose. The teams will need to contact Doug Rose and register their retro scheme, they don’t want seven Dale Earnhardt #3 Goodwrench cars, a nice split of schemes is preferred. The racing in the Street Stock division is already insane, but seeing the Wrangler #3, the Coors #9, and the Skoal Bandit #33 battling it out will be even more entertaining for race fans to see.

That’s not the only new perk for the Street Stocks in 2022, they will also be a part of the World of Outlaws Sprint Car event. They will be competing for a healthy $500 to win and $100 to start purse. Rose mentions, “We met with several of the teams at our last event to get their thoughts on running this mid-week event and the response was outstanding.”

Frank Cozze and Rose also plan to promote the second annual $10,000 to win, 100 lap, Street Stock Nationals, October 7 and 8. “The inaugural event in 2021 went very well. We learned a lot from the initial event and have some great plans to make this year’s show even more spectacular. There are some modifications we saw that could be implemented to the rules that would help everyone be on a level field and allow more teams to have cars that fit our rules package even better,” explains Cozze.

“From the start, I have been impressed with the racing that our Street Stocks put on and in 2022 they will start reaping more of the rewards they deserve. On top of that all of their events will be Live Streamed on Flo giving them National Recognition for all of their hard work they put in every week.” Rose adds.

Bridgeport Motorsports Park continues to climb to the top of the racing world here in the Northeast with great additions like these for their racers and fans. They plan to “Kick Off” the season at the Motorsports show in Oaks, PA January 22 & 23. Stop by and check out more of the exciting news.

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