Bridgeport, NJ – It was Godown night at the Bridgeport Motorsports Park as both Ryan Sr and Ryan Jr raced to wins in their respective divisions. It was win number three for dad and win number two for son on a Saturday night of racing sponsored by RGI Landscaping which is Godown’s business.

Rich Stinson raced to his fourth win of the season in the Sunbelt Rental Street Stocks while Ethan Bill picked up his fourth victory in the DA’s Auto Body and Repair Rookie division. The Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series (MASS) sponsored by the Delaware Auto Exchange put on a thrilling race that saw Dave Grube race to his third consecutive win in 305 sprint car action.

Tommy Beamer had the Thornton Gulf No. 31 on a rail as Beamer led the field of Foley Cat Modifieds for the first eight laps. Beamer battled with Matt Peck for the lead and then raced away from the field until a lap seven caution.

Ryan Godown had made his way up to second in the first six laps after starting thirteenth. Thirteen certain;y wasn’t unlucky for Godown! Godown and Ryan Watt started side by side on the original start and both raced their way into the top five in the first few laps.

Beamer battled with Godown for several laps before Godown was able to put the Camp Out Inc. No. 26 out in front. Watt raced into second on lap twelve with Alex Yankowski taking over third just before the halfway mark. Godown led Watt, Yankowski, Beamer and Jim Britt at the crossed flags with Watt and Yankowski keeping pace with the leader.

A lap sixteen restart saw Watt’s No. 14w miss a beat as Yankowski took over second and Watt lost several positions. Yankowski was able to keep pace with the race leader, following behind Godown with about 2-3 car lengths separating the top two. Watt battled back to take over third on lap nineteen.

Neal Williams was the car on the move in the late stage of the race, first battling by Dominick Buffalino to take over fifth and then racing with Jim Britt for fourth.

Godown led the way to the checkered for his third win of the season followed by Yankowski, Watt, Williams and Buffalino who overtook Britt in the final laps. Trailing Britt was Matt Stangle in seventh, Jordan Watson, Billy Osmun III and Joseph Watson.

Ryan Godown, Jr. wasn’t going to let his dad have all the glory as he took the early race lead and led all the way to the checkered flag at the end of twenty-five laps in the South Jersey Overhead Door 602 Crate Sportsman feature.

Steve Kemery overcame a myriad of issues to race from his scratch position start to finish second
followed by Matt Ellery who has now put together several consecutive top five finishes. Ellery made sure that Godown knew he was there and put some pressure on the second generation driver throughout the race. Sammy Martz, Jr. finished fourth, putting an end to his win streak after three victories. Howie Finch finished fifth.

Steve Davis trailed Finch in sixth followed by Ryan Higgs, Travis Hill, Bob Lineman, Jr. and Tom Sherby.

It may have been Stinson’s fourth win this season but Saturday night’s field was able to keep the race winner within reach right up to the checkered flag.

Jeff Dirkes battled with Nick Sandone III for the lead at the start. Dirkes led the first two laps and then raced across the line side by side with Stinson for lap three. Stinson was out in front the next time around. TJ Henry raced from the back of the field to make it a three car race in his first Bridgeport appearance of the season.

Stinson took the win over Dirkes, Henry, Jeramy Doerr and Sandone rounding out the top five.

Ethan Bill raced to his fourth Rookie win but it was Mike Creamer who led the way for the first four circuits. Bill took the lead at halfway and led the rest of the way to the checkered. Creamer had his best finish in second with Shane Kassekert finishing third followed by Marc Nappi and Courtney Pickens.

The MASS sprint car feature was full of excitement. After Mark Bittner went for a wild ride at the start, Phil Meisner and Ricy DiEva battled for the lead. Meisner led a pair of laps before DiEva took the lead and sixteen year old MASS rookie, Buddy Schweibinz raced into second on lap four. After making contact with the wall, DiEva would drop out of the competition with Dave Grube taking over the lead.

Grube may have been on a hot streak but Schwiebinz was not letting that intimidate him as he dogged the leader. Schwiebinz had just set up a slide job to challenge for the lead when the caution and then red waved for a multi-car incident on the homestretch.

Grube resumed the lead on the restart and led the remaining laps to the checkered. Kevin Nagy passed Schweibinz for second but the young driver battled back to finish second in just his seventh start. Nagy finished third in front of Craig Pellegrini and Christian Rumsey. Zack Bealer finished sixth after running within the top five for most of the race. Eddie Wagner was seventh followed by Jon Brennfleck, Cody West and Josh Bricker.


  1. Ryan Godown, Sr., 2. Alex Yankowski, 3. Ryan Watt, 4. Neal Williams, 5. Dominick Buffalino, 6. Jim Britt, 7. Matt Stangle, 8. Jordan Watson, 9. Billy Osmun, III, 10. Joseph Watson, 11. Tommy Beamer, 12. Sam Martz, Sr., 13. Billy Lasko, 14. Clay Butler, 15. Troy Ale, 16. Stan Frankenfield, 17. Mike Franz, 18. David Crossman, 19. Ryan Krachun, 20. Billy Pauch, Sr., 21. Art Liedl, 22. Matt Peck, 23. Joe Toth, 24. Jim Gallagher, Jr., DNS – Brett Kelly


  1. Ryan Godown, Jr., 2. Steve Kemery, 3. Matt Ellery, 4. Sammy Martz, Jr., 5. Howie Finch, 6. Steve Davis, 7. Ryan Higgs, 8. Travis Hill, 9. Bob Lineman, Jr., 10. Tom Sherby, 11. Ryan Conrad, 12. Howard Huepful, 13. Jim Dallett, 14. Ethan Bill, 15. Doug Snyder, 16. Billy Chester, 17. Ryan Stangle, 18. Joseph Brown, 19. Pete Serra, 20. Marc Nappi, 21. Nick DeSantis, 22. Scott Hulmes, 23. Ian Humphreys, 24. Brad Cicio, 25. Andy Walko, DNS – Joe Toth, DNQ – Mike Creamer, Eric Mattson, Shane Kassekert


  1. Ethan Bill, 2. Mike Creamer, 3. Shane Kassekert, 4. Marc Nappi, 5. Courtney Pickens


  1. Rich Stinson, Jr., 2. Jeff Dirkes, 3. T.J. Henry, 4. Jeramy Doerr, 5. Nick Sandone, III, 6. Gary Klimeczak, 7. John Parker, 8. Terry Chaney, 9. Scott Max, 10. Tom Wills, Jr., 11. Ken Moren, 12. Mike Hughes


  1. Dave Grube, 2. Buddy Schweibinz, 3. Kevin Nagy, 4. Craig Pellegrini, 5. Christian Rumsey, 6. Zack Bealer, 7. Eddie Wagner, 8. Jon Brennfleck, 9. Cody West, 10. Josh Bricker, 11. Joe Kay, 12. Phil Meisner, 13. Zack Berghof, 14. Kristina Pratt, 15. Keith Anderson, 16. Dale Eggert, 17. Rick Stief, 18. Jenna Shotz, 19. Bryant Davis, 20. Ricky DiEva, 21. Larry McVay, 22. Rory Janney, 23. Rich Janney, 24. Mark Bitner, DNQ – C.J. Faison, Brody Adamsky, Dave Bonner, Marie McVay, Justin Nowlen, Pat U’Selis, Michael Keen.

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