Bridgeport, NJ – Day two of the Danny Serrano 100 weekend offered plenty of great racing to entertain the huge crowd of race fans that were on hand for the big event sponsored by John Blewett Scrap & Recyling and K&A Excavating.

Alex Bright turned Briggs Danner’s misfortune into his tenth win of the season with the Rapid Tire Service USAC East Coast Wingless Sprints.

If anyone had questions about the longevity of Billy Pauch’s racing career, that question was answered, emphatically, by his performance in Saturday’s events. Pauch first went out and won the fifteen lap feature for the USAC All Pro SpeedSTRs in what was a four car battle for the win. Then Pauch picked up the win in the second 20 lap qualifier after a race long battle with Cale Ross. And last, but not least, Pauch picked up the $600 check in the Precision Hydraulic and Oil Cash Dash, sending the past champion to the Weaknecht Archery Victory Lane for the third time.

Ed Aiken grabbed the lead at the wave of the green for the twenty-five lap feature for the USAC East Coast wingless sprints. Aiken led for the first two times around the high banks before Damon Paul moved the Lou Ciccioni No. 57 into the lead. Briggs Danner started outside the third row but was quickly into the thick of the battle for the lead. Danner raced up the middle between Aiken and Paul to take the lead but the caution negated his efforts with three laps scored.

Danner had the lead on lap four, following the restart.

Danner led the way through halfway over Paul, Christopher Allen, Jr., Aiken and point leader, Alex Bright.

Bright worked his way by Aiken and then Allen to move up to third with about five laps remaining. When the caution waved again, Bright was in second. During the caution, the No. 5G had a right rear tire going down. Danner was forced to go into the work area for a tire change, turning the lead over to Bright.

Bright raced to his tenth win of the season over Paul, Allen, Aiken and Christian Bruno. Mark Bitner, Jonathan Swanson, Bruce Buckwalter, Larry Drake and Jason Cherry rounded out the top ten.

Pauch pulled a rabbit out of a hat with the win in the fifteen lap USAC All Pro SpeedSTR win. After leading the first lap, Pauch lost the lead to Alex Yankowski who was behind the wheel of the Bob Swavely owned No. 56. Yankowski led through lap nine but it was Pauch who was back in front with five to go. The top four were using all available lanes to battle right down to the checkered flag with Pauch taking the win over Yankowski. Briggs Danner was third followed by Tim Buckwalter and Tom Mayberry.

Craig VonDohren used speed and patience to win the first twenty lap qualifier after racing in third behind Brandon Grosso and Ryan Krachun for the first ten laps. Grosso and Krachun were absorbed in their battle for the lead. When the two drivers took it up the track in turn two, VonDohren raced into the lead on lap thirteen.

Krachun reclaimed the runner-up spot with Grosso finishing third. The three drivers won starting positions in the Cash Dash while Duane Howard, Wade Hendrickson and Jordan Watson collecting starting positions in Sunday’s one hundred lap event.

In the second twenty lap qualifier, Pauch grabbed the lead from Cale Ross on the start and then spent the next twenty circuits up on the wheel to collect the win.

Ross had his hands full with Matt Stangle in the early going. Stangle raced into second on lap five but Ross reclaimed the runner-up spot before the halfway mark.

Ross kept the pressure on through the final ten laps but Pauch never wavered as he drove to the checkered flag. Ross and Stangle followed with the top three going to the Cash Dash. After losing several spots on the original start, Ryan Watt raced his way back to fourth followed by Tyler Dippel and Jeff Strunk who won the battle for the final qualifying spot with Briggs Danner.

Davey Sammons battled with Dillon Steuer for the first laps of the third twenty lap qualifier until Neal Williams drove by both drivers to take the lead on lap three. Billy Pauch Jr. raced into second on a lap three restart. Pauch, Jr. tried several different angles off the corner to challenge Williams for the lead but it was Williams’s and the South Jersey Overhead Door No. 0 that went to Victory Lane. Williams, Pauch, Jr. and Steuer took the top three spots to transfer to the Cash Dash while the winner of the first Danny Serrano 100, Alex Yankowski finished fourth followed by Frank Cozze and Ryan Godown, each winning starting positions in the 100 lap main event.

Pauch drew the pole for the Cash Dash with Billy Pauch, Jr. to his outside. Pauch, Sr. left no cards on the table as he grabbed the lead and left the race for second behind him. Six laps later, Pauch collected his third win of the night followed by Matt Stangle, Pauch, Jr., Ryan Krachun and Cale Ross.

Travis Hill, Eric Kormann, Frank Holmes and Ian Humphreys were the fast timers in the four timed hot lap sessions for the 602 Crate Sportsman. Rookie Champion, Ethan Bill then earned his spot in Sunday’s All American 40 by being the best of all of the second place timers.


FOLEY CAT MODIFIEDS TRIPLE 20 #1: 1. Craig Von Dohren, 2. Ryan Krachun, 3. Brandon Grosso, 4. Duane Howard, 5. Wade Hendrickson, 6. Jordan Watson, 7. Rick Laubach, 8. Tommy Beamer, 9. Stan Frankenfield, 10. Ryan Forte, 11. John McClelland, 12. Mike Franz, 13. David Hunt

1. Billy Pauch Sr., 2. Cale Ross, 3. Matt Stangle, 4. Ryan Watt, 5. Tyler Dippel, 6. Jeff Strunk, 7. Briggs Danner, 8. Jim Gallagher Jr., 9. Dominick Buffalino, 10. Clay Butler, 11. Jimmy Blewitt, 12. Troy Ale, 13. Tim Buckwalter

FOLEY CAT MODIFIEDS TRIPLE 20 #3: 1. Neal Williams, 2. Billy Pauch Jr., 3. Dillon Steuer, 4. Alex Yankowski, 5. Frank Cozze, 6. Ryan Godown, 7. Danny Bouc, 8. Billy Osmun III, 9. Davey Sammons, 10. Roger Manning, 11. W.B. James, 12. Rich Rutski, 13. J.R. Fulper

FOLEY CAT MODIFIEDS CASH DASH: 1. Billy Pauch, 2. Matt Stangle, 3. Billy Pauch Jr., 4. Ryan Krachun, 5. Cale Ross, 6. Dillon Steuer, 7. Neal Williams, 8. Brandon Grosso, 9. Craig Von Dohren

SPEEDWAY ENTERTAINMENT USAC ALL PRO SPEEDSTRS: 1. Billy Pauch Sr., 2. Alex Yankowski, 3. Briggs Danner, 4. Tim Buckwalter, 5. Tom Mayberry, 6. Mike Bednar, 7. Jason Musser, 8. Scott Houdeshell, 9. Nick Havens, 10. Tim Iulg, 11. Dillion Steuer, 12. Dustin Morris, 13. Nick Pecko, 14. Justin Thompson, 15. Ryan Krachun, 16. TJ Mayberry, 17. Louden Reimert

USAC EAST COAST SPRINT CARS: 1. Alex Bright, 2. Damon Paul, 3. Chris Allen Jr., 4. Ed Aikin, 5. Christian Bruno, 6. Mark Bittner, 7. Jonathan Swanson, 8. Bruce Buckwalter Jr., 9. Larry Drake, 10. Jason Cherry, 11. Al Cheyney, 12. Heidi Heidin, 13. Brian Spencer, 14. Colin White, 15. Briggs Danner, 16. Eric Jennings, 17. Aiden Borden, 18. David Swanson, 19. Nash Ely, 20. Joey Amantea, 21. Lee Kauffman, 22. Shea Wills

SOUTH JERSEY OVERHEAD DOOR 602 SPORTSMAN TIME TRIALS: SESSION 1 – Travis Hill, SESSION 2 – Eric Kormann, Session 3 – Frank Holmes, SESSION 4 – Ian Humphreys, SESSION 5 – Ethan Bill

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