Felton, DE – CJ Faison is no stranger to winning races, as he has won all over the nation leading to a short stint in the NASCAR Xfinity Series and Camping World Truck Series. But one thing has eluded him, his first career win in a winged sprint car.

Faison, 28 years old, has had multiple top 5s in a 305 sprint car, a Rookie of the Year title, and even a win as a car owner. However, he has not been able to secure the checkered flag and add another division to his resume. 

The YouTube sensation was on his way to a potential victory on March 25th, 2022 at Bridgeport Motorsports Park by setting a blistering lap time of 15.287 seconds around the high banked four tenths mile during warm-ups. But as fate would have it, Faison’s driveshaft broke coming to the checkered and sidelined him for the rest of the event.

Fast forward to this weekend, Faison will have a chance to secure that first victory in an event that is close to his heart. The inaugural Ron Faison Memorial 305 Spring Nationals, presented by PDS Professional Design Services, is a two day show headlined by the Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series in memory of the father of CJ and his sister Bridgeport Motorsports Park co-owner Brittany Rose, who passed away last year. 

An emotional CJ Faison stated, “This weekend comes with a ton of pressure and emotion to say the least. My dad was my best friend, not a day goes by that I don’t think about all of the traveling and racing we did together. He loved racing so much and to see him have his own race weekend is an incredible feeling. I want to thank my sister Brittany and brother in law Doug for putting this Memorial race on. This one’s for you dad, let’s enjoy it.”

Co-owner Brittany Rose took to Facebook to state her own emotions by saying, “Sharing this post is hard. I never imagined having a memorial race for someone I loved, let alone my dad. In advance, I want to thank all of you for supporting this event.”

This event will be near and dear to everyone at the Kingdom of Speed, as Ron was vital in the revival of the concession stands at the newly renovated facility and a smiling face that everyone knew when they approached him. 

Faison will have two chances to take home a victory over series competitor Kevin Nagy, who won six races last season at the Kingdom of Speed, and the rest of the field as the Mid-Atlantic Sprint Series will strap in for two days of racing.

Also on the card for this weekend will be the USAC East Coast Wingless Sprints on Saturday along with the Precision Hydraulic and Oil 602 Sportsman and Street Stocks. Joining them Sunday is the always exciting Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz Modifieds, who will be competing for $5000 to win, and the four cylinder enduros.

Pits will open at 1 pm all weekend with grandstand access starting at  2:30 pm. Racing gets underway following warm-ups at 3:30 pm.

Tickets are available for purchase at the window or online at: https://bridgeportspeedway.thundertix.com/ 

YouTuber CJ Faison, will also be parking behind the grandstands and doing a special meet and greet on Sunday at 3 pm for all of the fans in attendance. 

This event would be a storybook beginning to the season for Faison, as he looks to take home his first career 305 win on this special weekend.


  • CJ I miss your dad too but know he is looking down so proud of you even though sometimes he will be shaking his head like I do when I watch your vidoes sorry I’m getting emotional he was the one that yelled for Scott Hitchens when I was with my ex and we brought his oldest daughter with us.

    • Best of luck CJ You can do this. You can do anything you set your mind to do. Your dad will be there watching you and cheering you to the checkered flag.

  • Best of Luck CJ!!!!

  • Good luck this weekend be safe and have fun love ya

  • Can’t be there but rooting for you!! Cheers and be safe CJ!

  • Good luck got your back wish i could be there

  • Good luck 🍀 CJ… may u win this Race for u and in honor of your dad!!! Have a great race and be safe! Much love and support!!!

  • Congratulations CJ!!! Your dad was so proud of you! Good luck! I wish I could be there!!! Stay safe! Prayers for a safe race!!! Much love!

  • Debra harrington


  • Hoping you win.
    Be safe and have fun. You will have your dad there right beside you as your guardian angel

  • Our family will be in attendance along with our Motivated gear on. Good luck CJ this one is for your dad!

  • You got this CJ. And remember, even if you don’t win, your dad is still proud of you. Much love brother.


  • Congratulations on all your win

  • Let’s Go CJ!!!!!

    xD00MxFL1PZ was Here!

  • Good luck CJ in your race hoping you will win

  • Good luck CJ!! We are rooting for you to win on this special event!!

  • Good luck CJ in your race hoping you will win and a very good article

  • Good luck, CJ!

  • Arletta Downing

    Cj. You are my winner already. You are a great man who loves his dad who is with you everyday.

  • Cj have a safe race. Prayers. Wish I could be there cheering you on. Good luck 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

  • Angie ellingston

    Cj is amazing he does so much and is an awesome roll model for kids now days in my eyes to strive a work hard to better yourself and get out and do something with your life I’m very proud of this gentleman

  • I may not be able to be there in person, but I will be there in spirit cheering you on CJ! My heart goes out to you and your siblings during this emotional, yet special time. I know your dad is so proud of all of you!

  • Good luck CJ you can do it

  • Payton Gotfredson

    Good luck CJ!! I hope you succeed this weekend!! I’ll be praying for you as well 🙏 Love ya fam!!

  • Good luck Cj Faison!!!!! It’s so amazing that u get 2 do this on the memorial of ur very special dad’s day. On the 14th is my mom’s birthday she would’ve been 75 but sadly we lost her 12 yrs ago on March 20th so I know the struggle. Sending u much love 4 Sunday hoping u get that trophy & ur 1st win while ur dad is smiling down on u.

  • Christy Sheppard

    Good luck CJ! You can do it always 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌❤️❤️

  • Hope all goes smoothly and make this a memorable event for your dad may he rest in peace 🙏 Good luck and stay safe on your race Cj

  • Wish you all the good luck, remember all you learned with your Dad much love

  • There are no come.

  • Go get them CJ win one for your dad

  • Good luck CJ , I want get to be there, but I will be cheering you on in a little town called Pelzer SC Go for it strong and your Dad is watching you He saying CJ you got this , I’m saying you got this , Good Luck love ya CJ FAISON !!!!!!

  • Good luck Cj Faison! You’ll do wonderfully. We’re all rooting for you. Good luck and we love you!

  • Best of luck CJ!! You got this!!

  • You got this C.J your outstanding at everything you do that you like doing so on that note you got this easy Peezy

  • You got this CJ!

  • Good luck CJ!!! Fasion Nation baby!🤘🏼

  • I want to give you the Biggest GOOD LUCK ever
    Can’t wait to hear about your Big WIN 🏆
    Love you friend
    Your dad is with you always
    Love from Kansas City Kansas

  • Awesome article. I hope the best for Cj.

  • CJ is amazing and continues to reach goal after goal. We all wish him all the luck for this weekend’s race! Ron Faison will be smiling down on both CJ and Brittany Rose with much love and admiration ❤️


  • Will this be televised?im so happy for you!! Good luck ole boy even tho you don’t need it and remember no matter what have a little fun!!!

  • You got this CJ, your dad is your copilot. No worries!!!!

  • You got this, CJ! Nagy is the one who should be nervous, because you are about to take him down! He’s the one with all the pressure, because he has to fight to stay up there, while you have so many friends, fans, and family members supporting you. So just relax. This is nothing more than a Sunday drive in the park for you, while Nagy will be sweating bullets. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your inevitable win on Sunday. Go for it, and make your Dad proud one more time!

  • I wish you a whole bunch of luck and I wish I could be there to cheer you on but I live all the way down in Mississippi and I don’t drive but I’ll be rooting for you.

  • This will be a Great weekend for CJ. He is definitely his fathers son. CJ you are the best.

  • Good luck and God bless. I know what it is like to lose someone so very close to you.

  • CJ I’m hoping that your dream comes true for you. You deserve the win for your father. He’d be so proud of you either way but I think he’ll be watching you from heaven. Very best to you always. Good luck CJ. I’ll be hoping thar this will be your day ..peace…barb…

  • You got this, CJ! Nagy is the one who should be nervous, because you are about to take him down! He’s the one with all the pressure, because he has to fight to stay up there, while you have so many friends, fans, and family members supporting you. So just relax. This is nothing more than a Sunday drive in the park for you, while Nagy will be sweating bullets. I’m looking forward to hearing all about your inevitable win on Sunday. Go for it, and make your Dad proud one more time!

  • CJ will do awesome. Now is his time. This is going to be an awesome 2 days of racing.

  • Good luck CJ.

  • Good luck C J I got faith in you bring it on home baby bring it on home

  • Good luck buddy you got this cj

  • Hello CJ, Hope all is well with you? My heart goes out to you an your loving family, you truly are a remarkable Guy, Sending lots of love an much luck your way, Good luck an may the best man win 🏅 God Bless You & your family! Much Love Always!

  • Aww! I’m not crying…you are! (hugs) Good Luck this weekend CJ! I am 100% positive that your dad is looking down at you and your sister with pride! Hopefully that extra set of wings he’s protecting you with will bring you that win too! Either way, have fun, be you and stay safe! 🙏

  • Good luck CJ! We’re rooting for you. Kick some dirt up!!!

  • This is Awesome I know Ron will be proud of CJ and cheering him on

  • Go Cj Go🏁🏁🏁I don’t think I could make it but I would love to meet you 💕. My prayers are with you always ❤ 💖 ♥
    Judy from Missouri

  • Good luck CJ go out there and kick some ass you got this my guy

  • CJ I know this weekend is going to be extremely stressful and hard , but most importantly is staying focus.. Whatever place you take be happy your Dad will be happy no matter what!! Sometimes when you push to hard as you well know the outcome isn’t what you wanted please say your prayers prior to the race ask for Strength Knowledge and Wisdom to do the best that you can do!!

  • Best of luck. Hope you win. And you’re team pull it off. CJ #1 think it can happen and it will.

  • Best of Luck CJ! The Faison Nation is with you but most importantly your dad is!

  • This is such a fantastic event your doing for your dad. CJ is such a great kid and he has such a loving family. I wish him the very best of luck with this race and I know deep down in my heart he will come out a winner. Please have fun and enjoy your day. Love you

  • I am praying for you to have good luck and stay safe🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Go Cj Go 🏁🏁🏁 I don’t think I could make it but I would love to meet you 💕. My prayers are with you always
    Judy from Missouri.

  • Cherie Horrigan

    Let’s go, CJ Let’s GO! Prayers that you win and triumph this season! This is so special and your Dad would be so proud, I’m sure. Much love to you and your family!

  • You got this CJ!! Your dad is so proud of you and brittany!Brittany!! He’s cheering for you 100%! Kick ass and be safe!!

  • I am so excited for CJ. I honestly hope he wins a checkered. It would mean so much to him and his family. I do believe his father will be watching from above. Good luck CJ. Much live from Texas.

  • Kristy McCarville

    Good luck Cj, much love

  • Elizabeth Edward

    Good luck cj I’ll be rooting for you

  • I have every bit of confidence in CJ. I’ve followed his career when he drove for the Xfinity series as well as the Camping World NASCAR Truck series. I also follow him on YouTube and a member of his personal text messaging service. He leaves no stone unturned and he let’s no grass grow under his feet, which is an old saying of racecar veteran’s everywhere. GO GET ‘EM CJ! Bring that Velveeta #2 across that 🏁🏁🏁flag. ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️Sending every bit of luck from south Mississippi ❤️. Love’s ya Bud! Chris and team, thank you for watching over CJ!

  • Good luck CJ something tells.me that you are gonna have some wins under ur belt this weekend whether it’s driver pulling back and giving you the checker flag or you just kicking ass.. you have many people watching over you while you race 🏁 this weekend.. just do what you do best RIDE FACE TAKE CHANCES BUT ONLY AS FAST AS UR ANGELS CAN KEEP UP WITH YOU.. BUT KICK ASS.. BRING HOME THE CHECKER FLAG.. fold it and put is in a flag box and keep if for ur dad..

  • I wish him the best of luck!! Go CJ!!! 🏁🏁🏁🏁

  • Get ‘er done Fasion Nation! You’re a Winner in & Out of the Yellow Submarine!
    Love you my adopted grandson,
    Nanna Hyatt Archdale, NC

  • You got this CJ!! Your dad is so proud of you and brittany! He’s cheering for you 100%! Kick ass and be safe!!

  • Cj I want to wish you all the best in racing, you deserve the win for your dad. My prayers are with you cj, and just know every corner you take brings you closer to the victory lap. All grown up I had these feelings and some times they come true, having said that I have a feeling that your going to win. So I’m going to say good luck to you and your sister.

  • Wishing CJ the best of luck on a win for this heartfelt weekend. Ron was a special person and CJ is that kind of special person as well.

  • Praying CJ wins. His Dad I am sure is smiling down on him on race day. God bless the Faison Family.🙏🙏🙏❤️

  • Good luck baby you can do it your dad and your sister’s watching you they give you good luck I’m giving you good luck you can do it honey I believe in you and I trust you you could do it like I said your dad and your sister is watching you they’re ruining you on and I’m reading you on too good luck baby I love you


  • Good luck CJ wish I lived close enough to attend this race. ❤❤❤

  • Good luck Cj Faison

  • Janice Chambers

    As your supporters our hearts broke hearing of your Dad’s passing. I knew the bond there, it was just..love. Thank you for sharing, this was so much more personal, you look a lot like him.
    He will be watching with immense pride!!
    Best of luck and blessings when racing!! 🙏

  • What a beautiful way to honor CJ & Brittany’s dad, Ron Faison! I wish sooo badly we could be there for this wonderful weekend of remembrance & racing!! However, we live in Michigan & are not able to attend at this time, some day though😉, & hopefully this becomes a yearly event!♥️ It sounds like such an amazing time! Through YouTube, I feel we know CJ without ever even meeting him in person!! We’ve heard so much about his dad too & what a remarkable man he seems to have been. We wish CJ only the BEST! We pray for a fun, safe WIN for CJ🏁💛🧀💛 I’m certain Ron will be smiling down on CJ & the whole family this next weekend! May you have a great turn out & may you all be fully blessed during this event. Take time to take it ALL in & watch for signs & moments from above that Ron is right there with y’all!♥️ Much love from Michigan ✋♥️


  • No matter what your outcome is in this race CJ your are already a winner in the eyes of your dad , stay safe and have fun !! We all think you are a winner already !!

  • CJ, I knew that you could do it so I am to CONGRATULATIONS 🎉🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉 in advance Once again My friend CJ FAISON CONGRATULATIONS 🥰😘🥰😠🎊🎉🎊🎉

  • Hey CJ! I believe in you. You’re a true hero in my book. All the best to you. Love ya!

  • CJ this is very SPECIAL day i so wish i could see you win . Good luck CJ. Never forget your DAD AND YOUR SISTER are looking over you some day i will meet you
    GOOD LUCK CJ, GOOD LUCK. 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🇨🇦

  • Destinie & Robert

    Best wishes CJ!! What a beautiful way to celebrate your wonderful & hard working, & very missed, father! We’re cheering you on every day! Keep going my guy, you’ve worked so hard for every beautiful thing you have and do! Be proud of yourself man, YOU TRULY DESERVE IT!! Let’s see this WIN!! We’re rooting for you in all your endeavors! Wishing you the BEST LUCK! Loving you, always, the Engle family!!

  • Good luck 🍀 with the race. Just know your dad is with you in your heart. Put the gas pedal to the floor and smile. Just know you dad is watching from above pain free screaming hooyah!

  • Rhonda O'Connell


  • Go kick some serious butt CJ, I will be cheering for you. I have a strong feeling you will be bringing home a win👍
    Much love & respect

  • Cj, I wish you the best of luck and hope you win this for not only yourself, but for your father.

  • Good luck CJ wish you the best be safe

  • Hope you win be careful on the track

    • Wish I could be there to see you race and meet you. I will be cheering for you. Good luck CJ. I know you will win. God and your dad have got this no worries my friend. You got this CJ!
      Much, Much Love to you.

  • You are always #1my friend

  • Such a great article! Even though I have never had the chance to see the race in person, nor had a chance to meet Ron or CJ Faison both men extrude great compassion for racing and all those near & close to there hearts! The Faison family I feel are my family! Great people and know how to treat other people. My heart goes out to you All on this Special Memorial Race for your father. May God be with you this weekend and Always!! CJ You Got This!!!! I’m rooting for A Win This Time.

  • I think u r totally awesome CJ! It’s just incredible to read all about.the amazing things you have accomplished in racing! And that’s just one of many wonderful things u do. Most importantly is the motivation and inspiration you give and have given.tp so many people! You r a true humanitarian at ❤ heart! You r kind,.honest,smart, etc. very good looking inside n out! I know that your father is very proud of. You are truly an amazing human being! Wish there were more people in the world 🌎 like you, the world would definitely be a much better place! You are an amazing person, who has accomplished so many things for being so young! Most people never even come close to all your accomplishments I n their whole life time!!!!!BEST OF LUCK TO YOU AT THE RACES THIS WEEKEND CJ! GOD BLESS U ALWAYS AND KEEP U SAFE.

  • Love the article and how the race is in honor of his dad. I am a fan of CJ and love his videos. Best of luck and go for the win. Your dad will be cheering you on like he is really there.

  • Rocco Salvatore

    Hey CJ I am pulling for you to win I know the feeling of losing your dad my dad was my dad my brother and my best friend so I know the feeling go out there and kick some ass my friend your dad will be there to see you win thanks your friend Rocco from Connecticut

  • We all believe in you CJ!! You excel in everything you put your mind and heart in. This weekends race will be no exception!! God bless you and your family on this difficult weekend!! Your dad would be so proud of all your indevours!

  • Good luck CJ, you will win as your dad will be I’m the car with, and encouraging you all the way.

  • Good luck CJ you got this!!! ❤️❤️

  • Good Luck CJ!!!! I’ll be rooting for you and wearing your racing shirt. Just know that your Dad is very proud of you and watching over you always!!! Good luck a again CJ!!!

  • Good luck to you Cj!!!!! Your father would absolutely love this i just know it you guys were and always will be such a awesome duo. Best of luck in the race and MUCH LOVE TO YOU CJ FAISON lets gooooooooo!!

  • Good Luck CJ! Many Blessings and Much Love.

  • Wishing you all the luck in the world! Be safe. Many Blessings and Much Love. Wish I could be there. Sending lots of love and hugs. Many Blessings to you.

  • I’m thinking Cj wins, he’s got his whole heart and soul in this race ,plus you can bet his Dad is looking down on him !
    Have the best night ever and be proud! We love you !!

  • CJ, best of luck. It would be very cool if you won the race in honor of your dad !!!!!

  • Your Dad is with you CJ! You can win this for him. Be safe and do what you know you can do…..that is bringing in the win!!!
    Peace and Love my friend

  • CJ,
    I wish you a lot of luck, and please be very very careful
    and be very safe on that track too hun.
    Your dad is watching and cheering you on too.
    I love you too hun,