Rick Laubach, CJ Jones and Ron Frees capitalized on an opportunity when they picked up Aces as the result of their feature wins in the Bridgeport Speedway’s Bonus Hand for the 2015 Poker Series.


For 2012 Bridgeport Champion, Rick Laubach the win in the thirty lap Spirit Auto Centers Big Block Modified event was his sixth win of the 2015 season on the 5/8 mile track but this win came behind the wheel of Glenn Hyneman’s No. 126.  It was Laubach’s first outing in Hyneman’s Big Block Modified.  “This was a driver’s track tonight,” Laubach stated after his win.  “I just want to thank Glenn and Bonita Hyneman for this opportunity to run their car.”


By virtue of the luck of the draw, Rocco Infante and Laubach led the field to the green flag.  Laubach quickly jumped into the lead but Infante wasn’t giving up as he gave chase, keeping his JR1 in the tracks of Laubach and the No. 126.  Mike Iles put the Active Environmental No. 711 into second following a lap seven restart for the disabled car of Ryan Krachun.


Laubach began to pull away from the field but the caution waved again with twelve complete when a chain reaction incident sent Richie Pratt, Jr. to the pits with the Overhead Door No. 0.  Laubach chose the inside on the restart and Iles raced side by side with the leader when the race went back to green flag racing.  As the field exited turn four on lap thirteen, Iles was the new race leader.


With ten to go, Iles led Laubach, Infante, Jordan Watson and Neal Williams but Laubach was closing fast.  Laubach powered by Iles on lap twenty-one to regain the lead as Williams moved up to third.  With just five laps to go, Ryan Watt drove into the top five with a pass by Watson.  Watt had driven from 24th to fifth, powering his small block into the top five after engine problems sidelined his big block entry.


Laubach drove to the checkered without further challenge as Iles led Williams across the line for second and third.  2015 Modified Champion, Jamie Mills finished fourth with Watt rounding out the top five.


Steve Searock led the first two laps of the Steward Stainless Crate/Sportsman main event before young Brandon Grosso took the lead on lap three.  Gross led the way for three circuits before CJ Jones took the lead on lap six.  It was all Jones to the checkered flag as Jones drove to his Ace at the checkered flag.  Grosso had another strong outing to finish second followed by 2015 Champion, Pat Wall, Dave Damiano and Frank Dorry.


Ron Frees returned to competition on dirt after competing on the asphalt for much of the 2015 season and quickly found his way into Bridgeport’s Victory Lane in the PennCo Tech Outlaw Stock feature event.  Jeramy Doerr finished second with pressure from TJ Henry at the finish.  Jeff Dirkes finished fourth with Tom Wills, Jr. rounding out the top five.


Kristina Pratt (Modified), Courtney Picken (Crate/Sportsman) and Shanan Lea (Outlaw Stocks) picked up wins in the Powder Puff feature events on the quarter mile track.





Spirit Auto Centers Big Block Modified Feature (30 laps)


  1. Rick Laubach, 2. Mike Iles, 3. Neal Williams, 4. Jamie Mills, 5. Ryan Watt, 6. Jordan Watson, 7. Doug Manmiller, 8. Eric Kormann, 9. Jimmy Horton, 10. Ryan Godown, 11. Wade Hendrickon, 12. Dominick Buffalino, 13. Ian Humphreys, 14. Bob Sarkisian, 15. Howard O’Neal, 16. Ronnie Roberts, 17. Dale Hawkins, 18. Mark Bitner, 19. Scott Ambruster, 20. Rocco Infante, 21. Ryan Anderson, 22. Sam Martz, 23. Richie Pratt, Jr., 24. Mike Franz


Steward Stainless Crate/Sportsman Feature (20 laps)


  1. CJ Jones, 2. Brandon Grasso, 3. Pat Wall, 4. Dave Damiano, 5. Frank Dorry, 6. Bob Lilick, 7. John Micek, 8. Brad Roberts, 9. Mike Lyons, 10. Brian Lilick, 11. Clyde Cox, 12. Kyle Lilick, 13. Kevin Sockriter, 14. Chuck Potts, 15. Steve Searock, 16. Steve Loorak, 17. Dave Banko, 18. David Crossman, 19. Steve Kemery, 20. David Jenkins, 21. Will Dupree, 22. Connor King, 23. Pete Visconti, 24. Chuckles Stone, 25. Brian Lilick


PennCo Tech Outlaw Stock Feature (15 laps)


  1. Ron Frees, 2. Jeramy Doerr, 3. TJ Henry, 4. Jeff Dirkes, 5. Tom Wills, Jr., 6. Darren Cox, 7. Tom Wills, Sr., 8. Mike Creamer, 9. Joe Meron, 10.  Jack Beaumont, 11. Jimmy Avery, 12. Pete Ellis, Jr., 13. Spider Ensinger, 14. Steve Land, 15. Sean Smith,, 16. James Rader, 17. Matthew Peck, 18.  Kenny Watson, 19. Fred Tomarchio



Powder Puff – Outlaw Stocks

  1. Shanan Lea, 2. Beth Beaumont, 3. Kristy Hicks, 4. Autumn Gobrick


Powder Puff – Crate/Sportsman

  1. Courtney Picken, 2. Renee Crossman, 3. Maryann Ecret


Powder Puff – Modifieds

  1. Kristina Pratt, 2. Shirley MacNair, ,3. Olivia Ingersol, 4. Fay Lancaster, 5. Alina Lockhoff



Upcoming Events

Friday, November 13, 2015 – WILD CARD WEEKEND, 358 Small Block Modifieds, TSRS 305 Sprints, Outlaw Stocks plus Practice for Saturday, Racing at 7pm

Saturday, November 14, 2015 – Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks & Garden State Vintage Cars. Racing at 4pm


     Racing action returns to the 5/8 mile Bridgeport Speedway this weekend with two full nights of racing action!


     On Friday night, the Poker Series Bonus Hand takes the green flag with the Spirit Auto Centers Big Block Modifieds, Steward Stainless Crate/Sportsman and PennCo Tech Outlaw Stocks taking the first green flag at7:30pm.  Competitors will have the opportunity to pick up a bonus card that can only help their hands for the Poker Series competition.


     While winless so far in the Poker Series competition this season, Duane Howard has a pair of Kings to show for his efforts.  Ryan Godown, Rick Laubach, Ryan Watt and Stewart Friesen each hold an Ace in their hand for their Poker Series wins.  Brett Kressley is undefeated in Crate/Sportsman competition with four Poker Series wins.  Jeramy Doerr, 2015 Champion, Tom Wills, Sr. and Scott Dugan have Poker Series wins in the Outlaw Stock division.


     Action moves to the quarter mile track for Saturday night’s events as the $10,000 to win, Romp in the Swamp takes to the track, sponsored by Colonial Pipeline Call Before You Dig. The Xcel 600 Modifieds will join the Open Modifieds on the quarter mile for Saturday night’s competition.Check_IG


     Bobby Drayton, Mike Iles and Bob Sarkisian each captured a single victory in Friday night Open Modified competition on the quarter mile in preparation for the Romp in the Swamp.  The Bridgeport Speedway’s All Time Feature Winner, Jimmy Horton captured two wins in the Friday night action – his first ever on the quarter mile track.  Horton also claimed the track title in the Friday night events and earned a guaranteed starting spot in the Romp on the Swamp. 


     Racing action gets underway on Saturday at 5pm.  The Open Modifieds will race against the clock in time trials and then move onto qualifying events. 


     While the end of the 2015 season nears, there is still plenty of racing action at the Bridgeport Speedway!RompSwamp-Oct-31Jpeg


 On Saturday, October 31st, the long awaited $10,000 to win Romp in the Swamp comes to the Bridgeport quarter mile.  The Romp in the Swamp is sponsored by Colonial Pipeline Call Before You Dig.


     The Romp in the Swamp is a forty lap main event for Open Mods.  Time trials and qualifying events will be used to determine the starting line-up in the feature event.  The 600 Xcel Mods will also be in action on the quarter mile, competing in qualifying events before their twenty-five lap feature. 


     Racing gets underway at 5pm.

Upcoming Events

Friday, November 13th – Wild Card Weekend – 358 Small Block Modifieds, Hilborn TSRS Sprint Cars, Outlaw Stocks in Friends of Mike event and practice for all Saturday divisions, racing starts at 7pm

Saturday, November 14th – Gone But Not Forgotten Poker Series #5 – Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks and Garden State Vintage Cars, racing at 7pm



  The Bridgeport Speedway will host three days of racing on the quarter mile speedway for the annual Bill Thomas National Weekend.  Bill Thomas was an integral part of quarter mile racing at the Bridgeport Speedway prior to his untimely death during the 2010 season.  Thomas maintained the web site, wrote press releases, sought sponsorships and provided many other means of support to the Micro Sprint divisions.  This is the fifth year that the Bill Thomas Nationals have been presented in his honor.  Racing action gets underway on Friday evening with wingless 600 Micros, 270 Micros and 4 Cylinder Enduros.  Racing will get underway at 7:30pm.  There will also be practice sessions for the divisions that will be competingon Saturday or Sunday – Winged 600 Micros, Xcel Modifieds, Slingshots, Stage 1 Modifieds and the Delaware Trucks.

The wingless 600s, 270s and 4 Cylinder Enduros will each compete in a twenty lap main event.  On Saturday, the winged 600 Micros, Xcel Modifieds, Stage 1 Modifieds and Delaware Trucks will see action on the Bridgeport quarter mile.  The winged 600s will compete in a forty lap main event while each of the other three divisions will run twenty lap feature events.  Racing gets underway on Saturday at 6pm.  The third day of the Bill Thomas Nationals will get the green flagged on Sunday afternoon at 4pm.  The wingless 600s will compete in a forty lap feature event while the 270s will race to the checkered flag after thirty laps.  Sunday will also feature the “King of the Sling” event – a forty lap feature event for the Slingshots.  The 8 Cylinder Enduro cars will also compete in a forty lap main event. 

     The racing action moves to the 5/8 mile track to close out the month of October.  The Poker Series Bonus Hand will be run on Friday, October 30th with the Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman and Outlaw Stocks competing.  Racing gets underway at 7:30pm on Friday.  On Saturday, October 31st, the long awaited $10,000 to win Romp in the Swamp comes to the Bridgeport quarter mile.  The Romp in the Swamp is sponsored by Colonial Pipeline Call Before You Dig.  The Romp in the Swamp is a forty lap main event for Open Mods.  Time trials and qualifying events will be used to determine the starting line-up in the feature event.  The 600 Xcel Mods will also be in action on the quarter mile, competing in qualifying events before their twenty-five lap feature.   Racing gets underway at 5pm.

Upcoming Events 

Friday, October 30 – Poker Series Bonus Hand – Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman & Outlaw Stocks – racing at 7:30pm

Saturday, October 31 – Romp in the Swamp – $10,000 to win Open Mods on Quarter Mile & Xcel Modifieds – racing at 5pm

Friday, November 13 – Wild Card Weekend – 358 Small Block Modifieds, TSRS Sprints & Outlaw Stocks – racing at 7pm

Saturday, November 14 – Gone But Not Forgotten – Poker Series #5 – Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks & Garden State Vingtage – racing at 7pm

Everything You Need To Know About Bridgeport Speedway’s Bill Thomas Memorial Weekend Nationals





BRIDGEPORT, NJ (October 14, 2015) The format and schedule for the quickly approaching 5th Annual Bill Thomas Memorial Weekend is now set for the three-day October 23-25 extravaganza.  The Bridgeport ¼ mile program last saw action back on September 18 as their champions were crowned for the 2015 season (600s-Lee Nardelli, 270s-Tyler Reinhardt, 4 Cylinders-Chris Sammons, 8 Cylinders-Chris Allen Sr.).  The focus has now shifted towards, what will certainly be a jam-packed weekend full of many different racing divisions along with excellent purses.

river 2


The Thomas Family has been such strong supporters of the ¼ mile program at Bridgeport Speedway over the years, as the speedway will once again honor the late Bill Thomas  “There’s no doubt that this event has gained momentum each and every year that it’s taken place,” expressed track manager Danny Serrano.  “The racing has been tremendous, especially in all of our Poker races this season.  We wanted to not only honor the Thomas Family with a BIG weekend, we wanted to give the drivers a marquee event here at Bridgeport.”  9 different divisions have been inked onto this year’s B.T. ¼ mile Nationals Weekend over the course of the three days.


Friday:  With cancellations and rainouts over the past few weeks, Bridgeport has altered its Friday portion of the B.T. Weekend.  “Originally on the docket, we were going to have a Winner’s Classic for the 600s and 270s but with us losing the B.T. qualifiers we thought it made more sense to hold those races instead on Friday night,” Serrano explained.  Friday’s show will consist of three 20-lap main events:  one each for the wingless 600s, winged 270s, and the Servpro 4 Cylinders.  The winners of the two micro divisions will not only be guaranteed starters for Sunday’s races but, will be locked into Sunday’s A-main redraw.  There will be open practice throughout the night for winged 600s, 600 Xcel mods, super trucks, stage-1 mods, and slingshots.  The winged 600s and Slingshots will have a little extra on the line on Friday as the fast timer during the night will receive a $100 bonus and be locked into the main event redraw.

river 10


Gates Open: 4:30

Warm Ups: 6:45

Racing Starts: 7:30


Saturday:  Saturday’s racing card will see a four-division show that consists of the Winged 600s, 600 Xcel Modifieds, Delaware Super Trucks, and the Stage-1 Mods.  The 600 micro sprints will see their first race in over a year using their wings.  “Even though we’ve enjoyed the wingless action here at Bridgeport all year long, we still feel there’s a need to have a big ‘winged’ race for the 600s as well.  Hopefully by bolting on the wing, we’ll attract some new faces and some drivers that normally run tracks like Path Valley, Lanco, and Greenwood Valley,” Serrano elaborated.  The 600s will run 40 laps for $1,500 to win with a healthy $150 being posted to start the event.


Doug Borger’s Xcel Modifieds will be making their second appearance of the season, who have also been added to the Oct. 31 Romp in the Swamp.  The fast-growing and exciting class will be racing for a $1,000 pay day.  In their one and only appearance back in April, recently crowned champion Brian Carber was able to nail down the victory.  Carber has already confirmed that he’ll be doing double duty on Saturday in both the Xcel mod and the winged 600.


The Delaware Super Trucks will be making their first appearance of the season after competing in a handful at the speedway in 2014.  Courtesy Chevrolet of Salisbury, Md has posted a whopping $1,000 for first place for the trucks.  This could possibly be the biggest purse in the division’s history.  The very similar trucks from I-88 Speedway are welcomed to compete in this event (as long as they make weight requirements).  The trucks will run in a 40-lap Enduro feature.


Rounding out Saturday’s racing program will be the Richie Smith created Stage-1 Modifieds.  The Stage-1 Mods have had five appearances thus far in 2015 producing three different winners in their visits.  Several new drivers are planning on making their first visit to Bridgeport’s ¼ mile for this final event.


Any drivers that are interested in shaking their cars down for Sunday’s show that include the 270s, Wingless 600s, and Slingshots will take place after the final checkered on Saturday night.


Gates Open: 2:00

Warm Ups: 5:00

Racing Starts: 6:00


Sunday:  In the third and final day of the 5th Annual Bill Thomas Weekend, will feature the Wingless 600s, Winged 270s, OMS Racing/Action Track USA/Speedway All Star Bagel Stop Slingshots, and Gasko & Son Farm & Greenhouses 8 Cylinders.  The start time for Sunday’s events have been moved up to 4pm from its original start time of 5pm.


Fresh off of his 2015 Poker Series Championship, James Morris was the only driver to duplicate a ‘Poker Series’ victory.  2015 track champ Lee Nardelli, Action Track champion Tim Buckwalter, and 2014 Bridgeport champion Luke Thomas were able to add $1,000 Bridgeport victories to their resumes earlier this season.  These four drivers along with many other traveling 600 micro stars will be battling it out for the $1,500 first place prize on Sunday.  The 40-lap event will also pay a very respectable $150 to start.


The Winged 270s will race for their largest pay day of the season at the south Jersey facility.  $1,000 will go to the winner of this 30-lap race.  Top drivers such as Jacob Hendershot (4 Poker Series wins), Jay Hartman, Tyler Reinhardt, Logan Diehl, Pat Bealer, and many others are expected to tow into town in search of Bridgeport glory.


The Tobias Slingshots basically have EVERYTHING on the line come Sunday, Oct. 25!  In the first annual ‘King of the Sling’, the always exciting Slingshots will be racing a race within a race within a race if that’s even possible.  For starters the 40-lap ‘King of the Sling’ event will paying a cool $1,000 to the first driver across the finish line.  What’s even more remarkable is that the event will see each starter of the race walk home with at least $125!  Then there’s the 2015 point championship on the line that will see the champion pocket $500 for their year-long efforts.  The OMS Racing/Speedway All-Star Bagel Stop point series will pay an unheard of top 20 in the final point standings.  If that’s not enough incentive to get the blood pumping, there’s still the 2015 Jeffrey Hogue Action Track USA Poker Series finale which will be decided on Sunday.  Three drivers have a shot at the $500 championship.  They include, Andrew Kreis, Travis Beiber, and defending ’14 Poker Series champion Dave McCullough.  Second and third place are wide open as a dozen other competitors have a legitimate shot at earning the second and third best hands.  Needless to say, there will be a ton riding on the line for each and every slingshot chauffer in the pits come day three of the B.T. Memorial Weekend.


Rounding out the Bridgeport ¼ mile Nationals will be the 8 Cylinders.  The Gasko & Son sponsored division has seen five different winners in six races throughout the 2015 season.  The ‘Old Bridge Outlaws’ team has claimed four of the six events while 2014 champion Tom Wolf has conquered the last two Enduros.  The 40-lap event will put conclude, what you can bet will be, an extremely exciting weekend of racing on the Bridgeport ¼ mile.


Gates Open: Noon

Warm Ups: 3:00

Racing Starts: 4:00
Free camping is offered for the weekend (no hook ups) at the speedway for all racing teams and fans.  The Holiday Inn located four miles south of the speedway at exit 10 off of Rt. 295 has extended a racer’s rate for the weekend.  Rooms can be reserved by calling 856-467-3322.  All entry forms can be found under the forms section at  Any other questions can be answered if you call the speedway at 856-467-4408.




     Mother Nature was the winner in the final points contests at the Bridgeport Speedway last weekend.  When heavy rain preempted what was to be the final night of the 2015 Championships, the Bridgeport Speedway announced their track champions on the 5/8th mile speedway.
points mills

      With two feature wins this season, Jamie Mills captured his second Bridgeport Speedway track title in the Spirit Auto Center Big Block Modifieds.  Mills’ first championship came in 1995.  The driver from the first state of Delaware started off the 2015 season with plans to pick and choose his races with absolutely no plans of pursuing a track championship.  But as the season wore on and point leader, Rick Laubach suffered through some mechanical issues, Mills found himself on the top of the chart.  Mills held a 24 point lead ove11221921_1211278325556359_6278568817051893203_or Laubach to clinch the title. 

     Richie Pratt, Jr. finished third behind Mills and Laubach with Dave Hunt and Tommy Beamer rounding out the top five.  Jesse Hill, Ryan Watt, Wade Hendrickson, Sam Martz and Ron Roberts finished sixth through tenth in points.

     While Mills clinched the title, it was Laubach who claimed the most wins with five.  Ryan Watt won three times during the season.  Dave Hunt and Wade Hendrickson each won two main events while Sam Martz had one feature win. 

     In his first full season of competition at the Bridgeport Speedway, Pat Wall picked up the championship for the Stewart Stainless Crate/Sportsman competitors.  Wall earned four feature wins on his way to the championship – a title he won by just a five point advantage over second place driver, Jim Britt.  Britt led all competitors with five feature wins.  CJ Jones finished third in  points with four wins.  2points wall 2015 Rookie Champion, Steve Kemery and Gary Hieber, Jr. were the fourth and fifth place drivers in points – each with one feature win during the  season. 

     Matthew Peck, Jeremy Harrington, David Crossman, Scott Hulmes and Melissa Scarpati finished sixth through tenth with Harrington also a one time feature winner. 

     The PennCo Tech Outlaw Stocks made it a family affair when it came time to decide the 2015 Champion with Tom Wills, Sr. winning the title by a dozen points over Tom Wills, Jr.  Both father and son collected three wins a piece during the season with third place, Jeramy Doerr winning seven times on the 5/8th mile track.  Wills, Sr.  – a former Street Stock Champion at Bridgeport in the mid-90s – found the new track surface to his liking and frequently used the outside line, reminiscent of his driving style in seasons past,  

 points wills

     Two time winner, Brian Ludwig and 2014 Champion, Jim Avery finished fourth and fifth in the title chase.  James Rader, Joe Meron, Ken Moren, one time winner, Jeff Dirkes and Art Avery rounded out the top ten in the standings. 

     The championships have been decided but there is still plenty of racing left before the final checkered flag waves on the 2015 season.

Upcoming Events 

Friday-Sunday, October 23-25 – Bill Thomas Memorial Weekend on the Quarter Mile

Friday, October 30 – Bonus Hard for the Poker Series on 5/8th Mile – Big Block Modifieds, Crate Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks & Powder Puff

Saturday, October 31 – Romp in the Swamp – Open Mods on Quarter Mile – $10,000 to win plus 600 Mods

Friday, November 13 – Wildcard Weekend – 358 Small Block Mods, TSRS Sprints, Outlaw Stocks plus practice for other divisions

Saturday, November 14 – Gone But Not Forgotten Final Poker Series Hand – Big Blocks, Crate/Sportsman, Outlaw Stocks & Garden State Vintage

Weekend Weather Update





***10/2/15 UPDATE***


Friday’s final point show has been postponed due to today’s weather to possibly Sunday and Saturdays Bonus Poker Hand show has been postponed to October 30th. A decision regarding Sundays race will be made Saturday morning. Please keep checking our website and other social media outlets



It seems that Mother Nature is trying to throw a wrench in Bridgeport’s two-day racing program this coming weekend. We will try as best as we can to get in any of our races this weekend. Right now they are calling for an all-day rain on Friday with possible rain Saturday and Sunday following with a possible hurricane-type storm. Of course safety is our number one priority for all our fans and drivers.

As of now the Monster Truck exhibition has been cancelled due to the impending weather and has been rescheduled for June of 2016.

Scenario #1-Friday-Final Point Show(10/2) & Saturday(10/3)-Bonus Poker Hand
Scenario #2-Friday(10/2)-Rain, Saturday(10/3)-Final Point Show, Sunday(10/4)-Bonus Poker Hand
Scenario #3-Friday(10/2) & Saturday(10/3) Rain, Sunday(10/4) Final Point Show, Fri Oct 30-Bonus Poker Hand
Scenario #4-Friday(10/2), Saturday(10/3), Sunday(10/4) Rain-Points are officially over, Friday Oct 30-Bonus Poker Hand on 5/8 & Saturday October 31st-Romp in the Swamp $10,000 to win on 1/4 mile plus Xcel 600 mods.

Bridgeport Reschedules Entire Weekend Due to Multiple Circumstances

Bridgeport, NJ – In a major turn of events, Bridgeport Speedway has reluctantly decided to postpone the entire racing weekend coming up on this Friday and Saturday September 25 and 26.  Pope Francis’s visit to Philadelphia has caused tremendous concern for anyone traveling the roads in southwest New Jersey throughout the weekend.  “Routes 295, 30, 55, 42, 95, the Turnpike, the Blue Route, you name it are being targeted for the most impacted routes facing stand still traffic and gridlock,” explained track owner Brian Ramey.  “We honestly didn’t think it was going to be that big of a deal but the more we watched the news and other media outlets it was evident that we were facing an uphill battle the entire weekend.  It would not be fair to anyone attempting to support Bridgeport Speedway to have to face those challenges therefore we felt this was a tough, but yet the right decision to make.”

The $10,000-to-win ‘Romp in the Swamp’ has been currently moved to Saturday, Nov 7.  More information will be released on this event over the next several weeks.

The final point show for the 5/8 mile featuring the Big Blocks, Crate/Sportsman, and Outlaw Stocks that was supposed to take place this coming Friday will now take place next Friday on Oct 2 (7:30 start time).  The ¼ mile show scheduled for next Friday will not take place and has been cancelled.  Next Saturday’s show remains intact just the way it’s been on the schedule all year long.  The October 3 show will consist of the same three divisions as they battle it out in the Poker Series ‘Bonus’ Hand with a ‘Powder Puff’ on the ¼ mile at the end of the racing program (6:30 start time).  The Monster Trucks of ‘Rammunition & the Raminator’ will be making an appearance as they will offer ‘ride a-longs’ and have a car crushing exhibition at intermission.  Should Friday or Saturday fall victim to weather, there is a 6pm Sunday rain date in place for either program.

The next event for the ‘Friday Night’ divisions will take place during the 5th Annual Bill Thomas Memorial Weekend.  Details for the October 23-25 show will be announced over the upcoming weeks.

Once again, Bridgeport Speedway is truly sorry for the late change in scheduling however the Speedway feels the inconvenience facing almost everyone this coming weekend left no alternative.  For more information please log onto, call the track office at 856-467-4408, or check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

Bridgeport Speedway provides a safe and secure family atmosphere, free parking, giveaways and fan participation games. Billed ‘The Fastest Dirt Track in the East’, Bridgeport Speedway is a banked 5/8th mile dirt oval, featuring a dirt 1/4 mile oval embedded in the center, and is located in Southern New Jersey — just minutes from Pennsylvania and Delaware at exit 14 off of I-295



     The 2015 Bridgeport Champions will be crowned on the quarter mile track when the checkered flag waves this Friday night. 

     While several more dates remain on the 20 2016 schedule15 schedule for the 270cc and 600cc Micro Sprints as well as the 6 and 8 Cylinder Enduro cars, this Friday night’s races will be the final in the 2015 Championship.

     Going into the final night of points, Tyler Reinhardt leads the 270 Micro field with 1052 points and six victories.  Reinhardt leads second place, Sean Husser by 72 points.  John Blanda, Colin Bustard and Billy Gray round out the top five in points with less than two hundred points separating second through fifth.  Husser and Bustard and Andrew Locuson each have one win a piece this season.  Jay Hartman and Jacob Hendershot have win four times during the 2015 season while Rich Keller has captured three wins on the quarter mile. 

     With ten wins to his credit, Lee Nardelli leads the 600 Micro Sprints into their final night of points.  Rob Vivona is second, 107 points behind Nardelli.  Bill Thomas is third followed by Sam LaMothe and Jermain Godshall.  LaMothe, Sam and Chris Locuson and Jay Hartman each have one win while Godshall has won twice this season. 

    Chris Sammons leads the Four Cylinder Enduro division with 840 points and two wins followed by Keith McKinley and Art Knapp.  Laura John and Mike Bentley round out the top five positions going into the final night of points.  Joe King, Jr. leads the division with seven wins while Knapp has collected five checkered flags so far this season.

     Christopher Allen is the current point leader in the Eight Cylinder Enduros followed by Lee Allen and Tom Wolf.  Each of the top three in points have a single victory this season. 



The Champions will be determined on Friday night but action will return to the quarter mile track on Friday night, October 2nd for the running of the Bill Thomas Memorial Qualifier.  270 2The 270 & 600 Micros will see action that night as well as the Four Cylinder Enduros, Slingshots and STARS Mod Lites.  Friday night action gets underway at 8pm.



Upcoming Events 

Friday, September 18, 2015 –  Final Night of Points on the Quarter Mile – 270cc & 600cc Micro Sprints, 4 & 8 Cylinder Endruos, Racing at 8pm

Saturday, September 19, 2015 – No Racing

Friday, September 25, 2015 – FINAL NIGHT of POINTS – Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman & Outlaw Stocks – Racing at 7:30

Saturday, September 26, 2015 – ROMP IN THE SWAMP – $10,000 to Win, Open Modifieds on the Quarter Mile & 600 Micros, Racing at 8pm










The final card in the 2015 Poker Series was dealt on Sunday night on the Bridgeport Speedway 1/4 mile inner circle.  Jame Morris and Jacob Hendershot raced to the wins in the wingless 600cc Micro Sprints and 270cc Micro Sprints.  Andrew Kreis continued his winning ways in the Slinghshots.  Art Knapp won for the fifth time in ServPro Four Cylinder division while Chris Sammons won the Poker Series title for the division.  Joel Smith returned to winning form claiming his third Stage-One Modified win.


James Morris came from the seventeenth starting position to claim his second win in the Poker Series.  Tim Buckwalter took full advantage of his front row starting spot and led the opening laps of the 600cc Micro Sprint feature event.  Morris who found the extreme inside of the track to his liking quickly moved through the field and was challenging Buckwalter for the lead by the tenth lap.  Morris passed Buckwalter for the lead and then had to hold of the challenges of Kyle Lick, Kyle Spence and Lee Nardelli over the closing laps of the feature.  Morris crossed under starter, Gary Buzby’s checkered flag with Lick, Spence, Nardelli and Buckwalter close behind.


Jacob Hendershot collected his fourth Ace in the 270cc Micro Sprint Poker Series.  Kyle Spence took the lead at the start of the feature. Hendershot passed Spence for the lead but Spence challenged and retook the lead for a lap before Hendershot took control for good.  Brandon Edgar making his first start at Bridgeport Speedway ran a strong second and remained in striking distance of the leader.  Jay Hartman quietly worked his way to third while Spence finished fourth.  Tyler Grau finished fifth.


Andrew Kreis extended his win streak to four in the Slingshot division.  Kreis grabbed the lead at the drop of the green flag and was never seriously challenged.  Dillon Steuer got close but could not mount a challenge for the lead.  Steuer finished second followed by Dylan Hoch, Louden Reimert and Travis Bieber.  The final hand of the Slingshot Poker Series will be determined during the Bill Thomas Memorial weekend in October.


Art Knapp scored his fifth win of the season in the ServPro Four Cylinder Enduro Division.  Knapp led the entire distance with Outlaw Stock regular, Jeramy Doerr finishing second.  Keith McKinley, Laura John and Scott Miller completed the top five.  Chris Sammons fell back to sixth to record the best hand in the Four Cylinder Poker Series.


Joel Smith won his third Stage-One Modified feature.  John Commandini jumped out to the early lead.  Dylan Hoch, a regular competitor with the Slingshots, took a liking to the Stage-One Modified and challenged and over took Commandini for the lead on lap six.  Smith running the outside groove past Hoch for the lead on lap eight.  Hoch chased and challenged Smith until the checkered flag.  Bill Dianella, Steve Darling and Jacob Hendershot completed the top five.




WINGLESS 600CC MICRO SPRINTS (20 laps): 1. James Morris, 2. Kyle Lick, 3. Kyle Spence, 4. Lee Nardelli,  5. Tim Buckwalter, 6. Jim Tippin, 7. Grady Johnston, 8. Jermain Godshall, 9. Joel Smith, 10. Bobby Butler, 11. Sam Locuson, 12. Rob Vivona, 13. Jeff Hartman, 14. Bill Thomas, 15. Doug Snyder, 16. Steve Kemery, 17. Ed Barber, III, 18. Sal Tossana, 19. Mark Landwher, 20. Ernie Miles, Jr., 21. Sam LaMothe, 22. Tyler DeVault, 23. Chris Locuson, 24. Austin Quick, DNS – Josh Medley, Nick Havens, Tom Fraschetta, Marty Shurr, Johnny Smith, Scott Rupp


270CC MICRO SPRINTS (25 laps): 1. Jacob Hendershot, 2. Brandon Edgar, 3. Jay Hartman, 4. Kyle Spence, 5. Tyler Grau, 6. Lee Reinhardt, 7. Chuck Palmucci, 8. Tyler Brehm, 9. Roland Saxton, 10. Sean Huesser, 11. Ryan Wozunk, 12. Brandon Pavel, 13. Tyler Reinhardt, 14. Billy Gray, 15. John Blanda, 16. Tom Landwher, 17. Nick Walton, 18. Robbie Watson, 19. Andrew Locuson, 20. Rich Keller, 21. John Wagner, Jr., 22. R.J. Magyari, DNS – Colin Bustard, John Wagner, Sr.


ACTION TRACK USA/OMS RACING SLINGSHOTS (20 laps): 1. Andrew Kreis, 2. Dillon Steuer, 3. Dylan Hoch, 4. Louden Reimert, 5. Travis Beiber, 6. Austin Stofflet, 7. Dylan Swinehart, 8. Jordan Knepp, 9. Dave McCullough, 10. Richard Partite, 11. Mike Toth, 12. Lou Partite, 13. Steve Svanda, 14. Steve Schlenker, 15. Natasha Henn.


SERVPRO FOUR CYLINDERS ENDURO (20 laps): 1. Art Knapp, 2. Jeramy Doerr, 3. Keith McKinley, 4. Laura John, 5. Scott Miller, 6. Chris Sammons, 7. Jeff Dirkes


STAGE ONE MODIFIEDS (20 laps): 1. Joel Smith, 2. Dylan Hoch, 3. Bill Dianella, 4. Steve Darling, 5. Jacob Hendershot 6. John Comandini



Upcoming Events

Friday, September 18, 2015 – FINAL POINTS NIGHT – 270cc & 600cc Micro Sprints, Slingshots, 4 Cylinder & 8 Cylinder Enduros, Racing at 8:00pm

Saturday, September 19, 2015 – No Racing

Friday, September 25, 2015 – FINAL POINTS NIGHT – Big Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman and Outlaw Stocks, Open-Comp Modified practice on 1/4 mile, Racing at 7:30pm

Saturday, September 26, 2015 – ROMP IN THE SWAMP – $10,000 TO WIN – Open Comp Modifieds, 600cc Micro Sprints, Racing at 6pm. (Rain date,Sunday, Sept 27)


King of the Sling


Bridgeport, NJ – The Tobias Slingshots have proven themselves time and time again on the Bridgeport quarter-mile oval over the past two seasons.  On Sunday, October 25th the ‘small’ in size, but rather ‘large’ in excitement Slingshots will battle it out in the first-ever “King of the Sling” 40-lap event.  The late season soon-to-be classic will be part of the 5th Annual ‘Bill Thomas’ Memorial Quarter-Mile Nationals Weekend at the Bridgeport Speedway.

The Slingshots already have several marquee events throughout their racing season, such as the Shellhammer’s Spectacular, Firecracker 100, Lebanon Valley 100, and the Slide at the Clyde however, Bridgeport Speedway feels that they have the facility to host a similar event for the division.  “The Slingshots put on great racing every time they visit our track and we really wanted to put together something pretty big for these guys,” explained track manager Danny Serrano.  “These big money races usually have a top-heavy purse, which is good for the drivers that finish up front.  However, the King of the Sling was designed to pay well up front but also take care of all the drivers that qualify and happen to finish in the back.”

Currently, the “King of the Sling” event boasts a healthy $5,000 purse that will see the winner take home $1,000 while the last place finisher will earn $125!   The Slingshots will be joined by the Wingless 600 micros, Winged 270 micros, and the 8 cylinder Enduros that Sunday.  The Friday night program will see several rounds of ‘open’ practice for the Slingshots.  The “Quick Timer” of the evening will receive a $100 bonus and will also be locked into the ‘King of the Sling’ redraw (should they not qualify on Sunday).  The Slingshots are not part of the Saturday program.  There will also be a special $200 bonus for the highest finishing driver that has not competed at Bridgeport during the 2015 season.

If that’s not enough on the line, the “King of the Sling” 40-lap main event will also serve as the final points night in the OMS Racing/Speedway All-Star Bagel Stop ‘regular’ point standings (top 20 payout).  It will also be the final hand of the Jeffrey Hogue Action Track USA 2015 Poker Series (best three hands payout).  Needless to say, there’s sure to be a race, within the race, within the race!

Entry forms can be found on the track’s website at in the very near future.  The forms will also have some of the important NJ safety requirements listed.  Drivers must be 14 years of age or older to race a slingshot in the state of NJ.  The State Police can approve a 13-year-old; however, the proper paper work must be filed as soon as possible in order to get approval.  For any additional questions, you can contact Danny Serrano at 609-433-4487

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