2016 Bridgeport Speedway Practice Sessions, Points, and Tire Information

Bridgeport, NJ – The 2016 racing season at the Gloucester County oval is quickly approaching.  March 26 marks the ’16 Opening Day featuring the ‘Fourth Annual Doug Hoffman Memorial 60over Special’.  The marquee season lid-lifter honors the late Doug Hoffman and everything he did for and meant to Bridgeport Speedway.

Practice Sessions:  There are three scheduled practices early in the season.  The first practice will be held Saturday, March 19 from 12pm to 4pm.  Drivers and cars of any division are welcomed to shake down their equipment.  Gates open at 9am for early-bird safety inspection held by track Safety Inspector Ed Olsen.  The Spirit Auto Center Speedway 1/4 mile will also be practicing from 3pm to 6pm (3pm to 4pmalternating tracks).  New Head Tech Inspector Tommy Ballard will be on hand to answer all technical questions as well as inspect race cars.  Grandstands will offer free admission while it will be $25 to enter the pit area.  A reminder to all minors 16 and 17 years old:  Please have a copy of your birth certificate available as well as a parent or guardian to sign the minor release form.  This applies to all Spirit Auto Center Speedway drivers 14 through 17 as well.  A rain date of Sunday, March 20 will be used if needed (same times).

Practice #2 will take place on Friday evening March 25 on the 5/8 mile only.  Gates open at 4pm with cars slated to hit the track from 7pm to 10pm.  Teams are welcomed to leave their haulers in the pits overnight before the ’60over Special’.

Practice #3 will take place on Saturday, April 2 in the twilight hours from 5pm to 9pm.  Both 5/8 and 1/4 mile venues will be practicing in this final preparation for the 2016 season.

2016 Points:  There are three different point funds in 2016;  Regular Season Points, 811 Dig Safely Poker Series Points, and The Oliver Companies ‘Pre-Season’ Point Series

Poker Series Points:  All drivers placing in the top 13 in their respective divisions will receive playing cards.  A driver or car must be present and register for the evening’s race to be eligible for the Poker Series point fund.  A driver must be compete in 5 of the 6 schedule events in order to be eligible to collect Poker Series point fund money.  All Poker Series events will have a $10 car entry fee just as in previous years.

Show Up Points:  There are 4 designated races that offer ‘track show up points’ that go towards the 2016 track championship.  Sunday, April 24, Wednesday, May 25, Wednesday, June 15, and Sunday, July 3.  The driver or car must be present and register for the evening to receive the 50 points.

2016 Tire Rules:  For all Poker, pre-season, and post-season races any modified-style American Stamped Racing Tires are allowed within the correct compounds (33 or harder on fronts, 44 or harder on LR, and 48 or harder on RR).  During regular season point races drivers must have Bridgeport Stamped tires under the correct compounds (44 or harder on fronts, 44 or harder on LR, and 48, 53 (now offered), 56 or Bridgeport Hard on RR).  All drivers will be given a maximum of FOUR races to comply with using Bridgeport Stamped tires.