Bridgeport, NJ – The second annual Danny Serrano 100 weekend is history and Dominick Buffalino wrote the headline! After a less than stellar weekend prior to the main event, Buffalino raced from deep in the field to win the biggest race of his career. “Danny did a lot for me – he did a lot for racing,” Buffalino said from the Weaknecht Archery Victory Lane as he celebrated his win with family and friends. The weekend of racing was sponsored by John Blewett Scrap & Recycling and K&A Excavating.

It was said many times throughout the three day event – “Danny would be so proud!” “He should be here,” promoter, Doug Rose said before he sent the thirty-one car field to the start. “He should be here to see what we built here…We miss you, Danny!” And with that send-off, the field lined up for the start of the 100 lap event.

Matt Stangle grabbed the lead from his outside pole start and raced ahead of the field for the first six laps before Dillon Steuer raced ahead off of turn two on lap seven. Steuer was the class of the field for the first half of the race. He was one of the four drivers to set fast time on Friday night. That speed was evident as he immediately began to drive away from the field.

With Steuer out in front, there was plenty of action behind the leader. Stangle held down second as Neal Williams, 2021 Track Champion, Ryan Godown and Billy Pauch raced for position. Godown raced into second on lap fifteen. Stangle, Neal Williams and Ryan Krachun followed. With the first twenty-five laps on the books, Craig VonDohren replaced Krachun in the top five as the leaders caught up to the back of the field.

By lap thirty, Buffalino had a front row seat of the top five. The next five lap span found VonDohren take over third followed by Buffalino and Stangle. Billy Osmun III, Williams, Ryan Watt, Krachun and Billy Pauch, Jr. raced within the top ten.

As the field approached the halfway mark, Osmun replaced Stangle in the top five and the leaders again found themselves racing through lapped traffic. The traffic seemed to offer Steuer little challenge although Godown was able to close the gap on the leader from time to time but then Steuer would pull away once again.

Steuer led the way to the crossed flags and collected the $1,000 halfway bonus offered by Belmont’s Garage. Godown, Buffalino, VonDohren and Osmun followed the leader.

Two laps later, there was smoke coming from the No. 17z. Steuer slowed and the caution was needed on lap fifty-two with Godown the new race leader. Steuer’s great run was over.

When the racing resumed, the scene was a familiar one – Godown and Buffalino racing for the lead.

Buffalino pressured Godown for the lead as soon as the green flag waved. Behind the leaders, VonDohren, Osmun and Stangle raced within the top five with Watt, Pauch, Jr., last year’s winner, Alex Yankowski Krachun and Williams racing in the top ten.

Osmun took over third and became part of a three car battle for the lead on a lap seventy restart. Five laps later Buffalino was racing for the lead with Godown with VonDohren, Stangle and Osmun making up the top five.

Buffalino was the race leader on lap seventy-six with a lead of several car lengths over Godown.

Racing in the top five increased in intensity as Pauch, Jr. raced between VonDohren and Stangle. Godown regained the lead briefly on a lap eighty-one restart but Buffalino raced back with a crossover move out of turn two.

Pauch, Jr. raced in third behind Buffalino and Godown with fifteen laps remaining. Yankowski now raced in the top five. Yankowski challenged VonDohren and after a side-by-side battle, Yankowski took over fourth on lap eighty-eight.

Following a lap ninety-three restart, Pauch, Jr. staged his one and only shot at the lead. Pauch had a head of steam as he raced from turn three to turn four and threw a slider to end all sliders. As Duane Howard told Pauch after the race, “If you would have stuck that move, …” But drivers who race on the high banks weekly are more familiar with the moves that are made and Buffalino was prepared for the slider and blocked for hit. After some evasive action by Buffalino and Godown, Pauch, Jr. remained in third as the laps counted down.

Buffalino raced to the biggest win of his career followed by Godown, Pauch, Jr., Yankowski and VonDohren. Stangle, Tyler Dippel, Jordan Watson in the Blue Hen No. 30, Osmun and Brandon Grosso rounded out the top ten.

It ended up being a red-letter day for Buffalino who raced his way into the main event from the second Last Chance race. After an incident in his twenty lap qualifier on Saturday, Buffalino left the track on Saturday night without a starting spot in the 100 lap Serrano Memorial. But Buffalino was not worried. “I drove a bent-up race car on Saturday. That’s why we didn’t qualify not because we didn’t have a fast car. And I wasn’t worried about starting deep in the pack. You can race your way to the front here – that’s not always the case at other tracks,” the winner explained. “I did take it easy in the beginning.” Godown started one row in front of Buffalino so the race winner could see where he was throughout the race.

Godown was obviously disappointed after the wrong tire choice affected his performance. Pauch, Jr. felt that his slide job was the one and only chance he had at the win. “I have a pretty good feel about how close I can get from running the open wheel cars,” Pauch explained. “I had to go for it.”

The All American 40 for the 602 Crate Sportsman was the last race of the day.

Defending champion, Steve Kemery and Ryan Godown, Jr. battled for the lead in the early going. A lap five restart eliminated several cars from competition after a false start caused a chain reaction through the field.

A lap six restart saw a three wide race for the lead with Godown, Jr. taking the lead as the field headed down the backstretch. Track `champion, Sammy Martz, Jr. raced into second Steve Davis, Kemery and Peyton Talbot trailing the leaders. Davis took over second on lap eleven with Godown, Jr. and the lead on his radar.

After another restart and some side-by-side racing, Davis took the lead on lap fifteen with Travis Hill racing into second. Hill was able to apply some pressure on the leader as they raced to the halfway mark. Davis won the $500 halfway bonus offered by Belmont’s Garage followed by Hill, Martz, Talbot and Jim Dallett.

There was plenty of racing for position as the field raced through the second half of the race with the top five remaining unchanged until the final ten laps. Talbot won the battle with Martz for third and Godown, Jr. raced back into the top five after winning the battle with Kemery. Dallet’s efforts ended with mechanical issues just six laps from the finish.

Coming to the checkered flag, Martz was challenged by Adam White between turns three and four. Contact was made that sent both drivers spinning. Neither made it to the finish line after a very competitive forty lap event.

Davis raced to the $4,000 win over Hill with Talbot, Justin Grosso and Godown, Jr. completing the top five. Grosso rebounded to a top five finish after an incident earlier in the race. Kemery, Eric Kormann, Wayne Weaver, Anthony Tramontana and Frank Holmes rounded out the top ten.

Each of the qualifying heats for the 602 Crate Sportsman paid cash thanks to the support of Bicknell Racing Products, Penske Shocks, Jones Racing Products, Vahlco Racing Wheels, Precision Hydraulic and Oil ad Design for Vision.

Kormann received a 7th place bonus from Mancini Customer Homes. Paul Mancini picked up the $200 Hard Charger Award supported by Lineman Racing. A $500 bonus was also paid to the tenth place car at halfway sponsored by d&dkustomsl which was Howie Finch.

Danny’s 1 on 1 Match races were sponsored by Big Spring Car Wash & Storage for the top four finishers in each of the twenty lap qualifiers. Alex Yankowski won the first three matches for $150 defeating Howard, VonDohren and Grosso. Steuer then won against Yankowsk,i Stangle and Williams but a flat tire prevented for $150 in prize money but a flat tire eliminated him from further competition. Cale Ross won one round with Pauch, Jr. winning one. Pauch, Jr. had a single win. Then Ryan Krachun beat Pauch, Jr. and Pauch, Sr. for the ultimate prize.

Results 09.26.21:

FOLEY CAT MODIFIEDS DANNY SERRANO 100: 1. Dominick Buffalino, 2. Ryan Godown, 3. Billy Pauch Jr., 4. Alex Yankowski, 5. Craig Von Dohren, 6. Matt Stangle, 7. Tyler Dippel, 8. Jordan Watson, 9. Billy Osmun III, 10. Brandon Grosso, 11. Clay Butler, 12. Rick Laubach, 13. Ryan Krachun, 14. Jeff Strunk, 15. Cale Ross, 16. Tommy Beamer, 17. Jim Gallagher Jr., 18. W.B. James, 19. Rich Rutski, 20. Roger Manning, 21. Neal Williams, 22. Briggs Danner, 23. Ryan Watt, 24. Wade Hendrickson, 25. Dillon Steuer, 26. John McClelland, 27. Frank Cozze, 28. Billy Pauch, 29. Duane Howard, 30. Jimmy Blewitt, 31. Davey Sammons

SOUTH JERSEY OVERHEAD DOOR 602 SPORTSMAN ALL AMERICAN 40: 1. Steve Davis, 2. Travis Hill, 3. Payton Talbot, 4. Justin Grosso, 5. Ryan Godown Jr., 6. Steve Kemery, 7. Eric Kormann, 8. Wayne Weaver, 9. Anthony Tramontana, 10. Frank Holmes, 11. Ryan Higgs, 12. Paul Mancini, 13. Daniel Morgiewicz, 14. Kyle Belmont, 15. Will Protinick, 16. Sammy Martz Jr., 17. Adam White, 18. Howie Finch, 19. Billy Chester, 20. Chad Sandt, 21. Jim Dallett, 22. Ian Humphreys, 23. James Hill, 24. Joe Toth, 25. Ryan Stangle, 26. Joe Brown, 27. Sean Metz, 28. Ryan Simmons, 29. Nick Desantis, 30. Cole Stangle, 31. Matt Ellery, 32. Ethan Bill

4/8 CYLINDERS: 1. Tom Wolf, 2. Joe Garey Jr., 3. Chris Allen Sr., 4. Chris Gall, 5. Jim Tinnes, 6. Ricky Gergasko, 7. Joe Garey Sr., 8. Kyle Hurley, 9. Ed Ford, 10. Bobby Johnson

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