Bridgeport, NJ – ​Rick Eckert, Ryan Godown and Billy Pauch, Jr. were the big winners in the Bridgeport Motorsports Park 4th of July Spectacular that featured forty lap feature events for the Super Late Models, the Modifieds and the All Pro SpeedSTRS in a holiday event sponsored by Millville Glass & Door.

It was the first appearance of the Super Late Models on the high banks of the Kingdom of Speed but the racers found the track to their liking. “This place is awesome,” said race winner, Rick Eckert at the end of forty laps. “I love watching the races from here!”

Coleby Frye put up the fast time of 15.816 seconds that will stand as the one lap record for the Super Late Models until another competitor is able to beat that time.

Andrew Yoder and Donny Lingo led the field of Super Late Models to the green flag for the start of their forty lap feature. Lingo quickly moved out in front to lead the first two laps. Coleby Frye moved into second and began to challenge Lingo for the lead. Frye led the way on lap three.

Frye led the way over Eckert, Tyler Hershey, Andrew Yoder and Trevor Collins at halfway.

Lap twenty-seven saw the field realigned for a restart. As before, Frye elected to start from the outside the front row with Eckert on the inside. As the leaders came into turn four, Frye and Eckert came together with Frye’s No. F1 going over. The red flag was thrown. Eckert was able to drive away but Frye left the track on the back of a tow truck.

Tyler Hershey was the new race leader as Eckert picked his way through the field to once again run in second with about ten laps to go. Hershey continued to lead the way. Eckert closed the gap on the leader several times but Hershey was able to pull away again. Coming for the white flag, Hershey got a little out of shape coming through turn four. That was all the help that Eckert needed as he raced to the inside of Frye in turn one and exited turn two with the lead.

Eckert took the win over Hershey, Andy Haus, Trevor Colins and Jim Bernheisel.

The Hoffman Discount Parts heat races for the Super Late Models were won by Rick Eckert and Bryan Bernheisel.

The Danny’s PIzza Pizzazz Modifieds were the next race on the schedule. Ryan Godown and Matt Stangle made up the front row of the line-up and led the field to the start. It was Stangle who raced to the outside to grab the lead. Ryan Watt raced into second on a lap four restart.

Stangle led Watt, Godown, Richie Pratt, jr. and Craig VonDohren through lap ten but another caution and subsequent restart rejumbled the field one lap later as Pratt moved up to second over Godown, Pauch and Watt.

While under the caution with eleven laps scored, Stangle suddenly exited to the pits with mechanical issues. Pratt led the way to the restart but Godown immediately went to the inside of Pratt in turn three to take the lead.

Godown led Watt, Pratt, Cale Ross and Pauch at halfway.

After a side-by-side battle with Ross, Pauch raced into fourth. With six laps to go, Pauch raced by Pratt to trail Godown and Watt who raced out in front of the field. A single file restart with five laps to go put Pauch on Watt’s back bumper and the two drivers raced for second for several laps.

Godown raced to the win and the $10,000 winner’s share after taking the Gambler’s Challenge, doubling his winnings. Pauch finished second followed by Watt, Pratt and Ross. Rick Laubach finished sixth with Danny Bouc, Duane Howard, Sam Martz, Sr. and Clay Butler completing the top ten at the checkered.

The F&L Doors Modified heats races were won by Richie Pratt, Jr., Sam Martz, Sr. and Dillon Steuer with Jeff Strunk winning the B Main in one of the Blue Hen No. 30s,

Billy Pauch,Jr. added another win in the Speedway Entertainment All Pro SpeedSTRS, racing into the lead in the final laps of the forty lap, $4,000 to win feature event.

Steve Drevicki was filling in for Steve Buckwalter and was behind the wheel of the Bob Swavely No. 56. Drevicki started from the pole but it was Jason Musser to took the lead on the start. Musser led the way over Drevicki, Pauch, Ryan Krachun and Louden Reimert through lap six. On lap seven, Musser slid high in turn four, allowing Drevicki and later Pauch, get by.

Briggs Danner was on the move, taking over fourth and looking for more on lap twelve.

Drevicki had the lead through the halfway mark over Pauch, Danner, Mike Bednar and Reimert.

A single file restart in the final laps erased Drevicki’s lead and had the cars nose-to-tail going for the green. Pauch shot to the inside of Drevicki but the leader came back with a crossover move to maintain the lead. One lap later, Pauch made the pass stick to take the lead with Danner moving up to second. Drevicki mounted a late race challenge as the field headed to the checkered but his effort fell short. Pauch took the win over Danner, Drevicki, Reimert and Steuer. Mike Manieri, Tim Buckwalter, Rich Tobias, Cale Zangli and Jack Helget completed the top ten.

Glick Fire Equipment heat races were won by Dillon Steuer and Mike Bednar.

The John Blewett Scrap and Recyling Four Cylinders were won by Justin Dunn. Dunn took the win over Scott Dunn and Bobby Johnson with Ed Ford and Joe Garey, Sr. rounding out the top five.

Tim Jones was the heat race winner.


SUPER LATE MODEL FEATURE (40 laps) presented by Precision Hydraulic & Oil

  1. Rick Eckert, 2. Tyler Hershey, 3. Andy Haus, 4. Trevor Collins, 5. Jim Bernheisel, 6. Chad Julius, 7. Coleby Frye, 8. Andrew Yoder, 9. David Ogin, 10. Donny Lingo, 11. Chuck Schutz, 12. Brian Bernheisel, 13. Al Cheney, DNS – Wayne Pfeil


  1. Ryan Godown, 2. Billy Pauch, Jr., 3. Ryan Watt, 4. Richie Pratt, Jr., 5. Cale Ross, 6. Rick Laubach, 7. Danny Bouc, 8. Duane Howard, 9. Sam Martz, Sr., 10, Clay Butler, 11. H.D. Bunting, 12. Billy Osmun, III, 13. Sammy Martz, Jr., 14. Tommy Beamer, 15. W.B. James, 16. Jeff Strunk, 17. Dominick Buffalino, 18. Dillon Steuer, 19. Davey Sammons, 20. Craig VonDohren, 21. Neal Williams, 22. Matt Stangle, 23. Ryan Krachun, 24. Jordan Watson, DNQ – Matt Peck, Brad Roberts, Scott Hitchens, Anthony Tramontana, Craig Whitmoyer, Don Borone, Brett Kelly, Ron Roberts, Mike Franz, Jim Gallagher, Jr.

ALL PRO SPEEDSTRS FEATURE (40 laps) presented by Speedway Entertainment

  1. Billy Pauch, Jr., 2. Briggs Danner, 3. Steven Drevicki, 4. Louden Reimert, 5. Dillon Steuer, 6. Mike Manieri, 7. Tim Buckwalter, 8. Rich Tobias, 9. Cale Zangli, 10. Jack Helget, 11. Mike Bednar, 12. Bud Schweibinz, 13. Jason Musser, 14. Ryan Krachun, 15. Andy Haus, DNS – Cole Stangle

FOUR CYLINDERS FEATURE (15 laps) presented by John Blewett Scrap & Recycling

  1. Justin Dunn, 2. Scott Dunn, 3. Bobby Johnson, 4. Ed Ford, 5. Joe Garey, Sr., 6. Tim Jones, 7. Joe Garey, Jr., 8. Amanda Tinnes, DNS – Chris Gall