Nardelli, Reinhardt, Partite and Allen score wins on Bridgeport Quarter Mile


Nardelli, Reinhardt, Partite and Allen score wins on Bridgeport Quarter Mile


Lee Nardelli recorded his third win of the season in wingless 600cc Micro Sprint competition while 2-time defending 270cc champion, Tyler Reinhardt scored his second win.  Richard Partite won the Slingshot feature while Christopher Allen, Jr. recorded the win in the John Gasko & Son Farm and Greenhouses Eight Cylinder Enduro feature.


Lee Nardelli took advantage of an outside front row starting spot and led the entire feature distance to record the win.  The first stoppage in action happened on lap 7 when Joey Butts went end over end between the third and fourth turns.  Butts was pushed to the pit area and the race was restarted.  Nardelli continued to lead but a battle for second was between Rob Vivona and Chris Locuson.  Fourth running, Sam Locuson made a sudden exit to the pit area one lap later giving fourth to Jermain Godshall.  Nardelli led the field to the checkered flag followed by Vivona, Locuson and Godshall with Jack Conover recording fifth.


Tyler Reinhardt inherited the lead on lap 16 after a stoppage in action and then went on to record his second win of the season.  Lee Reinhardt grabbed the lead at the onset and was being chased by Steve Coslop.  Lee Reinhardt developed mechanical problems as he exited the fourth turn to complete lap 16.  Coslop assumed the lead until the races only stoppage occurred for Brianna Olsen on the backstretch.  Coslop was unable to re-fire when the field returned to green flag conditions handing the lead over to Tyler Reinhardt.  Current point leader, Sean Huesser finished second followed by Andrew Locuson, Billy Gray and John Blanda.


Richard Partite grabbed the lead for after Louie Partite was scored the leader of the first lap and then pulled away from Dave McCullough to record the win in the 20-lap non-stop feature event for the Slingshots.


Christopher Allen, Jr. grabbed the lead at the start then yielded the lead to his father, Christopher Allen, Sr. only to take the lead away on lap ten.  Allen, Jr. then pulled away from the rest of the field to record the win.  Matt Guadagno passed Allen, Sr. for second followed by Rob Anderton and Mike “The Animal” Baldwin.





  1. Lee Nardelli, 2. Rob Vivona, 3. Chris Locuson, 4. Jermain Godshall, 5. Jack Conover, 6. Sam LaMothe, 7. Jim Tippin, 8. Tony Hodgson, 9. Ernie Miles, III, 10. Bill Thomas, 11. Ed Barber, III, 12. Gary Forsythe, 13. Mike Fillbrunn, 14. Nick Havens, 15. Ernie Miles, Jr., 16. Joshua Medley, 17. Sam Locuson, 18. Joey Butts



  1. Tyler Reinhardt, 2. Sean Huesser, 3. Andrew Locuson, 4. Billy Gray, 5. John Blanda, 6. Luke Fogg, 7. Dave Nelson, 8. Jonathan John, 9. Ryan Wozunk, 10. Rich Keller, 11. Steve Coslop, 12. Lee Reinhardt, 13. Brianna Olsen, 14. Colin Bustard, DNS – Gary Waggel



  1. Richard Partite, 2. Dave McCullough, 3. Dave Schenker, 4. Louie Partite, DNS – Dave Morrell



  1. Chrisopher Allen, Jr., 2. Matt Gladagno, 3. Christopher Allen, Sr., 4. Rob Anderton, 5. Mike “The Animal” Baldwin, 6. Rick Burnham, 7. Vinnie Troia, 8. Lee Allen



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